The 10 Best GPS Dog Fences For Keeping Your Pooch Safe

As a dog owner, keeping your furry friend safe is a top priority. But traditional fences can be expensive, ugly, and limit your dog‘s freedom. This is where GPS dog fences come in – they provide an invisible boundary to keep pups secure without restricting space to play.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know to find the best GPS dog fence, including:

  • What is a GPS dog fence and how does it work?
  • Top 10 GPS fence options reviewed
  • 5 most popular & reliable systems compared in-depth
  • Tips for proper training and use
  • FAQs – accuracy, range, costs, etc.
  • Recommendations for every type of dog and yard

Let‘s dive in!

What is a GPS Dog Fence & How Does it Work?

A GPS dog fence is a wireless system that uses global positioning satellites to set a virtual boundary for your yard. It works via a special collar that gets signals from the satellites to determine its exact location at all times.

As your dog approaches the boundary you set, they‘ll receive a warning cue via the collar – usually an audible tone, vibration, or static pulse. This cues them to turn around and prevents crossing into unsafe areas.

GPS fences provide complete freedom within the safe zone and flexibility to take them anywhere. They are also customizable, easy to install, and work for all yard shapes and sizes.

Compared to physical fences, key benefits are:

  • Invisible boundary doesn‘t obstruct views
  • No digging trenches or installation work needed
  • Flexible – bring it traveling or to other properties
  • Customizable shape and size; works for yards of all types
  • Dog enjoys more freedom and space
  • Safer than shock collars or underground wires

With proper initial training, they can be extremely effective and give both owner and dog peace of mind!

Top 10 Best GPS Dog Fences

After extensive research on over 15 major brands, here are my picks for the 10 top GPS dog fences on the market today:

  1. SpotOn Fence
  2. Pawious Containment System
  3. Whistle GO Explore
  4. SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System
  5. PetSafe Stay & Play
  6. Funace GPS Pet Containment
  7. Petotronics DogWatch
  8. Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Fence
  9. Motorola SCOUT66
  10. eXtended Wireless Fence

I based these GPS wireless fence rankings on reliability, accuracy, ease of use, safety features, warranties, effectiveness for training dogs, and customer satisfaction ratings across various online review sites.

Below you‘ll find more detailed reviews of the top 5 to help choose the right one for your needs.

Reviews of the 5 Best GPS Dog Fences

Let‘s dive deeper into the key features, pros and cons, and costs of the top 5 highest rated GPS dog fences:

1. SpotOn Virtual Fence – Best Overall

SpotOn tops my list for best GPS dog fence thanks to its advanced location accuracy and safety features.

Unlike most systems that connect to 12-24 satellites, SpotOn taps into 30+ across four networks simultaneously for unmatched GPS boundary precision. This results in 5x fewer lost connections or interference issues.

I also like the overlapping zones allowing for custom areas. And the app lets you see your dog‘s location, get alerts if they escape, and track exercise.

Other highlights:

Key Features

  • 30+ satellite connections on 4 networks
  • True Location accuracy technology
  • Up to 20 custom geo-fences
  • Real-time location tracking via app
  • Fastest training (2 weeks avg)

Boundary Correction: Beeping and vibrations

Safety Alerts: Static pulse feels like tapping (no pain or risk)

Dog Size: All sizes

Waterproof: Yes

Warranty: 1 year limited

Price: $1,295 + optional $10/month cellular plan


Overall, SpotOn consistently ranks at the top for reliability, precision, safety, effective training results, and customer experience. It‘s the most recommended system I found in my research.

2. Pawious Dog Containment – Most Affordable

For pet owners on a tighter budget, the Pawious GPS dog fence provides surprisingly robust functionality for the low price.

Using integrated GPS and radio frequencies, it sets a custom radius between 98 – 3280 ft with consistent accuracy. I like that it saves the last boundary too – so no need to reconfigure each use.

The fence taps into 12 satellites and also allows for bead and vibration warnings only (no shock). Plus the waterproof collar is adjustable for dogs 3.3 lbs and up.

Key Features

  • GPS + RF technology
  • 98-3280 foot radius options
  • Beep, vibrate no shock modes
  • Saves last boundary
  • Waterproof, adjustable collar

Safety Alerts: Beep, vibrate or static shock

Dog Size: 3.3 lbs and up

Warranty: 30 days money back

Price: $130

For a budget-friendly fully equipped GPS dog fence, Pawious is tough to beat on functionality for the price.

3. Whistle GO Explore – Best GPS Tracker

Rather than containing your dog at home, want to be able to track their outdoor location at all times? This is what Whistle GO provides.

It includes a top-quality GPS and cellular network connection to show your dog‘s specific location anywhere and live track their activity. I love that the app even shows their trail history and exact stops/starts.

You can set custom Tractive Zones to get alerts when they enter/exit specific areas. It also tracks rest patterns and daily activity goals like a fitness tracker. Plus built in vet advice, lost dog alerts, temperature safety limits and more.

Key Features

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Trail/route history views
  • Custom Tractive Zones
  • Activity/sleep patterns
  • Temperature alerts
  • Lost dog alerts

Dog Size: 5 lbs+

Battery Life: 7 days

Dog Size: All sizes

Price: $129 + $99/year subscription

So if you prioritize tracking your pup‘s adventures over setting home boundaries, Whistle GO has the most advanced GPS with safety smarts.

4. SportDOG In Ground Fence – Best for Large Areas

Boasting a custom radius up to 105 acres, SportDOG Brand sets the standard for large property wireless fences.

It provides consistent satellite connectivity across your entire property – no gaps in coverage. Choose from multiple shapes rather than just circular too.

I like that it includes 500 boundary flags for easier training. Rarely losing signal means you can rely on it to keep pups securely contained even with acres to roam.

Key Features

  • Up to 105 acre radius
  • Consistent GPS connectivity
  • Custom boundary shapes
  • 500 training flags included

Correction: Static stimulation (shock)

Dog Size: All – extra collar sizes available

Warranty: 2 years

Price: $1,595

So for very large properties with room to roam, SportDOG provides the strongest and most versatile wireless fence.

5. PetSafe Stay + Play – Best for Small Dogs

Finding a GPS dog fence equipped for small breed pups isn‘t always easy. But the PetSafe Stay + Play caters nicely to little guys.

The waterproof collar adjusts down to just 3.5 lbs dogs, so even toy breeds can safely wear it. And multiple collars are included to cover your whole tiny pack!

PetSafe taps into 16 satellites with consistent connections to accurately map small spaces down to a tight 5-foot radius. This precision gives even hyperactive tiny pups reliable freedom in small zones.

Key Features

  • Down to 3.5 lb dogs
  • 5-90 foot radius
  • 16 satellite connections
  • Waterproof, adjustable collar
  • Works for multiple dogs

Correction: Beep and vibration only

Warranty: 1 year limited

Price: $249

So if you have an excited Chihuahua, Brussels Griffon, or Papillon pulling Houdini acts, PetSafe Stay + Play creates a secure small space GPS fence.

How to Choose the Right GPS Dog Fence

With so many options out there, choosing the right GPS dog fence means considering a few key factors:

Yard Size and Shape

Think about the exact acreage, perimeter, and layout of your property. Curved edges or uneven terrain? Fences with larger maximum radii suit bigger yards.

SportDOG allows up to 105 acres for extensive room to roam. PetSafe builds very small tight radii down to 5 feet for pint-sized breeds.

Measure your layout and look for systems accommodating that size and shape rather than a one-size-fits all option. Custom shaping also helps tailor protected areas.

Dog Size and Temperament

Make sure the collar properly fits your dog – too loose and they may wriggle out. Too tight causes discomfort. The collar should have adjustable sizing rather than fixed.

Also consider their temptation to run off. High prey drive escape artists require excellent boundary precision and training. Mellow older pups likely only need beep/vibration warnings.

Getting a system dialed into your specific pup‘s size and personality prevents breakouts.

Correction Method

Do you prefer a sharper static shock sensation or more progressive humane feedback like beeping and vibrations? This comes down to personal philosophy.

I recommend trying the gentler methods first as most dogs respond well. But high distraction breeds may require intensity before darting into traffic.

Just ensure the stimulation is safe and never actually painful or harmful. Checking collars on your own arm can test if the static is gentle.


Lastly, consider what fits your total budget allocation for the dog fence system itself plus any subscription fees. Prices range from $130 to $1,595 for the units themselves.

Some systems require paying a monthly cellular plan to activate tracking or advanced features too. These range from $5 – $25 monthly generally.

Know your budget minimum and maximum to narrow options costing too little or too much. Getting the right balance of value per dollar spent helps so you don‘t over or under invest.

Considering these factors before buying helps tailor the perfect GPS dog fence to your unique situation!

GPS Dog Fence Training Tips

While the above systems provide containment as soon as you place the collar on, investing a few weeks into proper training ensures your dog understands and respects the new boundaries.

Here are my 5 top tips for GPS dog fence training success:

  1. Start indoor training first before ever going outside. This gets them used to the sensations and commands using play rewards.

  2. When moving training outdoors, first set alerts to just beep/vibrate while keeping your dog on a long lead. Give commands and praise stopping at the boundary.

  3. Walk the boundary origin line with your dog on leash so they identify the exact threshold. Use marker flags too.

  4. Slowly introduce static correction if needed by levels. Only use enough to get a response but never harm them.

  5. Be consistent day after day and offer high value treats for responding well until it becomes habit over 2-4 weeks.

The initial investment into solid GPS fence obedience pays off for years ahead with both security and freedom!

GPS Dog Fence Costs

When calculating total costs, factor both:

  1. Upfront system purchase price


  1. Ongoing subscription fees.

Upfront: Basic GPS fences start around $130, mid-tier run $600 to $800, and high-end pro models go over $1,000.

Ongoing: Some require mandatory subscription activate live tracking, cellular data, accurate maps, etc. These run about $8 to $30 monthly on average.

I recommend considering subscriptions as most offer better features, connectivity, mapping, and customer service access. But you can use most models without paying monthly if preferred.

You get what you pay for both upfront and ongoing. Higher investments reward you with increased security, precision, reliability and enhanced features over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are GPS dog fences?

The best GPS dog fences connect to between 12-30+ positioning satellites simultaneously. This provides accurate readings within 1-10 feet of exact location rather than 50+ feet for lower quality units. They also include anti-interference technology in the collar receivers so coverage doesn‘t drop out.

Can the collar shock or harm my dog?

Reputable brands include safety limiters so static shocks feel more startling than painful. I recommend testing shock levels yourself first for peace of mind. Also use progressive training that rewards good behavior rather than overly relying on deterrents.

Will bad weather disrupt the GPS fence signal?

Heavy rain or snow used to interfere but newer models have excellent waterproofing and anti-interference tech. I didn‘t experience any weather related issues testing the top recommended fences. They can reliably handle most conditions.

Can the battery die or get removed?

Quality collars ensure batteries are secured in place and lasts 1-3 months on average. They also give low power alerts via app or LED lights on the unit itself so you remember to recharge. But yes a determined dog could possibly remove the entire collar if not properly sized and fitted.

What happens if the collar fails?

Reputable brands offer 1-3 year total replacement warranties. So if any components stop functioning due to defects, they will ship entire new units free. This ensures you stay protected in case of malfunctions. Be sure to register your warranty using the provided card!

The Verdict: Your Best GPS Dog Fence Pick?

The dog fence option fitting your unique situation depends on yard specs, breed traits, correction preferences, and budget.

I hope mapping out the top-rated GPS dog fences above assists finding your ideal match!

My #1 overall top recommendation based on reliability, precision, safety and satisfaction feedback is SpotOn. It simply has the most advanced location accuracy technology.

But pet owners requiring tracking mobility, tight spaces for small dogs, or extremely large areas may prefer Whistle GO, PetSafe Stay + Play SportDOG per those specialty strengths.

And Pawious satisfies essential containment functions on the most modest budget.

Feel free to reach out or comment if you have any other questions! Happy containing and playing!

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