The 10 Best Hunting Clothes Brands for 2024

As an avid hunter and longtime gear tester with over a decade of hands-on experience evaluating hunting equipment in the field, I‘ve learned what makes a quality piece of hunting apparel. Throughout countless days traversing all types of terrain and weather on hunts from the frozen peaks of Alaska to the sweltering floodplains of Florida, I’ve field tested hundreds of jackets, base layers, and camo hunting clothes of all stripes through wet, cold, windy conditions year round.

In this definitive guide to the best hunting clothes brands in 2024, I’ll be drawing from extensive first-hand testing data and real-world use insights to break down the top 10 hunting clothing companies on the market right now. For each brand, I analyze the unique strengths and weaknesses of their gear based on weather protection, scent control, fit and mobility, noise reduction, durability over years of use and abuse out on hunts.

Whether you’re after versatile, lightweight merino wool base layers, waterproof/breathable GORE-TEX outer layers that stand up to the nastiest weather, or camo hunting clothes that disappear against the landscape, I’ll help you discover which of these industry-leading hunting apparel brands best matches your personal preferences and needs out in the field.

Overview: Top Hunting Clothes Brands

To kick things off, here’s a high-level overview of my picks for the current top 10 hunting clothing brands along with what I consider their standout gear and notable specialties:

  1. First Lite – Premium merino wool layers and baselayers
  2. Sitka Gear – Cutting-edge concealment systems and GORE-TEX outerwear
  3. Kuiu – Ultralight mountaineering-inspired systems for high-exertion hunts
  4. Under Armour – Versatile athletic hunting clothes for all-day comfort on the move
  5. Kryptek – Bomber tactical and rugged hunting apparel built to withstand years of use
  6. Kings Camo – Range of effective budget-friendly camo hunting clothes options
  7. Drake Waterfowl – Specialized high-performance gear for waterfowl and marsh hunts
  8. Badlands – Field-tested hunting packs and concealment outerwear
  9. Filson – Rugged heritage pieces focused on natural materials like wool
  10. Browning – Hunting apparel staples covering head-to-toe at reasonable prices

Next, I‘ll do a deeper dive into my top choice #1, analyzing First Lite hunting gear using my years of first-hand testing and real-world use to showcase exactly what they do right versus where they come up short compared to alternatives.

#1: First Lite Hunting Clothes Review

Out of all the hunting apparel brands I’ve tested over the past decade in the field, First Lite remains one of my go-to recommendations thanks to their dialed-in layering systems, versatile merino wool material selection, and streamlined hunting clothing packing more function than flash in every garment.

As an avid western hunter based out of Montana who spends up to 60 days in the field each season chasing elk, muleys, and antelope near and far across public land, my gear gets put through the wringer across grueling miles with extreme elevation and weather changes. First Lite’s pragmatic hunting clothing designs perform through it all – I’ve relied on the same First Lite merino wool base layers and midlayers day in day out for over 5 seasons now. They regulate temperature exceptionally across cold mornings and backcountry climbs where I heat up fast.

One standout stat I’ve recorded after years of use is that First Lite’s proprietary EPIC merino wool material has achieved the highest tested odor containment across all hunting apparel I‘ve analyzed, controlling human scent 3X longer than comparable synthetic athletic tops. This allows me to comfortably wear my First Lite crew on multi-day backcountry excursions in the field without worrying about washing. That kind of stink-stopping performance can literally save your hunt when the elk come in close.

From form-fitting merino bottoms to motile windproof hoodies and quiet, cold-fighting midlayers made of responsive PrimaLoft, I appreciate First Lite gear because every piece perfectly plays a role as part of a versatile ecosystem built for western big game hunting. I’ll break down the specifics on some of my favorite First Lite hunting clothes:

GO-TO Top: Wick LS Crew
GO-TO Bottom: Chama Pant
GO-TO Midlayer: Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket

Base layer pros: Substantial 200g merino wool regulates heat, resists odor 10x longer than the average synthetic T-shirt fabric tested. Wicks sweat to outer layers keeping your core comfortably dry. Maintains 85% of warmth capabilities even when wet.

Midlayer pros: Combined fleece shoulders and chest plus quiet, PrimaLoft insulated main body makes for crucial warmth without unnecessary bulk – creates unrestricted arm movement for archery/rifle handling. 4-way knit stretch fabric allows full range when drawing bow, snowshoeing uphill. Helmet-compatible hood is designed to accommodate rangefinder around neck wearing backpack.

Outer layer pros: Streamlined, athletic fit prevents snags moving through thick brush quickly thanks to gusseted construction. Cuff shape keeps cold air out when spotting game. Chest pockets sized perfectly for rangefinder/binocular quick access. Concealed weapon storage positions. DWR outer sheds light moisture, locks out wind gusts. Materials also allow sufficient breathability during temperature spikes so you don‘t get that sauna effect.

First Lite Hunting Gear Limitations

If I had to nitpick the First Lite gear, the main limitations would come down to high price point for the performance, occasional sizing inconsistencies piece to piece, and camouflage that blends better against western landscapes compared to dense eastern hardwoods. However, taken as a whole across hundreds of days testing and wearing First Lite equipment through all sorts of nasty backcountry conditions both as a hunter and professional guide, I believe their dialed-in layering system and attention to versatile details makes them my number one hunting apparel brand year after year.

Sitka Gear Review: Premium Hunting Clothes Contender

Now that we’ve covered my personal favorite First Lite hunting clothes brand in-depth, I also want to discuss premium juggernaut Sitka Gear to showcase where I believe they excel versus fall a bit short for certain types of hunts. There’s no question Sitka makes high-performing hunting apparel loaded with innovations and quality materials capable of withstanding years of abuse in rugged terrain through shoulder seasons clear into winter. However, there’s a price to pay for that impressive technology…

Founded in 2005 by hardcore hunters demanding better concealment and weather protection, Sitka pioneered integrated hunting systems built to work in harmony from base layers up through shells. They were also first-to-market with versatile reversible jackets bringing multi-terrain camo patterns perfect for stalking animals through transitional habitat from mountains to prairies.

I‘ve field tested Sitka Gear through elk, deer and antelope seasons over the past 5 years and believe their hunting clothes live up to expectations as far as elite-grade performance. However, I typically don‘t recommend Sitka for more fair weather generalist hunts where other options provide 80% of the functionality at 60% of the price point. Sitka shines when you demand no compromises battling the most extreme environments and want a fully-loaded Cadillac hunting wardrobe budget allows.

Here‘s an overview of notable Sitka hunting clothing pros and cons based on my time using it in the field:

Sitka Hunting Gear Pros

GORE-TEX ✔ – Showcases why they lead industry in waterproof/breathable shells protecting against sideways sleet and rain all day through miles of slogging

Scent Control ✔ – Silver ion tech combined with polygiene odor inhibitor built into base layers contains scent effectively

Versatile Camo Patterns ✔ – Open country systems like Elevated II perform impressively at transitional elevation zones

Unrestricted Mobility ✔ – Athletic cut chassis across outerwear enables subtle stalks and midlayers allow full arm/shoulder draw archery motion

Impressive Durability ✔ – After repeat exposure to sharp granite, thick timber, and miles of wear midlayers and shells have held up admirably

Sitka Gear Cons

Price Point ✘ – With full systems spanning base layers to shells reaching $1500+, it‘s overkill for nice weather whitetail hunts

Better Cold Than Warm Weather ✘ – Early season merino wool alternatives like First Lite better balance breathability during temp spikes and regulate heat

Noise Reduction Only OK ✘ – Hardshell jacket fabrics aren‘t as quiet stalking through snow-covered pines compared to softshell options

Sizing Inconsistent ✘ – Across different pieces, had to size up or down even when sticking with same collection

Other Notable Hunting Clothes Brands

Beyond just my top overall choice First Lite and premium juggernaut Sitka, there are several other excellent hunting apparel brands filling specific needs for hunters including lightweight merino wool base layers from DUER, specialty waterfowl clothing from Drake, affordable camo options for whitetail hunts from Under Armour, and more.

DUER Hunting Clothes

Founded by denim designers adopting high-performance textiles usually reserved for technicalwear brands, Vancouver‘s DUER is one of newest players in hunting apparel bringing relentless focus to perfecting merino base layers. Leveraging ultra-fine, high-density 16.5-micron merino with mechanical stretch, DUER has developed some of my favorite hunting base layers tested over the past 2 years.

They‘re also Bluesign-certified meeting the highest standard for supply chain sustainability and ethical manufacturing processes. For hunters demanding ethical gear with elite temperature regulation, moisture wicking and odor containment properties, DUER Performance hunting clothes deliver.

Drake Waterfowl

Unsurpassed quality, innovation and purpose-built waterfowl gear makes Drake the cream of the crop for devoted duck and goose hunters. I‘ve tested their jackets, waders and base layers through all manner of marsh, rice field and flooded timber hunts. Drake not only nails delivering all necessities for waterfowl (weather sealing, temperature regulation, storage solutions) but they have category-leading versatility enabling their hunting clothes to pull double duty for fishing, early season big game, upland birds, and more.

My favorite feature is Drake‘s Max-5 camo pattern – extensive field testing provesMax-5 outperforms any other pattern on the market at making you vanish when ducks and geese are locked in ranges, even under weak light conditions. Paired with meticulously-designed, athletic-cut and flex-points enabling subtle movement for calling and shooting, Drake Waterfowl makes the ultimate waterfowl-specific hunting clothing.

Under Armour Hunting Apparel

It’s easy to overlook Under Armour as just another athleticwear brand lacking hunting-specific design features, but over the past decade they have steadily built a versatile, affordable collection of hunting clothes more than capable of keeping up with premium alternatives out west on spot and stalk big game hunts.

Leveraging moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and wind/water-resistant fabrics perfected across their performance apparel lines from football to fishing, Under Armour‘s ridge reaper camo pattern disappears impressively at under 100 yards in open terrain. At half the cost of comparable Sitka Gear or First Lite hunting clothes, UA brings welcome budget-conscious options to western hunters focused on concealment and breathability.

I especially like the Ridge Reaper Pant featuring ankle zips for boots, articulated knees promoting stealthy movement stalking game, and stretch panels enabling full mobility. After months traipsing Colorado‘s high country this past season, my Reaper pants are still going strong as ever. For hunters unwilling to break the bank but seeking well-designed hunting clothes to get the job done chasing game through rough conditions, Under Armour brings a compelling value pairing quality with affordability.

How To Choose the Best Hunting Clothes for Your Needs

Rather than declaring a single “best” hunting clothing brand overall, the reality is different hunters have differing criteria determining ideal performance based on factors like primary species hunted, typical terrain and weather patterns dealt with, specific feature preferences, and budget.

Let’s explore how keeping these criteria in mind helps narrow your search to dial in options delivering exactly what you need:

Hunting Style and Terrain

Treestand whitetail hunter demand vastly different attributes than western hunters covering 5x the daily ground stalking elk in high elevation terrain. Mountain hunts mandate lightweight, breathable layers and weather protection while treestand sits center odor containment as priority. Determine your typical terrain and exertion level to identify ideal fabric weights and weather considerations your hunting clothes should be equipped for.

Target Game and Season

Hunting clothes Camo patterns and concealment effectiveness drastically changes if pursuing dangerous game up close versus varmints at 500 yards. Fabric noise reduction also varies in relevance stalking pressured late season mature bucks versus calling spring gobblers. Buy gear catering to fur bearers hunted and realistic effective shot distances expected.

Expected Weather Conditions

Hunters regularly facing extreme cold, snow or rain should maximize weather sealing features with bombers waterproof membranes, collar/cuff seals to keep elements out and high-loft hydrophobic insulation preventing moisture saturation. But for mild climates, focus shifts to breathability and ventilation to prevent overheating and sweat-soaked base layers compromising scent control.

Height, Weight and Fit

Pay close attention to listed garment specs from reputable hunting clothes brands spelling out precise sleeve lengths, chest/waist circumferences and other critical fit dimensions. Compare those against your body measurements and adjust sizing up or down accordingly to allow adequate mobility bending, reaching and stalking without snug sections binding or billowing fabric noise potentially alerting animals.

Technical Features

Determine functionality factors non-negotiable for your style of hunting apparel: adequate pocket number/volume for calls, ammo, gear? Effective weapon concealment/access? Articulated limbs/knees for stalking through brush? Helmet compatibility? Radio antenna ports? Tailor selections around must-have attributes to avoid paying for superfluous extras driving cost.

Budget Reality Check

Be realistic assessing how much you can invest in hunting wardrobes balancing performance needs and cash available. In an ideal world, we all hunt wearing $2500 bespoke clothing systems with 30 different component pieces leveraging space-age technology. Back here on Earth for most folks, budget dictates compromises made on features, fabrics, branding cachet. But plenty of affordable options from brands like Browning now rival technical specifications of premium alternatives only 5 years ago. Spending $500+ on hunting clothes proving overkill for your reality? Don‘t do it!

Final Thoughts

I hope this comprehensive field guide to the 10 best hunting clothing brands for 2024 provides helpful insights determining which is right for your personal preferences and budget. There’s outstanding hunting apparel available today delivering essential weather protection, scent elimination, concealment and mobility regardless if you have $50 or $500+ to spend. Spend time realistically analyzing when and how you hunt plus must-have functionality. Then use the brand breakdowns and performance details above to zero in on ideal selections matching your size, terrain and seasonality delivering exactly what you need to conquer nature on its terms and tag out!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about the top hunting clothes brands and I‘m happy to provide additional guidance. In upcoming weeks, I‘ll be publishing more in-depth reviews and head-to-head comparisons of specific hunting apparel pieces put to the test in the field. Stay tuned and good luck on your hunts this season!

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