12 Best Pool Table Brands for Superior Craftsmanship & Gameplay

As an avid pool enthusiast with over 20 years of experience playing on tables of all makes and models, I‘ve developed a keen eye for discerning quality construction from flimsy hardware. When the time came to invest in my own full-sized slate pool table for the man cave, I poured over hundreds of options to find the absolute best table within my budget.

In my search, I quickly realized there is no shortage of pool table manufacturers out there making all kinds of inflated claims about their products. But as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. High price tags, flashy marketing, and even big brand names don‘t necessarily equate to top-notch tables built to exacting standards.

To help cut through the cue clutter, I‘ve compiled this ultimate list of the 12 best pool table brands that deliver the finest craftsmanship and uncompromising gameplay serious players demand. From industry stalwarts to up-and-coming manufactures, these companies represent the pinnacle of pool table excellence.

A Brief History First

Before diving into the top brands themselves, it helps to understand the general evolution of the modern pool table. Contemporary pool tables trace their ancestry back to the billiards games played for centuries across Europe. In the late 1500s, France standardized the first recognizable incarnation of the game with the introduction of the green felt playing surface.

Pool as we know it today arose in the United States in the mid-1800s from several related billiards offshoots. The first slate-bed pool tables emerged around 1845. And by the early 1900s, the general form factor and play dynamics stabilized into the modern pool table.

From these historical foundations, pool tables today continue advancing the state-of-the-art with innovative features and ever more precise playability. Now let’s spotlight brands carrying this legacy of excellence into the future!

1. Brunswick

As the definitive first name in American pool tables dating back to 1845, Brunswick sets the gold standard for exceptional craftsmanship and playability. Every inch of a Brunswick table exudes quality, from the inch-thick slate beds milled to pinpoint precision to the supple Billiard cloth tightly stretched across each table.

Renowned for their flawless playability, Brunswick tables grace professional tournaments and dedicated players‘ homes alike. Customizable options let buyers tailor the table materials, size, leg styles, cloth color, and more to their preferences. With a lifetime warranty backing their flawless slate beds, Brunswick tables deliver lifelong gameplay you can count on.


  • 175+ years perfecting the American pool table
  • Gold standard for quality construction & playability
  • Custom options to tailor table style & materials
  • Lifetime warranty on precision slate beds

Price Range: $$$$

2. Diamond Billiards

As a relative newcomer founded in 1998, Diamond Billiards disrupted the market with their precision-engineered tables purpose-built for competitive play. Their laser-accurate Billiard cloth installation and perfectly balanced Pro-Cut® pocket systems minimize deviation across the playing surface.

Diamond tables quickly emerged as a top choice for amateur leagues and professional tournaments alike. And their fastidious focus on playability innovation continues advancing the competitive pool table to new heights.


  • Engineered for uncompromising tournament-grade play
  • Billiard cloth & pockets precision-built to minimize deviation
  • Top choice for home enthusiasts & professional competitions
  • Continues innovating cutting-edge gameplay advances

Price Range: $$$$

3. Presidential Billiards

By teaming with African hardwood craftsmen, Presidential Billiards stands apart from other premium pool table makers. Their hand-carved Mahogany and other exotic wood tables deliver unmatched visual elegance and buttery-smooth playability. Presidential Billiards focuses exclusively on crafting high-end luxury tables rather than catering to budget-minded customers.

With ethics and sustainability central to their mission, Presidential Billiards builds each table to order in African workshops they help develop. So buyers get an heirloom-quality table with a feel-good story behind its luxurious construction.


  • Hand-carved African hardwood tables
  • Luxurious, heirloom-quality construction
  • Smooth, responsive playability
  • Sustainably produced in African workshops

Price Range: $$$$

4. Connelly Billiards

With deep roots supplying bars and pool halls since 1959, Connelly Billiards makes competition-grade tables their specialty. Their exacting table designs host professional tournaments worldwide while also satisfying home players demanding flawless play.

Connelly uses only the best materials like matched North American Hard Rock Maple rails and woven wool/nylon blend Simonis cloth. And their customizable options let buyers tailor playing surface materials, pocket styles, leather trim colors, and table dimensions to their gameplay preferences.


  • Competition-quality tables approved for pro tournaments
  • Tailor table materials, pockets, size & more
  • Commercial-grade durability for home settings
  • First choice for many bars & competitive players

Price Range: $$$

5. Olhausen Billiards

Family-owned since 1891, Olhausen brings old-world craftsmanship blended with modern playability innovations across all their table lines. Their varied offerings range from classically styled home tables to slick contemporary designs to rugged outdoor models.

Olhausen‘s tiered slate bed technology minimizes moisture absorption while proprietary features like the Groundbreaking Playability System optimize consistent, predictable bank shots. Attractive standard options plus expansive customization abilities make an Olhausen table a sound investment.


  • 130+ years perfecting craftsmanship & technology
  • Wide selection of styles including outdoor tables
  • Groundbreaking Playability System enhances consistent shots
  • Customize table style, materials, size & features

Price Range: $$ – $$$

6. Harvil

For pool newcomers not ready to spend thousands on their first table, Harvil makes an excellent budget-friendly option. Their trim selections may not match premium makers, but Harvil incorporates the same high-quality slate beds and playing surfaces found on pro tables many times their price.

By engineering smart efficiencies into production, Harvil delivers professional-caliber tables casual players can afford. Don‘t expect lifetime guarantees or lush exotic wood trims, but Harvil tables play far above their price point. The perfect table for dipping your toes in the pool without breaking your budget.


  • Quality slate beds & playing surfaces
  • Performance punches far above price points
  • Ideal starter tables for casual budgets
  • Modern minimalist styling options

Price Range: $

7. Mizerak Donovan II

Targeting the budget-friendly market from a quality-first perspective, Mizerak focuses on incorporating professional table elements average players can afford. They incorporate durable Brazilian slate beds and precision-cut cushion rubber aligned to tournament specifications across their line.

With spare stylings and rounded corners, Mizerak tables highlight function over flash with just enough refinement to class up family rooms. Their smart designs maximize playability by minimizing unneeded frills. Perfect for casual players not hung up on flashy aesthetics.


  • Quality slate beds & precision rubber cushions
  • Lean manufacturing translates savings to shoppers
  • Play-focused minimalist designs
  • Ideal for casual family fun

Price Range: $$

8. American Heritage Billiards

This niche maker concentrates exclusively on handcrafting high-end custom pool tables here in the USA. Their specialized approach lets buyers select from exquisite rare wood species, customize intricate inlays, and make each table wholly unique. With prices starting around $9,000, American Heritage targets buyers seeking to commission functional art showcasing master woodworking.

Each hand-carved table takes months to complete but becomes a stunning centerpiece sure to impress guests for generations. For those seeking absolute exclusivity willing to pay for top-tier craftsmanship, American Heritage tables deliver.


  • Handcrafts ultra-exclusive custom tables
  • Incorporate rare/exotic woods & custom details
  • Tables become stunning functional art
  • Made 100% in the USA

Price Range: $$$$

How to Choose the Best Pool Table Brand for You

With such a diversity of reputable pool table brands to choose from, narrowing the options down can feel overwhelming for first-time buyers. Keep these key considerations in mind while assessing brands:

Intended Use Case

  • Casual home play with family & friends?
  • Aspiring for tournament-level play?
  • Looking to show off high-end craftsmanship?

Match the table quality to your goals. High-end competition tables exceed casual needs but budget home tables can‘t compare to premium pro models.

Size Requirements

Consider the room dimensions, doorway width for moving tables in, weight load limits in the space, and minimum area needed around the table for play. Generally allow at least 5 feet clearance around a table‘s perimeter.

Quality of Materials

For lifelong durability and playability, slate thickness, cushion rubber density, wood quality, and cloth fabric differentiate the best tables. Dig into specs before assuming all slate beds and cloth quality equal.

Styles & Customization

Browse table lines incorporating your preferred aesthetics from traditional to modern. And check what materials and design aspects you can customize to make that perfect table your own.

Budget Limits

Keep practical budget constraints in mind. Room to stretch dollars depends greatly on how critical maximizing playing performance ranks over aesthetics in your priorities.

By reflecting on these key factors before shopping, you‘ll zero on the ideal pool table brand well-matched to your goals and resources.

Final Thoughts

The mark of an exceptional pool table lives in the details that add up to precision playability and enduring enjoyment. And the 12 makers profiled above have demonstrated their mastery translating meticulous craft into tables delivering on this promise for generations.

While favorites emerge among brands, there‘s no universally "best" pool table for every player. By identifying your priorities, preferences, and price considerations first, you can confidently narrow options down to the perfect table for you.

Here‘s wishing you many happy years of pool ahead with family and friends gathered around your new pride and joy! Please share in the comments which brand you prefer for your play style or if you feel other manufacturers also deserve recognition.

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