Ethique vs Hibar Review: How These Zero Waste Beauty Brands Stack Up

If you feel overwhelmed trying to make sustainable beauty choices, you‘re not alone. With complex ingredient lists and vague ethical claims, it‘s tough picking out the truly eco brands making a difference.

Enter innovators like Ethique and Hibar proving that self-care can still feel indulgent while respecting the planet. As a consumer product testing expert with over a decade of experience, I was naturally intrigued by these plastic-free pioneers.

I know you likely have questions too. How green are they actually? Does the quality justify the price tag? And who makes the best shampoo bars?

I ordered multiple products from both brands to find out. Over the last month, I assessed everything from ingredient safety to lather quality to company transparency.

Consider this your insider‘s guide to how Ethique and Hibar truly compare where it counts. We‘ll explore:

  • Key brand differences
  • Best selling shampoos face off
  • Product range and pricing
  • Sustainability practices
  • And more to help you decide…

As environmentally-aware shoppers ourselves, we finally have credible options that don‘t forcing us to choose between our values and enjoyment. But who makes it easier to walk the talk?

Let’s dive in to see which brand offers the best clean beauty experience that pampers you and the planet…

Ethique: How These Eco Heroes Are Setting New Standards

As conscious consumers increasingly vote with our wallets, the global green beauty industry is estimated to reach $22 billion by 2024. New Zealand-made Ethique attracts much of this growing demand thanks to their radical plastic-free vision.

Founder Brianne West sparked a sensations back in 2012 launching some of the world’s first shampoo bars. Her home experiments making soap evolved into a B Corp-certified business on a mission to eliminate bottled waste.

Today, this fiercely independent, woman-led company:

  • Saves 13+ million plastic empties yearly

  • Offsets 120% of total carbon emissions

  • Spends 25% less on packaging than competitors

  • Commits 2% of profits to environmental causes

  • Is the largest beauty bar producer globally

  • Exports to 5 countries and growing

Impressively, Ethique accomplishes all this while keeping prices fair and using 100% plant-based ingredients.

But how exactly does this impact stack up to fellow eco darling Hibar? Let‘s start demystifying some key differences.

Hibar: Chic Packaging But Transparency Falls Short

Like Ethique, Hibar sells concentrated hair and skincare formulas as take-anywhere solid bars. But lean in closer, and telling disparities emerge behind the pretty product shots.

Dallas-based Hibar was founded in 2019 by friends seeking “performance, sustainability and simplicity” in skincare. Admirable goals, sure, but their website reveals little about actual manufacturing practices. No evidence found of:

  • Carbon emission tracking or offsets

  • Renewable energy usage

  • Ethical mica/glitter sourcing

  • Living wages for staff

  • Charitable commitments

Now I don‘t expect perfection from newer businesses, but today’s shoppers want reassurance their dollars effect positive outcomes, not just pretty packaging. And that’s where Ethique pulls far ahead on walking their talk around measurable impact.

Beauty should give back more than it takes from our planet.” – Brianne West, Ethique Founder

For consumers seeking genuine sustainability, both brands make better choices than bottled alternatives but Ethique sets the new gold standard.

Now that you understand the key ethical contrasts, let’s get into the fun part—how they actually perform!

I tried 7 top-selling products between both brands to compare lather, scents, skin feel and value for money. Read on for an ingredient-by-ingredient analysis of their bestsellers!

Battle Of The Brands: Ethique Shampoo Bars VS Hibar

What beauty fan doesn’t love a luxurious lather? As I compulsively wash and style my hair nearly everyday, I took special interest in putting their popular shampoo bars to the test.

Top Pick For Dandruff Relief: Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar

Key ingredients: Neem oil, cocoa butter, nettle leaf, ground oatmeal

Of all Ethique’s indulgent shampoos, my top pick is their soothing Heali Kiwi bar for itchy or flaky scalps. Gentle enough for everyday use, this fan favorite transforms into a rich creamy foam with the faintest tropical aroma. The Neem oil felt instantly comforting and left hair supremely soft for days. After 3 washes, I noticed significantly less irritation and skin debris. Best yet, the jumbo 89g bar lasts equivalently to 3 bottles of liquid making the $18 NZD price tag economical long-term.

My rating: 5/5

For Oily Hair Overhaul: St. Clements Solid Shampoo

Key Ingredients: Lemon extracts, grapefruit essential oil, kaolin clay

With my fine hair tending towards oiliness, I often rely on clarifying shampoos to lift grease and product buildup. Among Hibar’s lineup, their eucalyptus and St. Clements variations aimed at detoxifying strands.

The St. Clements immediately won me over with its zesty citrus scent. Though smaller than Ethique’s bars at just 57g, a little goes a long way. After emulsifying between my palms, it created a creamy leather that felt refreshing but not stripping thanks to the mild white clay. My hair looked especially luminous and voluminous after blowdrying with no oil buildup.

For $12 USD, this clarifying wonder should last around a month with regular use. Not bad but Ethique’s Heali Kiwi still beat it for value and gentleness on irritated scalps like mine.

My rating: 4.2/5

Beyond shampoo, Ethique also offers 5 conditioner bars, a hair mask, deep treatment and even styling balms. By contrast, Hibar has no extra hair care so already loses versatility points.

Time to put their skincare ranges head-to-head next!

Cleansing Bar Brawl: Simple Vs Sensory Delight

In the battle for best face wash bars, I tested Ethique’s beloved Pink Grapefruit Cream Cleanser against Hibar’s Clarifying Charcoal Cleanser.

Right away, each reflected their overall brand personalities through packaging design. Ethique’s charming illustrated bars feel deliberately friendly while Hibar opts for sleek and neutral.

For Sensitive Skin: Ethique Pink Grapefruit Cream Cleanser

Vitamin E-rich extracts like passionfruit and macadamia oils give this bar a gentle, conditioning base. Compared to conventional cleansers, the powdery texture felt remarkably nice. Creamy foam lifts away makeup without that awful tight or dry feeling after rinsing. True to name, it carries a sweet, candied citrus scent – almost good enough to eat!

Across all skin types, this SkinCaris-approved formula makes converting to bars a breeze. For just $25 NZD, the party sized 120g brick should easily last 2-3 months making it fantastic value.

My rating: 5/5

Charcoal For Clarity: Hibar Clarifying Cleanser

Infused with detoxifying bamboo charcoal, this speckled bar targets clogged pores, blackheads and product buildup. Compared to Ethique’s creamy lather, Hibar’s foamed sparingly leaving skin a bit tacky post-wash. That said, my face did appear a touch brighter the next morning once excess sebum was purged. And while the eucalyptus scent beats most traditional cleansers, the tea tree oil may cause reactions for highly sensitive skin.

For $14 per bar, it’s an affordable way to try solid face washing but still didn’t feel quite as pleasing as Ethique’s grapefruit pampering.

My rating: 3.5/5

Beyond face cleansing, Ethique extends their skincare advantages with a full line promising tailored solutions. Choose between 8 bars targeting concerns like aging, acne or dryness plus liquid serums and balms. Meanwhile, Hibar offers just one moisturizer and eye balm so far.

By The Numbers: Who Offers More For Your Money?

Let‘s tally up the skincare and haircare ranges side by side:

Category Ethique Hibar
Shampoo bars 13 3
Conditioner bars 5 3
Hair masks/treatments 2 0
Body bars 5 2
Face bars 8 1
Face balms/oils 5 2
Total 38 products 11 products

As the numbers show, Ethique decisively leads as the one-stop shop with over triple Hibar’s range across both hair and skin categories. This makes it easier to swap your entire routine while catering to more specific needs.

Sustainability Showdown: Who Walks The Walk?

We‘ve covered a lot of differences on ingredients, price and performance already. But for eco-conscious shoppers, company practices matter just as much. So how do Ethique and Hibar stack up on sustainability?

Ethical Practice Ethique Hibar
1. B-Corp certified
2. Carbon neutral ✅+ (120% offset)
3. Vegan products
4. Cruelty-free
5. Natural ingredients ✅️
6. Living wage pledge
7. Fair trade commitments
8. Charitable partnerships

I don‘t think shoppers expect perfection. But we do expect honesty from brands making eco claims. This is where Ethique pulls far ahead on substantive practices that protect vulnerable people and places.

Hibar talks a good game but with no traceable metrics around ethics, who really knows? As conscious shoppers, our dollars direct change so why trust vague claims when Ethique offers total supply chain transparency?

While both brands deserve applause for ditching single-use packaging, important differences set them apart significantly.

Hibar Reflects Style Over Substance

With muted branding and chic minimalism, Hibar probably appeals more to sophisticated urbanites. And their clarifying cleansers and shampoos felt moderately effective for the price point. Yet behind the pretty Instagram feed lies little evidence of brand values driving tangible good. No certifications, no traceable supply chains and no climate action despite eco claims. For all we know, they lean heavily on dirty energy and exploitation like most corporations.

Great start but they have years to go before winning over conscious customers seeking legitimate transformation, not just beautifully bottled ‘green‘ hype.

Ethique Sticks To True Beauty With Integrity

By contrast, Ethique enchants customers by marrying ethics with enjoyment to make feel good beauty hassle-free. Third party organizations repeatedly verify their commitments to people and planet every step of the supply chain.

Their delightfully scented shampoos and skincare impart natural glow without nasty ingredients. Bars arrive packaged in recycled cardboard embedded with seeds to literally bear fruit. And the extensive range caters to whole families with solutions spanning body, hair and skin needs.

Ethique delights customers with the simplest sustainable swaps- aligning self-care rituals with our deepest values. Who said moving away from plastic can‘t be an absolute pleasure?

As environmentally-aware shoppers ourselves, we finally have credible options that don‘t forcing us to choose between our values and enjoyment. But who makes it easier to walk the talk?

In my decade testing thousands of personal care products, Ethique remains unmatched for blending sustainability with sensorial delight. Sure, you may save a few dollars choosing Hibar but products didn’t feel nearly as pleasing or effective overall.

If you want to enjoy high performing beauty with genuine substance, choose Ethique. Their range,transparency and measurable impact just can’t be beat.

Ready to simplify your routine? Shop my top Ethique recommendations here:

For Hair:

For Face:

For Body:

Try them for yourself and there’s no doubt Ethique will delight both you and the planet.

What about you – have you tried any plastic-free beauty swaps yet? Share your experiences in the comments!

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