The Ultimate Guide to Diet-to-Go: A Critical Review

What is Diet-to-Go and How Does it Work?

Diet-to-Go is a longstanding meal delivery service catering to people seeking to improve their health and lose weight through portion-controlled, calorie-conscious meals. Founded in 1991, they were an early pioneer in the diet meal delivery space.

The service works by allowing customers to select one of four eating plans: Balance, Balance-D (diabetes-friendly), Keto-Carb30, or Vegetarian. Meals are then shipped weekly in recyclable coolers packed with dry ice to preserve freshness. Each menu aims to make nutrition simple through pre-made, dietitian-approved dishes that just need reheating.

At first glance, the convenience Diet-to-Go offers seems appealing. But as we‘ll explore throughout this critical review, convenience doesn‘t guarantee satisfaction.

An In-Depth Analysis of Diet-to-Go‘s Meal Plans

Diet-to-Go offers variety across its menus, but quality and taste are less consistent. Let‘s analyze each plan:

Balance Menu

With calorie-controlled meals designed around balanced nutrition, this menu promises "top-notch flavors" approved by dietitians. Offerings range from Chicken Stroganoff to Vegetable Ravioli, with calorie counts between 350 to 500 per meal.

Downsides: Some customers found certain dishes unappealing or bland despite promises of good taste. Flavors can be hit or miss depending on individual preferences. Limited ability to customize meals.

Balance-D Menu

Specifically tailored for diabetes management through controlled carbohydrates and sodium, this menu offers healthier takes on classic comfort foods. Expect options like Mediterranean Pizza and Quinoa Egg Bites.

Downsides: A few complaints about small portions not being filling enough. Lack of customization is disappointing given that those with diabetes often have specialized needs.

Keto-Carb30 Menu

Accommodating low-carb keto diets with under 30g net carbs per day, this menu spotlights high-fat dishes like Baked Chicken with Goat Cheese. It has the highest starting price point at $164 per week.

Downsides: Some comments that low-carb swaps negatively impacted taste compared to Balance menu. Can get repetitive quickly due to more limited selection.

Vegetarian Menu

For non-meat eaters, this menu replicates the Balance plan using plant-based protein from sources like dairy, eggs, beans and soy. Expect dishes like Channa Masala and Spanish Stuffed Peppers.

Downsides: A common complaint is that veggie meals lack substance. Many salads leave customers still feeling hungry afterwards. Beans and soy feature heavily.

While nutrition info is clearly posted online for accountability, actual execution of well-balanced, delicious meals is not as consistent as advertised.

What Do Customers Who Have Tried It Think?

Reviews of Diet-to-Go‘s offerings are polarizing. On one hand, many praise the sheer convenience of having diet-friendly, pre-made meals shipped straight to your door. It streamlines healthy eating for busy lifestyles.

But on the other hand, a comparable number of customers felt serious disappointment regarding unappetizing dishes, small portions, limited customization and repetition of menus.

Here is a sampling of common positives and negatives from customer reviews:


  • Saves prep time and dishes for busy schedules
  • Easy to follow for consistent healthy eating
  • Helped some lose 10+ pounds when sticking to plan
  • Fewer impulse purchases or splurges


  • Bland, unappetizing or strange flavor combinations
  • Small portions left some customers still feeling hungry
  • Limited ability to customize meals for preferences
  • Repetitive menus with little variety week-to-week

Opinions seem split between those who value convenience above all else and those seeking a reliably delicious food experience catered to their needs.

Pros and Cons of Diet-to-Go Meal Delivery

Based on its offerings, service and reviews, here is an overall pros vs cons breakdown:


  • Convenient, portion-controlled meals
  • Takes guesswork out of weight loss dieting
  • No commitments; cancel anytime
  • Healthy eating made simple


  • Inconsistent taste and meal quality
  • Limited customization options
  • Menus can be repetitive week-to-week
  • Some report being left unsatisfied or still hungry

Is Diet-to-Go Affordable and Worth the Money?

Starting at $122 per week for 5 days of meals excluding breakfast, Diet-to-Go lands around the average cost of popular diet meal delivery services.

Factor75 and Freshly both offer better customization for similar base pricing. And services like Everytable or Splendid Spoon provide tasty, nutritionist-designed meals for less cost overall.

Considering the significant number of customers underwhelmed by Diet-to-Go‘s offering, the value proposition seems questionable. While affordable, convenience doesn’t justify the common pitfalls cited.

Alternatives to Consider for Healthy Meal Delivery

If you‘re looking for better taste, quality and customization from your meal delivery service, here are 5 standout alternatives to consider:

1. Factor75 – Huge menu variety including keto and vegan options, fully customizable. Starts at $11 per meal.

2. Freshly – Fresh, chef-cooked meals tailored to your preferences. Starting at $8.99 per meal.

3. Green Chef – Organic, dietitian-approved ingredient kits for making healthy meals at home. Plans from $12.99 per serving.

4. Everytable – Affordable prepared meals emphasizing nutrition in under 5 minutes, no subscription required. From $5 per meal.

5. Splendid Spoon – Ready-to-eat plant-based bowls and smoothies packed with organic superfoods. Weekly delivery plans from $65.

I recommend comparing Diet-to-Go against the competition before committing. Despite convenience, quality concerns indicate it may not be the best meal delivery service available today.

The Bottom Line: Who Should Consider Diet-to-Go?

Diet-to-Go merits consideration for its convenience and portion control, which aids some with weight loss goals. But inconsistent execution holds it back from being a great choice for most.

Those who prioritize convenience and simplicity above all else can give Diet-to-Go a try. Just temper expectations around taste and quality going in. Be prepared to cancel if you are disappointed.

However, most will be better served exploring more customizable services that reliably deliver better tasting meals tailored to their needs and preferences. Taste matters for long-term satisfaction and sticking to healthy habits. Diet-to-Go falls short there for many.

I hope this exhaustive Diet-to-Go review gave you the complete facts to determine if their meal delivery plans are right for your needs and lifestyle! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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