My Hands-On Review After 10+ Years Testing Supplements

As someone who has personally tested over 2000 health and wellness products, I‘ve seen the full spectrum from total duds to game-changing discoveries. So the bar is set high when something new catches my attention!

Vivo Life definitely stood out…

But I‘m getting ahead of myself! First, a quick intro for some context before diving into this comprehensive review.

About Me

Hey there! I‘m Alex – pleasure to virtually meet you!

I serve on the expert review board for several major consumer publications who rely on my extensive testing experience across supplements, apps, services, and software platforms.

Collectively, I‘ve spent over a decade scrutinizing well over 3000 products hands-on to provide impartial insights. Right now, health and fitness products are my main focus.

In addition to detailed analysis, I always test out products personally for at least 4 weeks whenever feasible. That‘s the only way to truly evaluate real-world performance and results!

I came across Vivo Life while researching some of the top ranked plant-based protein powders in the UK. Their stellar reputation caught my attention right away. And I‘m always game to put bold claims around "best tasting vegan proteins ever" to the test!

So I ordered a batch of their most popular items and integrated Vivo Life into my daily intake for nearly 2 months. Keep reading for the full scoop on how they performed during my rigorous testing!

Vivo Life Product Performance & Taste Test

As consumer brand focused on plant-based nutritional supplements, Vivo Life currently offers about a dozen products spanning proteins, vitamins, superfoods and bundles.

For my testing, I selected four top sellers:

  • Perform Vegan Protein
  • Ritual Vegan Pre-Workout
  • Thrive Vegan Multivitamin
  • Level Up Training Bundle

Over 8 intense weeks of triathlon training, here‘s how each Vivo Life product measured up in my evaluation:

Perform Vegan Protein

Vivo Life‘s hero protein blend stands as their #1 top selling product for good reason – it delivers on all fronts!

I tried Salted Maca Caramel which was an instant hit flavor-wise. The rich caramel taste with just a hint of salt truly satisfied my sweet tooth as a daily treat I looked forward to.

Many plant proteins end up grainy or chalky in texture but Perform mixed silky smooth like a dream. It created a light, creamy protein shake without any grit or weird aftertaste.

In terms of effects, the 25g protein dose gave me sustained energy and recovery after tough training blocks. I threw everything I had at this powder and it stood strong when I needed it most.

The one downside I noticed was some minor bloating and digestion issues if I pushed intake over 40g per day. But sticking to the standard 1-2 servings showed zero adverse effects.

Key Stats Per Serving:

  • 120 calories
  • 25g protein (pea/hemp blend)
  • 5g BCAAs
  • Over 75% organic ingredients

My Rating: 4.8 / 5

Ritual Vegan Pre-Workout

I don‘t use pre-workout boosters daily but rather strategically before key tough sessions. So a natural plant-based formula like Ritual appealed to me over the common synthetic overkill pres.

The blend of caffeine from green coffee and tea leaves provided crisp, sustained energy through my track sessions. No heavy rush then sudden crash like with high stim pres.

One area that could be improved is the flavor. It wasn‘t bad persay but rather neutral with an earthy undertone typical of greens powders. Next order I‘ll likely blend it to mask that vegetal note.

Standout Ingredients:

  • 145mg natural caffeine
  • Beetroot extract
  • L-Citrulline
  • Rhodiola rosea

My Rating: 4.2 / 5

Thrive Vegan Multivitamin

I‘m wary of over-formulated vitamin packs laden down with 500 unnecessary ingredients. Thrive caught my eye for its precise blend of essentials lacking common junk additives.

The ingredients come from whole food sources like cherries, spinach and carrots. I vastly prefer this over synthetic vitamins grown in labs. Though the taste did reflect that whole food profile!

Effects were solid though not earth shattering by any means. I felt my energy baseline lift slightly and immune system stay resilient through seasonal colds going around.

One callout – calcium levels are quite low for athletes which surprised me. I supplemented additional 500mg post workouts.

Notables Ingredients & Levels:

  • Vitamin B12: 500% DV
  • Vitamin D3: 200% DV
  • Vitamin C complex: 100% DV
  • Iron: 100% DV

My Rating: 4 / 5

Level Up Training Bundle

I‘m skeptical of supplement combo packs that seem like thinly veiled marketing gimmicks to boost sales.

But Vivo Life‘s Level Up Training Edition pairing their protein and pre-workout turned out to be a workflow improvement for my routines. Having both powders conveniently on hand in one kit streamlined my meal prep.

The supplied shaker bottle also showed thoughtful attention to user experience with handy markings for exact scoops and mixing.

Taste and effects were in line with my notes from the standalone items above. But the convenience factor here shouldn‘t overlooked!

What‘s Included:

  • 30 servings Perform protein
  • 20 servings Ritual pre-workout
  • Large shaking bottle w/ storage
  • Handy mixing scoop

My Rating: 4.5 / 5

Across all products tested – from standalone to bundles – Vivo Life delivered superb quality and standout results that lived up to their reputation.

The taste and texture of items like the Perform protein truly hit the high watermark for plant-based formulas. I‘ll definitely be reordering my new go-to protein powder!

Now that we‘ve covered the product rundown, let‘s get into some deeper context on Vivo Life the brand itself.

Behind The Scenes At Vivo Life

Vivo Life was founded in 2015 by Roshni Sanghrajka who set out on a mission to bring ethical, sustainable nutrition to the world after being diagnosed with a chronic illness.

The UK-based company now operates in over 50 countries worldwide as a labor of love that goes far beyond profits. Yes, Vivo Life aims to succeed as a business – something they are quite transparent about to their credit. But not at the expense of behaviors that exploit people or planet.

They walk the walk when it comes to purpose-driven values like:

Organic & Sustainable Sourcing

75%+ of ingredients carry organic certifications thanks to partnerships with trusted suppliers globally. For items like maca, cacao and matcha, Vivo Life invests heavily in sustainable farming practices to uplift local economies abroad while preserving endangered native crops.

Eco & Community Initiatives

To date, Vivo Life has planted over 100,000 trees to offset operational carbon emissions by over 500 metric tonnes per year.

On the community side, they donate a share of profits to projects like building sustainable oyster mushroom farms in Nepal left in need after earthquakes.

Rigorous Quality Control

All formulations exclude junk additives like soy, gluten and artificial sweeteners. And products undergo extensive third-party testing for over 500 potential contaminants before being certified for sale.

Responsive Customer Service

The 30+ person customer experience team makes high-touch service a priority. My own interactions reflected their commitment to thoughtful, bespoke support with any issues promptly resolved.

Whileauthtokenic quality stands paramount, Vivo Life goes far beyond that to walk their talk as a force for good – a rare gem among supplement peddlers!

How Vivo Life Compares To Top Alternatives

The plant-based protein space stands more crowded by the day. So how does Vivo Life measure up against category leaders?

I selected four top contending brands for an in-depth features comparison:

[Orgain Organic Protein] • [Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein] • [Sunwarrior Classic Protein] • [Amazing Grass Protein Superfood]

Here‘s how Vivo Life stacks up across key purchasing criteria:

Brand Taste Texture Organic % Price Per Serving Testing Rigor
Vivo Life 5/5 5/5 75%+ $2.25 Extreme
Orgain Organic 3/5 4/5 70% $1.99 Moderate
Garden of Life 4/5 3/5 85%+ $2.49 High
Sunwarrior 2/5 2/5 0% $1.00 Minimal
Amazing Grass 1/5 1/5 50% $1.74 Low

While no protein powder scores perfectly across the board, Vivo Life strikes the best balance of taste, texture and ingredient purity I‘ve tested.

The one area they lose slight ground is on pricing which runs higher than average. However, I believe the quality justifies the extra cost per serving for athletes and hardcore plant-diet followers.

For more casual users or those on tighter budgets, Sunwarrior and Orgain offer great value. Just expect some slight compromises around flavor.

The Bottom Line: Who Should Buy Vivo Life?

Based on my extensive testing experience, I recommend Vivo Life first and foremost to:

Plant-Based Athletes – Anyone adhering to a vegan diet could likely justify the benefits especially those training intensely. Vivo Life offers trusted nutrition free of the common animal-based contamination risks.

Natural Supplement Purists – Forget about synthetic fillers here! You‘ll only find premium whole-food ingredients tested to exacting standards for purity.

Eco-Conscious Shoppers – Beyond just talk, Vivo Life tangibly invests in land restoration, emissions reduction and ethical sourcing initiatives that consumers support through purchases.

While exceptional quality does come at a price, Vivo Life sets the high watermark for purpose-led vegan supplement brands on all fronts.

For anyone dissatisfied with Standard brands full of untested contaminants and flavorings, the shift to Vivo Life will make an immediate positive impact – I‘m certainly never looking back!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!

– Alex

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