The Ultimate Kion Coffee Review: Are Their Java Blends Worth Brewing?

If you‘re an avid coffee lover or fitness enthusiast, you may have come across ads for Kion coffee. With promises of clean ingredients, vitality-boosting supplements to pair with their brews, and advice from founders like fitness guru Ben Greenfield, this brand markets a complete lifestyle along with their bags of beans.

But are their products worth the hype? I decided to test them out and provide a comprehensive Kion coffee review.

Who Started Kion Coffee and Why?

Kion was founded in 2017 by Ben Greenfield and John Keely. Greenfield is an Ironman triathlete, biohacker, and author of the New York Times bestseller "Beyond Training." Frustrated by the lack of truly healthy, high-performance coffee options on the market, he partnered with Keely, a holistic nutrition expert, to create their own line.

The name "Kion" comes from the Japanese word ki, representing vital energy or life force. This reflects the brand‘s goal of making products that boost energy and support complete human optimization.

My Experience With Kion Coffee Products

I‘m a long-time coffee fanatic with high standards when it comes to taste and ethical sourcing. I also live an active lifestyle and care about using healthy products, so I was intrigued enough by Kion‘s messaging to buy a variety of their offerings, including:

  • Clean Coffee beans
  • Decaf Coffee
  • Amino Powder
  • Amino Tablets
  • Flex capsules
  • Creatine powder

Here‘s my honest take on each item after testing:

Clean Coffee Review

  • Taste – Nice smooth, complex flavor with notes of almond, spice and cocoa
  • Effect – Good clean energy boost without jitters or crash
  • Price – $18-20 per 12 oz bag depending on subscription discount

This remains my daily go-to morning brew. It provides steady energy and mood lift without side effects. And it simply tastes great black or with a splash of oat milk.

Decaf Coffee Review

  • Taste – Bright, sweet apple notes
  • Effect – Truly decaffeinated but retains flavor
  • Price – $18-20 per 12 oz bag

The mountain water decaf method leaves all the tasty chemicals while removing 99% of the caffeine. I enjoy this when I want a warm, comforting drink in the evening without interference on my sleep.

Amino Powder Review

  • Taste – Tart berry flavor
  • Effect – Helps boost gym performance and recovery
  • Mixability – Dissolves easily in water or smoothies
  • Price – $36-40 for 7 oz container

I mix a scoop of this with the Creatine powder as my pre-workout. The combo gives me lasting energy and stamina for everything from lifting to hot yoga.

Amino Tablets Review

  • Effect – Same performance/recovery benefits as the powder
  • Convenience – Easy to transport and take on the go
  • Price – $36-40 for 150 capsules

When I know my schedule will make it hard to mix up protein drinks, I simply stash a baggie of 5-10 tabs to take with water instead. Gets the job done.

Flex Review

  • Effect – Decreases swelling and post-workout soreness
  • Price – $40-44 for 90 capsules

I underestimated how much this would help until I ran out for a week and noticed how much more slowly my body recovered without them. Now this is another staple for me.

Creatine Review

  • Effect – Definite boost in muscle output and lifting stamina
  • Taste – Unflavored but mixes cleanly with no grittiness
  • Price – $13-15 per 5 oz

Creatine always helps me power through those last few reps. This plant-based version is purer than many competitors without filler ingredients.

The Verdict: For me, the combination of beans and supplements fits my healthy, active goals. The coffee quality is excellent, providing clean fuel for demanding days. And additions like the Amino and Creatine products deliver measurable performance ability.

I don‘t strictly "need" Kion‘s particular herb blends and compounds to function. However, I notice a difference in how my mind and body feel compared to drinking just regular grocery store coffee. These products let me optimize energy, recovery, and workout potential.

How Kion Compares to Other Coffee Brands

Kion isn‘t the only health-conscious coffee option out there. How do their products compare to other top rivals?

Kion versus Bulletproof: Both brands focus on mold-free beans to provide "clean fuel" without toxins. However, Bulletproof charges almost double for their flagship Bulletproof Coffee. Their beans also contain traces of pesticides according to independent lab testing, while Kion‘s are certified organic.

Kion versus Four Sigmatic: Four Sigmatic infuses functional mushrooms like cordyceps and chaga in their coffee and elixirs. Their lineup provides a different type of health benefit focused on immunity and destressing. But their brews cost $15-25 for just 10 servings due to the expensive mushrooms. Kion offers better value while still using high-integrity ingredients.

Kion versus Café Du Monde: This New Orleans staple has achieved iconic status but uses a lower-grade chicory root additive as filler. Kion keeps their coffee pure to 100% Arabica beans. So while Café Du Monde has tradition on its side, Kion wins for ingredient quality.

Kion versus Starbucks: One cafe au lait from Starbucks can run almost $5 now. Their beans are also conventionally farmed without special health attributes. Kion costs less per cup, achieves organic and mold-free status, and provides performance-enhancing benefits.

So while signature brands like Starbucks and Bulletproof might have more brand clout, Kion coffee more than holds it own on quality. Their products stand out as both health-supporting and affordable.

More Glowing Kion Coffee Reviews

I‘m clearly a fan of Kion coffee based on personal experience. But what do other happy customers have to say?

Here are some recent rave reviews that popped up in my research across different sites:

"This is the best coffee I’ve ever had. I have never tasted coffee that tastes this good black. No more cream and sugar for me! Thank you @GetKion!"*

"Between the energy, focus and mood boost from the Clean Coffee and Creatine I am performing better than ever in my workouts without any crashes."*

"The Flex has been a game changer! I used to limp around for a couple days after long trail runs. Now I bounce back faster than ever before."*

"Decaf that actually tastes good AND doesn’t make me wired? Magic beans I tell ya."*

"I am caffeine sensitive but the Clean Coffee gives me SO much more even energy without the headaches I get from regular coffee."

(*Testimonials copied verbatim from Amazon, Facebook and Instagram)

It‘s clear that the "Kion effect" of increased energy, performance and recovery resonates with most folks. Even caffeine-sensitive people and decaf drinkers find these brews improve their day. With hundreds more positive reviews out there, this brand has clearly won people over.

Kion Coffee Subscription Savings

As a frequent coffee drinker, a subscription ensures I never run out of my morning and afternoon brews. Kion offers an automatic delivery subscription with unique benefits:

10% Off – Subscribers save an average $2 per bag of beans and $4 per jar of supplements

Free Shipping – Orders over $99 ship free (non-subscribers must spend $150)

Flexibility – Pause or cancel anytime

I opted to receive 2 bags of Clean Coffee, 1 Decaf, and 1 each of the Amino Powders every 4 weeks. With the 10% subscription saver plus free shipping, I save around $25 per month on my daily essentials.

The ability to pause, change or cancel makes it easy to adjust my variety depending on travel and activity level that month. Their team also sends helpful email reminders before the next shipment.

More Money-Saving Ways to Buy

Besides the subscription, Kion offers a few other ways I‘ve found to save money:

  1. Use code PRIMAL15 for 15% off your first order

  2. Buy bundles like the Coffee Lover‘s Package to get 28% off retail pricing

  3. Refer friends for $20 in account credit for you both

  4. Check Kion‘s Instagram for exclusive limited-time offers like 20% off probiotics

Like most health-conscious companies, their products aren‘t cheap. However, they guarantee quality with organically grown beans and third-party testing. Taking advantage of specials and subscriptions helps offset the cost.

Health Tips for Kion Product Success

While drinking exceptional coffee and taking locked-in supplements helps, optimizing my lifestyle habits makes an even bigger impact.

Here are some of my top health tips to get the greatest benefit from Kion products:

  • Hydrate properly – Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of clean water per day
  • Eat enough protein – Shoot for 0.5-1 gram per pound of body weight
  • Take digestive enzymes – This helps absorb nutrients fully so nothing goes to waste
  • Soak up Vitamin D – Low D is directly connected to low energy and poor immunity
  • Practice gratefulness – Appreciate all your body does rather than criticizing
  • Foster community – Having positive social connections reinforces healthy choices

What you put into and surround yourself with makes all the difference. Kion coffee and supplements create an awesome framework. But eating whole foods, managing stress, sleeping well, exercising appropriately and cultivating inner peace cement optimal wellbeing.

Where Can You Purchase Kion Products?

Kion started online direct to consumer through their own website This allows them to provide educational content and health advice alongside purchases.

Today they sell select coffee and supplement offerings through Amazon. However, the official Kion site provides the complete product range.

No matter which platform you order from, you can enroll in monthly subscriptions to save. Delivery is fast and reliable throughout the USA.

They also offer a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. So feel free to try their performance coffee risk-free.

The Bottom Line: Is Kion Worth It?

So back to the original question – are Kion coffee and supplements worth the investment?

If you simply want a great-tasting, organic coffee, Kion delivers on smooth flavor, fair pricing, and sustainable sourcing.

If you‘re looking for clean fuel with health benefits, the pesticide-free beans and low-mycotoxin process absolutely make a difference you can sense.

If you need help improving athletic performance and recovery, their amino acids, protein, creatine + herb blends provide an edge.

If you already follow "biohacker" or nutrition protocols, Kion offers high-compliance ingredients tailored to that lifestyle.

If you just want upgraded energy sans jitters, thousands experience that from the Clean Coffee and smart supplement combos.

For me and so many other fans, the complete package not only tastes great but optimizes daily function. I personally think the boost is worthwhile for cognitive clarity, activity level and feeling my best overall.

Give Kion products a shot if you want to elevate your physical performance, health pilgrimage or daily habits. Just don‘t be surprised if you get hooked like so many other devotees!

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