The Ultimate Conturve Shapewear Review – Does This Brand Live Up to the Hype?

Conturve – The Backstory That Gave Birth to This Trailblazing Shapewear Brand

Behind every great brand lies an inspiring story. Conturve is no exception. The founder, Jane Scott, struggled with body image issues for years after giving birth to twins. Like most women, she wished for an instant fix to get back in shape. However, the restrictive shapewear available in the market only made her feel suffocated.

As a working mom struggling to accept her postpartum body, Jane felt there had to be a better solution. She envisioned shapewear that not only reshapes and slims but also makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. And so Conturve was born in 2019 – founded on the principles of celebrating real women, real bodies and self-love.

Within a few years, Conturve emerged as a pioneer in ultra-comfortable shapewear that sculpts your silhouette while still letting you breathe easy. Let‘s delve deeper into whether this trailblazing brand delivers on its promises.

An Overview of the Conturve Range – What‘s on Offer

Staying true to their goal of catering to women of all shapes and sizes, Conturve offers an inclusive size chart ranging from XS to 4XL. Their collection features five products designed to target problem areas like the tummy, hips, bottom, and back.

Here‘s a lowdown of the Conturve range:

1. Shaping Shorts – Available in classic black and beige, these shorts offer tummy control and lift your bottom for a perkier silhouette. The double anti-slip silicone waistband prevents rolling or shifting.

2. Wirefree Shaping Bra – With wide padded straps and breathable fabric, this bra provides a natural lift without poking wires. The stretchy fabric gives a smooth, bulge-free look under clothes.

3. Shaping Thong – Crafted with ultra-lightweight nylon and spandex, this thong shapes your bottom, flattens the tummy and completely disappears under clothes.

4. Shaping Bodysuit – This slimming bodysuit is an all-in-one solution to instantly appear taller and slimmer. The adjustable straps deliver flexibility.

5. Shaping Panty – Made from slick-feeling microfiber, these mid-rise panties create a streamlined silhouette under bodycon dresses or tight pants.

Now that you know what Conturve offers, let‘s get into the nitty-gritty with in-depth reviews of their bestselling products:

Conturve Shaping Bodysuit – The Ultimate Slimming Solution

As one of their top-rated products with hundreds of rave reviews, the Conturve shaping bodysuit deserves the spotlight in this Conturve shapewear review.

Here‘s what makes it a winning pick:

Seamless Design

Crafted from ultra-thin, smooth fabric, the bodysuit clings to your body like a glove with no bulges or lumps. The tagless design eliminates irritation and visible panty lines under body-skimming outfits.

Tummy Control

The firm yet breathable midsection fabric flattens the tummy area for a streamlined silhouette. No more worrying about muffin tops, love handles or back bulges.

Built-in Bra

The wireless bra with removable padding provides light support and cleavage enhancement to complement your outfit.

Open Gusset

The snap closure gusset makes bathroom breaks convenient without having to strip down completely.

Adjustable Straps

The customizable straps allow you to modify the level of shaping and lift. Achieve your desired look in seconds!

The reviews speak for themselves – hundreds of women swear by how this bodysuit makes them look 5 pounds lighter instantly! Available in the flattering shades of black and beige, it‘s no wonder the Conturve slimming bodysuit flies off the shelves.

If you love rocking bodycon dresses or tight jeans, this bodysuit is a must-have wardrobe staple. At just £60, it‘s a worthwhile investment towards feeling sexy and confident 24/7.

Tip: Size up if you’re between sizes for a comfortable shaping effect without feeling squeezed

Conturve Shaping Shorts – Perk Up Your Bottom in Comfort

Ask any woman struggling with a saggy bum or saddlebags and she’ll tell you shorts are her worst enemy. The skin-tight design accentuates every lump and bump.

Conturve shaping shorts provide the ultimate solution to lift your bottom and achieve a perky, rounded silhouette instantly.

Let me walk you through why these tummy control shorts deserve a place in your closet:

Lightweight Fabric

Unlike restrictive slimming shorts that feel like body armor, these shorts are made from lightweight microfiber that offers flexible compression. The breathable fabric molds to your natural curves sans any pinching or rubbing.

Tummy Flattening

These shorts target your problem areas with precision. The firm tummy region smooths out any flab while the bottom area has circular knits that lift and sculpt the buttocks. Hello, peach emoji booty!

Stay-Put Fit

The anti-slip silicone strips on the wide waistband keep the shorts from riding up or sliding down. No more embarrassment of constantly pulling up your shorts!

Seamless Edges

The tightly-knit fabric and finished seams ensure the shorts remain invisible under pants or dresses.

Available in classic black and beige, Conturve shaping shorts check all the boxes from tummy control and rear lift to breathability and durability. At under £20, they make an affordable and fuss-free addition to your shapewear wardrobe!

Conturve Wirefree Shaping Bra – Your New Favourite Everyday Bra

An ill-fitting bra that pokes, prods and squeezes can ruin your whole day. Conturve’s wirefree shaping bra promises all-day comfort with its butter-soft lining and adjustable straps.

But does it deliver ample support and shape enhancement comparable to an underwire bra? Let’s analyze its best bits:

Smoothing Fabric

The ultra-smooth microfiber/spandex blend gently hugs your bust without spillage or bulging. The tagless design eliminates skin irritation.

Light Padding

The molded cups and removable padding provide light structure and support without squishing your girls. Enjoy natural shaping minus the wires and hardware.

Wide Straps

The non-slip straps with cushioned padding stay put on your shoulders without digging in. Ideal for heavy busts!

Flexible Wings

The stretchy wings and wide band offer full back smoothing without riding up or shifting throughout the day.

Overall, Conturve‘s wirefree bra works beautifully as an everyday T-shirt bra suitable for fuller busts. It effectively shapes and lifts the girls without any poking, sagging or muffin-topping!

Available in various subtle shades like black, beige and white, it perfectly disappears under light-colored tops. At under £20, this bra spells comfort without burning a hole in your pocket!

Conturve Shaping Panty – Your Secret Weapon for Bodycon Dresses

Wondering what Kim Kardashian’s secret is to looking flawless in her iconic bodycon dresses? Shapewear, of course! Conturve shaping panties are designed to help you achieve that envy-inducing hourglass figure like Kim.

Let me walk you through the brilliant features of these sculpting panties:

Targeted Compression

Strategically designed to target the hip and tummy region, these panties redistribute bulges for a flattering contoured silhouette.

Anti-Slip Grip

The stay-put silicone tape on the waistband and leg holes prevent shifting, riding up or muffin spillover.

Tagless Construction

The seamless edges and bonded seams eliminate skin irritation, visible panty lines, rolling or bunching under bodycon dresses.

So if you love rocking form-fitting dresses but need a little shaping magic, Conturve sculpting panties should be your new best friend! Not only do they instantly trim 2 inches off your waistline but also feel like a second skin rather than sausage casing.

Pro-Tip: Size up and wash in cold water only to retain the elasticity and clingy compression.

What Makes Conturve Shapewear Stand Out?

In a market flooded with shapewear brands, what makes Conturve hold its own and emerge as a customer favorite?

Here’s an analysis of some key reasons behind Conturve’s meteoric rise in popularity:

Celebrates Body Positivity

Unlike brands playing on women’s insecurities, Conturve shapewear embraces body diversity and self-love. The brand recognizes that real women come in different shapes and sizes – and they’re all beautiful!

Ultra-Comfortable Fabrics

Using high-quality lightweight fabrics like microfiber and spandex, Conturve shapewear strikes the right balance between compression and comfort.

Seamless Construction

Tagless design and finished seams ensure the shapewear remains invisible under clothes while eliminating skin irritation.

Inclusive Sizing

Hard-to-find sizes like XS to 4XL make the Conturve range accessible to women of all body types.


Top-notch stitching and reinforced panels guarantee most Conturve products retain their shaping power and elasticity even after repeated wears and washes.


Despite the exceptional craftsmanship, Conturve shapewear is priced under £60 with regular discounts making it easier on the pocket!

With independent reviews and customer testimonials speaking for themselves, Conturve has secured a spot among the top shapewear brands to watch out for!

Conturve Shapewear – True to Size or Order Size Up?

The million-dollar question – should you order your regular dress size or size up in Conturve shapewear for the perfect slimming effect without feeling body-squished?

Here’s a handy tip:

If you prefer light-to-medium shaping that feels like a soft hug…

Order your dress size

However, if you desire more sculpting and compression for a dramatically contoured silhouette…

Size up!

Conturve shapewear is designed with a good amount of stretch to accommodate slight sizing fluctuations without losing its slimming magic.

While you may technically fit into your dress size, sizing up gives some extra breathing room. The reviews confirm that the compression remains equally effective in a bigger size without ever feeling too tight.

So don’t hesitate to go up a size or two, especially if you fall between sizes. Enjoy the shaping effects while still being able to move and bend comfortably all day long!

5 Tips to Make Your Conturve Shapewear Last Longer

Investing in premium shapewear like Conturve calls for some basic care to increase longevity and retain elasticity after multiple wears.

Follow these 5 pro care tips:

⛑️ Read the care instructions – Most Conturve products can only be hand-washed cold to preserve the elasticity.

⛑️ Size up – A slightly looser fit puts less tension on the fabric to prevent sagging over time.

⛑️ Avoid bleach, fabric softener or dryer heat – These accelerate fading, breakdown of fibers and loss of compression.

⛑️ Fold or roll to store – Never bunch up or wad your shapewear. Folding neatly prevents creasing.

⛑️ Rotate between multiple shapewear – Give each one a breather day to retain its elasticity before the next wear.

The Final Verdict – Is Conturve Shapewear Worth Splurging On?

If you made it this far in my extensively detailed Conturve shapewear review above, you’re probably convinced this is not your average shapewear brand.

The stellar reviews and raging popularity indicate Conturve is here for the long run – and rightfully so!

By using innovative fabrics and construction, the brand has successfully cracked the code to ultra-comfortable shapewear that sculpts your body sans squeezing the life out of you! Plus multiple size options make it one of the most inclusive shapewear lines in the market.

So if you asked me whether Conturve is worth emptying your wallet for…

My answer would be a resounding YES!

Treat yourself to at least one Conturve wardrobe must-have like their signature shaping bodysuit or shorts. And I assure you, once you experience their magical slimming powers, you’ll soon want the whole collection!

At under £60 per piece with regular site-wide discounts, Conturve shapewear guarantees to lift your bottom and your confidence – without blowing your budget!

Have You Tried Conturve Shapewear Yet?

I hope you found this exhaustive Conturve shapewear review helpful in making a decision about the right sculpting product for your needs.

Have you had the chance to try Conturve shapewear already? Share your experiences and feedback in the comments below to help more shoppers out.

Let me know if you have any other shapewear brands you’d like me to review next. Until then, happy shopping!

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