Beard Care – How To Optimize Your Beard

Taking care of your beard will never be easier than with our tips and tricks. Many guys out there are doing it wrong – and they might have a beard that looks messy and untrimmed.

Growing out your beard is one thing, but keeping it stylish and with the trends, today is a must-have, especially since beards are in! We will give you advice on how to maintain your beard correctly and how to get it in shape for your face. There are different face types, and not all styles fit on all the different shapes of a man’s face.

What Makes a Beard Grow?

Throughout history, there hasn’t been anything specific that men at the time ate or did to their beards to make it longer and rich. It has always been diverse in size and shape and time periods as well. The one who had a richer beard meant that he was more manly than other men who had little or no hair. Beards weren’t favorite style throughout the last century because of the military demands to have it clean shaved. Nowadays the beard trend is back, stronger than ever.

So, there is the question – what makes it the grow? Beard is a non-living strand of hair like all other human hair. They are composed of protein (keratin), and its growth is stimulated by biological signals your cells send, blood and nerves within the body. There is a cycle of growth, dormancy and deterioration once a male reaches puberty and you should keep track of how fast or slow your it grows because it is not the same for everyone.

It can also depend on your testosterone levels and how stressful your life is because that as well can influence your beard growth. It also depends on what type of diet you have.

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Beard Care Tips

  • Match Your Beard To Your Face Shape

Not all styles fit all the face shapes, and not all men can look good with a beard of an individual style and shape. This is why you need to research more and to figure out what best suits your face. Having a style that doesn’t fit you properly will make you look odd, and you don’t want that. When you have a perfect beard for your face shape, the beard will look awesome and you will too.

  • Supplements For Better Growth

Certain products are rich in vitamins and in return they make your facial hair grow powerful and long. The hairs are made from protein and fat but aside from that they rely on Vitamins B5, B3, and B9. Changing your diet would be advised if you don’t have strong facial hair, and that means more nuts, egg yolks, milk, plenty of leafy greens and lean meat. Not all men can have a natural bountiful beard, but with a few tips and tricks, you can have one too.

  • Washing It Regularly

It should be common sense that you need to wash certain parts of your body, but some people tend to forget. Washing your beard regularly will clean it out from trapped food (which will happen more often since you grow it out) and from dry skin cells. Because of this, you may feel the need to itch it more, and it will irritate you. When you’re done, pat it dry. Don’t just scrub it clean or you will damage it.

  • Use The Oil

To keep those hairs in their place, it is vital to use beard oil that is made especially for all the beards out there. They vary in scents but aside from that, having one is important because it will make your beard softer, shinier and it will smell great. Oil is like conditioner for your beard: it moisturizes not only the hair but the skin beneath it as well. And with this beard oil, you will have tamer beard hair.

  • Know How To Trim

To achieve the perfect beard look, first what you need to do is let it grow. If you get the urge to style or trim it, ignore it because your beard needs to grow out evenly and it can only do that in 4-6 weeks. It depends on how quick your beard grows and how strong your hair follicle is. Nonetheless, when you pass the 4-6-week period, you can then style and shape it as you like.

Grooming, Trimming and Shaving Guide

What To Look for When Buying Electric Shaver?

There are still those guys who like to use regular razors over electric ones. That is okay, but owning an electric razor saves a lot of time and energy that is put into the process. Now and then you have to throw away the razor because the blades get too damp and dull and you need to buy a new one. The process always goes on and on; that is until you decide to buy an electric shaver. When you sum up of how much you spend on always buying new razors, owning an electric one is cheaper when you think about it.

When looking for an electric razor, there are a few things that you need to consider before you buy it. Unlike the traditional razors, the electric razor has to be charged more often because the battery dies and you can’t shave your beard. So, don’t forget to charge it, but even if you do, it only takes 5 minutes to charge it, and you will be ready to go. Look also for the one that can remove hairs on the other parts of the body as well as the beard.

Another thing that men tend to ask is – does the electric one shave better than the standard razor? The answer in truth is both yes and no. Yes, because the electric shaver has blades that quickly go through the shaving process. If you use foil based electric shaver, then you will have no worries. No is because the standard razor does cut through every strand of hair and only if you miss it, it will leave hairs here and there. Electric razor sometimes tends to leave or just shorten few strands of hair on one part of the face, but it is usually invisible.

What to Consider Before Buying a Beard Trimmer?

Beard trimmer is widely used mainly because the new and growing trend of growing out your facial hair. When your beard grows to a certain length, it goes all over the place, and you may look like you’re not taking care of it. This is why trimmer is the beard saver when it comes to shaping and styling your facial hairs. Trimmer has a motor that sets two hinged blades in motion (usually back and forth from one another). It is powerful and useful to own, especially because you can trim longer beards to short length and to style it by the latest trends.

There are a couple of things you should know before buying a trimmer. Because there is such a wide variety and types on the market, you need to know what one good trimmer has to have in its features. As far as beards go, you probably want to go through all the length styles because you’re curious and that is okay. A great trimmer has to have as many length settings as it can get, usually up to three: long, medium and stubble.

Another thing that beard trimmer has to possess is the functions. Is it only for head shaving or the whole body? Look for one that is 3 in 1 and that it can perform many operations. You don’t want to buy a trimmer that performs just one function that you can’t use on other parts of the body. Is it cordless or corded? This shouldn’t be much of a problem, because both the cordless and the corded have the same functions, only when you have cordless you will have to charge it before every use.

Why Is Important to Use Beard Oil?

Men want their beards to be soft to the touch and to smell nice. For that, you have the oil that boomed in the market because of how popular beard trend has become. Before the trend, only a small amount of men heard of a beard oil let alone used it. But the oil has proven to be beneficial for your beard because of the many benefits it provides to your face. Most men think that using the oil is not important, but it is not the case. In many ways, you can damage your facial hair without proper care.

Oil hydrates the skin as well as it softens the beard hair. It tames the beard, so it stays in place for styling. Once it gets long enough, it can start feeling itchy, but this is normal. The beard oils provide that care and your glands stay nourished. It should not look flaky (and this can happen due to the dry skin underneath the beard) or shaggy because of the low maintenance. It is best to use the beard oil right after you wash your face, and that can be in the morning after you shower or wash your face. The pores then open and quickly absorb the oil. Otherwise, the effect of the oil won’t work. And don’t use too much: few drops is quite enough.

Beard can let out dry and damp smell – this is also the reason why you should consider buying it. It moisturizes and tames the flyaway hairs. No flakes will be on your face after using the oil. It lets out a pleasant smell, depending on what scent you buy and it acts as a cologne. It won’t irritate your skin as a regular after shave lotion, and your skin won’t be irritated by it.

How to Use Straight Razor?

Some men still use the razor the wrong way and end up cutting themselves and make more mess than they intended to. It can be dangerous if the user is inexperienced. A bit of practice won’t hurt, but we will explain in detail how it is best to use it. Prepare the beard for shaving – Pores need to be opened, and hairs must soften before you shave any of it off. You can do this after you take a hot shower. If you don’t want to do that, you can take a towel and soak it with hot water and put it on your face. Either way, it will work.

  • Brush soaking

The brush needs to be put in the hottest water you can get. This will come in handy because with it; you will apply the shaving cream or soap. Squeeze the excess water out and swirl with the brush once you apply the creme. Apply the lather to the face just as you would apply the color to the easel.

  • Let it sit for 5 minutes

This way you will make sure that the lather softens the hair that needs to be removed. It is important to have a thick layer of it, so your face is protected from cuts.

  • Stretch the skin

Stretching the skin before you shave is important both because this way you will shave any hair and you won’t cut yourself by doing so.

  • Watch for the angle

The angle of shaving should be 20 to 30 degree and don’t put the pressure on your skin! It can be very dangerous especially when you get to the neck.

  • Up to three passes for smoothness

Each time you take passes when you shave, your skin will be more smooth and more hair you will remove.

Why We Recommend It:

  • With the beard, you tend to look more manly and wise, even if it isn’t true.
  • Beard will keep you warm during winter.
  • Beards became a trend so having one will make you look hotter.
  • It changes the shape of your face.

You need to pay attention to It:

  • If you don’t take care of your beard it can be messy.
  • Beard will keep you warm during summer too.
  • Look older.

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