Best Beard Oils

We wanted to find the top 5 beard oils for 2024, so we decided to test them out for ourselves. We avoided basing our reviews only on the experience of others.

This doesn’t mean that we ignored what other people had to say about the matter. In fact, we made sure to check user feedback on Amazon and other relevant places, so that we didn’t miss anything.

Determining whats the best product can be a tough process, knowing how subjective it can be. For instance, fragrance can be a deal breaker for some. For that reason, we didn’t let the scent become a significant factor in our reviews. What we found important was the quality of ingredients and the ability to nourish and sooth both your skin and beard. In the end, we hope that you will find something for yourself among our selection of the best products.

Brand Dominate Scents Country Of Origin Size Vegan Friendly
Leven Rose Fragrance Free Beard Oil Unscented USA 1 oz Yes
Prophet And Tools Beard Oil Unscented USA 1 oz Yes
Honest Amish Beard Balm Woodsy USA 2 oz Yes
The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil Unscented USA 1 oz Yes
Smooth Viking Beard Oil Naturally USA 2 oz Yes

What is Beard Oil?

Most men tend to take care of the hair on their head. They get it cut, wash it, style it, and even condition it; we don’t just forget about our hair. When it gets dry and itchy, we don’t to say “oh well” and shave it all off. If you take the same approach to your beard, you will end up with a fine, full beard that won’t itch or cause other problems. You will be able to keep it for longer and grow it much easier.

So what’s the secret to problem-free facial hair? This simple cosmetic product has seen a rise in its popularity as more people have been growing out their beards in recent years. The best one can keep your skin and facial hair moisturized, nourished and even offers a pleasant fragrance.

All these products are a blend of essential and carrier oils. There are also options that include vitamins and various scents. Every beard oil has its advantages because of different ingredients. If you want to keep your beard looking and feeling great for longer, there’s no better way to do it than with a specialized product. Find out what is the best beard oil for you, and never look back.

How Does It Work & How To Use It – The Top Benefits

We already know that even the best beard oils always contain two main ingredients. These are carrier oils and essential oils. Besides that, some blends also add vitamins or special fragrances to stand out from the rest. But what are the top benefits ?

  • Oils Eliminate Itchiness

There’s not a man out there who hasn’t had an itchy beard. The cause behind this is low skin moisture. At the root of every facial hair are sebaceous glands which nourish hair with sebum oil, and bigger beards need more of it. The best products will supplement the natural ones in your body and keep both your skin and beard happy.

  • Oils Condition Your Beard

Just like the hair on your head, beards need conditioning to keep them healthy and soft. Oils will help you groom, comb and shape your beard by keeping it soft. Since most oils contain fragrances, you can also smell great.

How To Use Beard Oil?

  • How Much Should I Use?

Just a few drops are all it takes. You may think otherwise, especially if you have a large beard, but trust us. The last thing you want is to have a beard that looks oily and feels greasy to the touch. After a few applications, you’ll know how much you need.

  • How Often Should I Use Beard Oil?

Any beard oil is better than no beard oil. But, with that said, is best to apply some after a shower. You can also use a tiny bit before going to bed. How often you use beard oil can depend on things like your local climate, your skin type, and age. Most men use beard oil once a day.

How To Correctly Apply Beard Oil?

Including oil into your grooming ritual isn’t something that’s difficult to do. It’s quite simple actually, but you need to know how to apply it the right way.

There is more than one way to put it on, even though you end up with the same results, more or less. Whichever way you choose to do it, you will want to be thorough. You can use your hands, among other things, or a boar-bristle brush if you don’t mind the added expense.

When you find the best product for you and begin to apply it, always start with the end of your beard and go towards your face. Also, don’t forget to rub the oil gently into your skin. Use your fingers and give yourself a quick massage. What this does is promote circulation and further beard growth.

Is Beard Oil Just Used For Winter Months?

The short answer is no. You may be tempted to skimp on beard care products during warmer periods of the year, but this products are for year round use, not just for winter months. Any extremes of weather are going to affect your skin and, as a result, your facial hair. To help you out, the best beard oil will offer protection and nourishment in all sorts of conditions.

To make sure your beard and skin stay healthy during hot summer months, you should follow these tips:

  • Wash Your It Regularly

When the hot sun starts beating down, you will perspire more as a result. Guess what’s going to be soaking up all the sweat from your face? That’s right, your beard. By washing your beard, you will be cleaning out all the nasty stuff that can accumulate over time.

  • Protect Your Beard From The Sun

The sun doesn’t only damage skin; it can damage your facial hair as well. Use the best products for beard hair you can find to avoid a rough and dry beard.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

You should drink plenty of fluids and keep yourself hydrated. A simple thing like not taking in enough water can lead to many different problems, including dry skin and a brittle and harsh beard.

Our Picks: Top 5 Best Beard Care Products Reviews

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Ingredients :

  • Moroccan Argan oil
  • Organic Jojoba oil

Leven Rose is one of the best selling products on the market. It is perfect for beginners and experienced beards-men as well. It’s vegan-friendly and contains no hidden ingredients or additives. The selection of ingredients means you won’t risk exposing your skin to anything that might cause irritation.

The application is simple, it gets absorbed quickly and starts working immediately. We found that it’s ideal for those who have itchiness and dandruff from their beards. Another benefit to this product is that it works as a leave-in conditioner. Both others users and we have noticed that it’s excellent as an overnight treatment. Since this is a fragrance-free product, you can use your favorite colognes and perfumes without clashing scents.

The beauty of Leven Rose lies in its simplicity. In spite of that, it does what it supposed to. If you want the best beard oil recipe for vegans and sensitive skin, you should look no further.

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Why We Recommend It:

  • Quick to absorb
  • Softens dry and rough facial hair
  • Relieves skin irritation
  • Contains no fragrances, fillers or additives
  • Vegan-friendly

You need to pay attention to It:

  • Has no fragrance
  • Can be made at home

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Ingredients :

  • Vitamin E oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Aloe Vera oil
  • Chamomile oil

If you want value for your money, then the Prophet and Tools is one of the best options on the market. This product comes with a useful care e-book and a cool little lion comb that’s tailor made for long beards.

When it comes to the issues that matter, this oil helps bring down itchiness. Our beards, small and big we’re feeling better after a few days of using this product. This is probably because there is no alcohol in this product. What we also noticed is an improvement in the softness of our facial hair. As a result, we had an easier time combing and grooming.

The thing we liked the most is the lack of fragrance. Some may find that to be a downside, but for anyone that already has a favorite scent, this will be a big plus since the smells won’t clash.

Finally, just a few drops can do a lot. You can use this oil for a long time before running out, and the shelf life is 24 months.

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Why We Recommend It:

  • 100% natural
  • Treats itchiness
  • Package includes comb
  • Contains no alcohol, additives, fragrances
  • Vegan-friendly

You need to pay attention to It:

  • Comb is only good for long beards
  • Can feel greasy sometime after application

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Ingredients :

  • Shea
  • Aloe
  • Cocoa
  • Kokum
  • Avocado oil
  • Argan oil
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Grape seed oil
  • Virgin pumpkin seed oil

Honest Amish isn’t a gimmick. They are from Amish Country, Pennsylvania, and if anyone knows beard care, it’s them. In line with their beliefs and traditions, they make all-natural and hand-made products. They pick the best ingredients they can find and create eco-friendly packaging.

When applying this balm, we noticed that a little of it does wonders. Since it comes in a 2 or 4 oz. package, we think it can last a long time, especially if your beard is new.

The fragrance of this balm is interesting. Since it has so many ingredients it hard to pinpoint it, but it’s a sweet and woody scent. If you don’t like a strong smell, don’t worry, because it’s not overpowering at all. In fact it, the smell doesn’t last that long after application.

The Honest Amish might be the best smelling balm we have tested. All in all, it gave our beards a softness and shine like no other product. Besides that, it worked fast to treat irritated and itching skin.

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Why We Recommend It:

  • 100% natural
  • Beneficial for dry skin and itching
  • No added fillers or additives
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Pleasant smell

You need to pay attention to It:

  • Fragrance can be strong for some
  • Ingredients sometimes separate and leave lumps

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Ingredients :

  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Argan oil
  • Evening Primrose oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Vitamin E

If you want to grow a thick beard without the problems associated with the process, you should give The Gentlemen’s beard oil a chance. It is one of the best balm we tried, but with that said, it may not be to everyone’s liking.

If you are among those that like a nice scent, then this product isn’t for you. It has almost no smell at all, which is useful if you’re using other fragrances.

Applying this product is as easy as using any other product. We tried it out with by putting on no more than a few drops, even for bigger beards. This way we avoided the greasy and oily feeling that some reviewers reported facing. Additionally, you can use this product with either a moist or a dry beard.

After a few days of using this oil, we noticed an improvement with irritated skin. The gentlemen’s beard helped us stop itching and reduced flaking.

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Why We Recommend It:

  • 100% natural
  • Conditions and softens
  • Helps with itchy and flaking skin
  • No added fillers and fragrances

You need to pay attention to It:

  • Can feel greasy and heavy
  • Cap can leak oil

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Ingredients :

  • Olive oil
  • Moroccan Argan oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Pumpkin seed oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Castor oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Pure essential oil
  • Vitamin E

The Smooth Viking is jam-packed with nourishing ingredients. It is a mix of many all-natural carrier oils that give your facial hair and skin everything it needs. One of the most important ingredients in it is castor oil which makes this the best oil for beard growth. As a bonus, the Smooth Viking has Vitamin E added in for extra support.

The fragrance of this oil is subtle and tends to dissipate a short while after application. With that in mind, some might not like it. It won’t clash with other fragrances or perfumes, though. As far as application goes, this consistency is thinner than other products, so it’s easier to apply.

During testing, we discovered that it is fast-acting so it brings quick relief to flaky and dry skin. It tackles itchiness in both short and long beards. For the best results, Smooth Viking recommends that you use their conditioner along with this oil.

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Why We Recommend It:

  • Helps with hair growth
  • Alleviates itching
  • Has a thinner consistency
  • Great value

You need to pay attention to It:

  • Seems thinner in constancy than most oils
  • Doesn’t soften rough or bushy beards

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