Best Electric Shaver

Shaving is an everyday activity for some and very important for our appearances. Why? The best shaving experience comes from a variety of top of the line models from Remington, Norelco, Phillips, Braun, and more.

But, which electric shaver is best?

Whether you are looking to be clean-shaven, trim your mustache, shave your legs or even do body shaving; there are a lot of choices in the electric shaver field.

Don’t hesitate, but shop and buy the best brand for your top of the line electric shaver!

Our Top Picks: Electric Shavers Highlights

Top 10 Best Electric Shavers Reviews

Best Overall Electric Shaver

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Braun has released one of the most popular highest selling shavers for a reason. Why? This is a highly rated shaver that includes advanced pivoting head, quality design, numerous shaving modes, and customization.

This Braun series is a technology based shaver that is considered one of the more popular shavers of all time. The comfort level for shaving is very intuitive in terms of using micro vibrations to get a closer and more extensive cut. Moreover, the motor of the Braun shaver is specially designed to capture and cut more hairs for a closer shave.

What is the difference between Braun series shavers

Source: CherryPicks' Braun electric shaver research

Recommend Yes Yes No Yes No
Shaving technology 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 stars
Shaving experience 5 stars 4.5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars
Shaver Design 5 stars 4.5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 1 stars
Clean technology 5 stars 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 0 stars
Price High medium high medium/low cheap
To be sum up World's best foil shaver suitable for most people, price reasonable not worth the money suitable for beginner and light/medium beard not worth the money

The 790cc Braun shaver has five shaving modes that are personalized; this gives this model an extra power and customization advantage. The efficiency that Braun delivers is with the precision design that can reach all areas of your face; as well.

As well, there is an eight direction head that adapts more to your skin for better more complete shaving. In summary, you have smart technology for shaving that even does a better job for thicker hair.

All in all, this Braun shaver is the standard for quality, reputation, technology, and seamless ease of use. You will get excellent shaving results because of the innovative design and shave modes.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • 5 different modes to customize your shave
  • Ability to cut hair in a simpler single stroke
  • Waterproof so you can use this in the shower
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Long charging time for full use of the shaver that lasts for 50 minutes of use
  • Costly price tag that is expensive compared to more of the basic shavers

Best Cordless Electric Shaver

Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV95-S Electric Shaver

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Panasonic has released a premium shaver that offers a smooth shave; wonderful technology with 5 blade cordless technology. This shaver offers a great bit of technology, design, and stainless steel that is very attractive.

Overall, this shaver has a great feature with the five ultra thin and sharp blades that have a 30 degree angle capacity and versatility. This is a premium shaver that will offer smooth and great ease of use for a quick and convenient shave. More importantly, you get a cordless shaver that is a traditional foil shaver. Technologically, this is a wonderfully forward and innovative shaver that is unparalleled. Moreover, you have the advantage of having a wet and dry convenience for shaving. All in all, this shaver is portable and great for traveling, easy to use with the one touch automatic self cleaning, ideal for people with thicker hair, and conveniently and expertly designed.

One of the better more innovative electric shavers because it utilizes cordless technology; specially adjusted for people with thicker or coarse hair. This is an excellent Panasonic model for anyone looking for a convenient and travel ready shaver with speciality needs for shaving.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Cordless technology is one-of-a-kind with excellent design
  • Easy to use and convenient use with one touch automatic self cleaning
  • Travel ready and portable size for easy packing
  • Best for anyone with thick or coarse hair
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Less running and charge time than some other name brand competitive shavers
  • May irritate some with sensitive skin

Best Budget Electric Shaver

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The budget option for the electric shaver market is the SweetLF model. You will not find a cheaper option for electric shavers on the market with as many features.

The SweetLF 3D model is rechargeable and proves you can get a lot of features and desirability at a budget price. Why? For a great price, this shaver offers a wonderfully designed option that offers a fairly high performing shave and result. Moreover, you have a shaver head that gives you an incredible rotating element with three modes. As well, if you are a traveler this is a reliable and tested model that can be put in lock mode to prevent the shaver from turning on accidentally. In terms of battery life, the SweetLF is respectable with charging time and usability. Durability is not an issue as well since it is fully waterproof. Most importantly, you have four directional floating heads that are able to adapt your face and its different and unique bumps and grooves; essentially a 3D rotary shaver.

Overall, this electric shaver is the most economic deal in the market. Not only is it a great deal for your bank account, but it offers enough features to give you a close and precise shave with its 3D rotary shaver and modern design.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • One of the most lowest priced and highly ranked electric shavers
  • Ideal for traveling with the lock mode feature
  • 3D Rotary shaver with four directional heads for precise shaving
You need to pay attention to It:
  • No Charger included only a USB cable
  • Grip hold  for shaving has gotten criticism, so consider if this is a potential issue
  • Average to mediocre battery charge that does not last long

Best for Women Electric Shaver

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Panasonic has released a reputable and top selling shaver for ladies that is compact, affordable, and able to adapt to your curves anywhere. This is a top selling shaver for a reason because it is affordable, easy to use, and great for shaving almost anywhere on your body.

The Panasonic is a wonderful shaver option for women for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the flexible pivoting heads offer effortless shaving. You have floating flexible heads that pivot and shave to give the best shave in your legs, arms, and of course bikini areas. As well, you have a three blade systematic approach customized for women's needs to go with the contours and shape of the body.  There is also the wet and dry shaving option for using in the shower as the shaver is able to follow and precisely give you the shave you want. More importantly, the shaver is quick and features hypoallergenic stainless steel blades; which are easy to clean.

The Panasonic ES2207P shaver is light, compact and affordable. Overall, this is a highly rated and very popular shaver for women for a reason; this is an easy to use and portable shaver with a proven track record.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Affordable price and high for value
  • Wet and Dry shaving experience
  • Portable, light, and handy for traveling and compact
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Limited battery life with longer recharging time
  • Flimsy build quality that is not durable as other shaver brands

Best Multipurpose Electric Shaver

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Phillips Norelco has released the  most versatile shaver that can be used for a variety of uses; 6 hour charge time and incredible warranty. This is one of the best, if not most regarded, versatile shavers on the market.

The Norelco is a top shaver because you are able to get all of your trimming needs fulfilled. Why? You have up to 25 pieces for trimming that range from a foil shaver, a detailed metal trimmer, a trimmer for the nose/ear, and much more. The amount of versatility that this Norelco can deliver is astounding. You have the ability to do three types of shaving with varied trimming guards; as well included for stubble. Moreover, you have the ability to utilize this shaver has a body shaver, useful for eyebrow trimming, and more specific needs in regards to specific and customized shaving needs. If you are looking for portability, the Norelco delivers the goods as it comes with a travel case and a cleaning brush. Lastly, the battery is powerful and can last up to 6 hours.

Overall, this shaver is a wonderful buy because it is unmatched in versatility. The magnitude of depth and variety that this shaver can do is also because of the high quality craftsmanship, blades, and design.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Highly versatile shaver with up to 25 different shaving specialities
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery that lasts up to 6 hours
  • Easy to travel with portable
  • Great for shaving almost every part of the body
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Shaving body hair is not as efficient; negative feedback
  • Some shaver parts are hard and not for anyone with sensitive skin

Best for Sensitive Skin Electric Shaver

Braun Series 5 5090cc-5190cc Electric Shaver

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Braun has made an excellent shave detail and comfort even on dry shaves, suave design and craftsmanship. What makes this shaver so special is that it is made for sensitive skin and affordable.

The Braun series that is very comfortable for anyone who wants a close shave without the pain and irritation. Why? This is a shaver that is suitable for numerous variations for shaving. For example, you have a wet and dry combination and even a dry mode for shaving; which is comfortable. Regardless of different modes, you will get the same shaving experience that is ideal for sensitive skin. You have an auto sensing motor for the best and most precise shaving that can adapt to any stroke; even as well for coarse and thick beards. Also, you have an eight directional head for shaving that is able to adapt and bend to your skin for maximum comfort even in the harder to get areas or curves of the face. In terms of durability, the shaver is completely waterproof, so you can use this for wet shaves.

All in all, this is a shaver that will deliver the results of a more expensive shaver. However, don’t expect an electric shaver with many optional modes and blades. This shaver is ideal for anyone looking to save money yet be conscious of shaving comfortably without frustration and pain.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Best for sensitive skin; even good for dry shaves that won’t cause irritation.
  • Very good value for the money as it is much cheaper than most similar shavers
  • Ideal and made for thicker or more coarse beards
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Battery power and recharge is not as long as other higher end shavers
  •  Noisy during use and not easy to use for manual cleaning

Best Foil Electric Shaver

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Remington has manufactured the best foil shaver that is quite efficient but also affordable. With this model, expect a comfy and close shaver; quite affordable and flexible model that is either cordless or corded.

All in all, this shaver is a highly affordable and high performing shaver; an incredible deal. Another great thing about this shaver is that you have the option to use this shaver either corded or cordless. As well, the shaver is easy to maintain, manually use, and clean. You can use this shaver after a short 5 minute fast recharge, which gives enough of a recharge for one shave. The Remington features pivot and flex technology, this shaver is able to stay close to your skin for smooth results and efficiency. The shaver also offers a pop up detail trimmer that is able to give touches in the end that will make your cut for your facial hair or even hair in general look much better.

In summary, this Remington shaver offers consumers a comfy shaving experience and smooth skin. This Remington model showcases technology and power that is able to provide a 3 stage cutting system to cut longer hair or a more precise shave utilizing two folis that are flexible.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Highly affordable and great value shaver
  • Fast recharge within 60 minutes, you can get a 5 minute charge for a single shave
  • Capacity to be used as cordless or corded
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Replacement foils are expensive
  • The shaver is not versatile as other similar or pricier shavers

Best Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

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The Braun Series is part of an advanced series of shavers that offer more than your average shaver. In summary, you should expect an ultra advanced shaver that is used wet or dry, showcasing excellent features along with specialized functionality and versatility.

This is one of the best model shavers because of the total synchronization control that is given for precise shaves. All in all, the blade technology is unmatched; this is a unique cut you can get that will be able to be managed with the thinnest or thickest hair alike. Furthermore, you have a pivoting head that is flexible and ideal for efficient and close shaves. The pivoting head technology provides the versatility to move the shaver across all contours of the face to get around the neck, chin, and curves of the head. There is of course the ability to use it for both wet and dry purposes. In addition, you are able to use this shaver in the shower or for a quick dry shave; all in all this is incredible. Moreover, you can change your shave mode to go different speeds depending on whether you want a more high powered shave or something slower.

All in all, this Braun series shaver is an excellent wet and dry model that gives the consumer a very close and efficient shave. All in all, this is a powerful trimmer with a lot of versatility; which is as well designed and even noiseless.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Excellent choice for Wet and dry shaving versatility and results
  • Best for close shave; looking for smooth and precise shaving
  • Noiseless shaving; innovative technology and design
You need to pay attention to It:
  • High Price point in comparison to other similar shavers on market
  • Some have complained of the large head shaver component as being too bulky

Best for Design Electric Shaver

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Panasonic has released an excellent design and innovation paired with ease of use, also 4 shaving blades and flexible head. This is a very versatile and intuitive shaver with excellent technology, multipurpose variety, and craftsmanship. In terms of shaving, there is no difficulty to follow instructions as this shaver is ready to go. You have no extra or superfluous buttons as you can just switch the power on and start shaving.

The simplicity of use is what makes this shaver so desirable and convenient in the long run. Moreover, you have another for active and perceptive sideburn trimming for maximum smoothness and precision in shaving. This is a shaver that has been created for anyone looking for an easy shave albeit with smart technology and customization. In terms of build and design, this is a waterproof model that is versatile. The feedback from consumers is very good with this model because of the ease of use and precision.

All in all, this Panasonic shaver will give you better control to shave your mustache, beard, go clean shaven, get those neck hairs, and overall cut closer.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Excellent Design and durability
  • Versatile and intuitive shaving; maximum ease of use
  • Four Shaving Blade technology and Versatility
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Only Foil shaver no rotary Shaver capacity
  • Cost of shaver could be a drawback for some

Best Rotary Electric Shaver

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Phillips has released a quality shaver with wet and dry rotary shaver; 8 directional head capacity and precision shave blades. Overall, this is a highly specialized shaver that is ideal for anyone seeking a rotary electric shaver; attractive sleek design as well.

This Phillips shaver features an innovative contour detect component; ideal for close shaves and great sculpted shaves. This model shaver features an 8 directional option that will be able to bend and adapt to your face curves and give you the shave you want. This rotary contour is able to cut as is claimed up to 20 percent more hair than a regular shaver. Moreover, the comfort and ease of use with this Phillips shaver is highly recommendable. Another great feature is that you have a variable speed setting that is adjustable to your skin and hair type. Furthermore, you can manually adjust your shave mode to go slow, medium or fast depending on whether you want a more high powered shave or something slower.

All in all, the Phillips shaver is a wonderful rotary model that is aimed to be for anyone seeking a closer and more precise shave. This type of shaver is able to differentiate more based on your skin and hair type.

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Why We Recommend It:
  • Best for close and precision shaving because of rotary component shaver
  • Variable modes and 8 directional head capacity for precise shaves
  • Attractive sleek design  and durability
You need to pay attention to It:
  • Very expensive compared to most electric shavers
  • Underperforming rechargeable lithium ion battery

You may be need,

Electric Shaver Buying Guide

Consider these options when buying the best electric shaver. Each of these characteristics below will be important factors that affect your purchase.

Foil Vs. Rotary shaver

The two most common types of electric shavers,

Foil shaver

An electric shaver with a foil head contains blades that move back and forth. A thin metal foil covers these blades and cuts hairs by capturing them in its slots. The best electric shaver for men with sensitive skin often has a foil head. Foil shavers offer a closer shave than rotary ones and more precision when doing straight lines and edges. Foil heads are also good for those that shave each day.

One of the biggest disadvantages of foil shavers is that they can struggle with contours. This means you will need more time to do curves and transition areas. The culprit is the rectangular shape of the foil head; it can’t pivot too much during shaving. Even though some foil heads offer more flexibility, most of them are going to have a tougher time going over contoured areas.

Using a foil shaver also requires a different shaving technique. You have to go up and down, and side to side, like a lawnmower. This can take some to learn if you’ve been using rotary shavers. However, if you’re transitioning from safety razors, you won’t notice much of a difference.


  • Shave daily
  • Have straight and fine hairNeed a close shave
  • Need more precision

Rotary shaver

Rotary shavers have come with three heads since the mid-1960 thanks to Philips. But, how to they work exactly? Housed inside each rotary head is a razor that spins around at high speeds. As you move the shaver with circular motions, hair gets into the openings and gets cut.

One of the biggest advantages to rotary shavers is their ability to follow the contours of your face. Almost all rotary shavers can flex the center between each head inwards and pivot 360 degrees. This means they’re ideal for areas around the nose and jawline. Moreover, the best electric shaver for head is going to be a rotary one. In contrast, a foil head shaver gives a closer and smoother shave along flat areas like the cheeks.

To use a rotary shaver, you will make clockwise circular movements. If you use it like you use a foil shaver by going up and down, you are going to pull a lot of hairs. Rotary models are best used for cutting longer and stronger facial hair. They are an excellent choice for men that don’t shave every single day.


  • Don’t shave frequently
  • Have coarse or thick facial hair
  • Don’t like to clean your shaver often
  • Don’t need the closest shave

Also, Just like with many other products, there is an incredible amount of choice in this category. There are a lot of brands on the market and a lot of segments when it comes to price.

When faced with making a decision, it can be tough choosing the best electric shaver for you. To make this process simpler and easier, we’re going to give you all the information you will need.

  • Cost
  • Cord or Cordless
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Shaving Options and Modes
  • Battery Life and Recharge Power
  • Sensitive Skin capacity
  • Thick hair shave ability


We knew we had a big task ahead of us when we decided to find the best electric shavers for men. Before the testing started, we made sure to have a clear benchmark for every model that we came across. The result is the top 10 electric shavers of 2023.

Each electric shaver that we tested was put to real world use. Moreover, we looked at all the relevant features and each unit as a whole package. We took price into consideration, cleaning, ease of use, blade quality, battery life, and added functions.

After all, some people have months and years of experience with particular shavers, while we had a time limit to our testing. What we ended up with are five products that can compete for the best electric shaver of 2021, and meet almost any shaving needs.

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