Why is my Epic Games download stuck on queued?

As an avid PC gamer and tech specialist, I know how frustrating it can be when you purchase a hot new game on Epic Games only to have the download get stuck in "queued" status.

After dealing with this queued download purgatory myself on several occasions, I decided to dig into the issue more deeply to identify the root causes and best solutions.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share with you everything I‘ve learned about fixing stalled Epic Games downloads based on extensive troubleshooting, research, and testing.

By the end, you‘ll have a clear understanding of what‘s going on when your Epic download won‘t start, along with my proven step-by-step solutions to get it un-queued for good. Time to finally conquer this Epic Games download dilemma!

What Does "Queued" Mean for Epic Games Downloads?

When you purchase a game using the Epic Games launcher, the download doesn‘t always begin instantly. Instead, it‘s added to a queue of pending downloads on Epic‘s servers.

The game will show as "queued" in your launcher until it reaches the front of the line and begins actively downloading. Any other games you purchase will also be added to the back of this queue.

So in essence, queued means your game is patiently waiting its turn in the download queue before it can transfer to your computer.

It‘s Epic‘s way of managing a sequenced, orderly download process across their millions of users.

Why Your Epic Games Download Gets Stuck in Queued Status

While being queued is normal, sometimes Epic Games downloads seem to get "stuck" in this state indefinitely. The game never leaves the queue to start actually downloading.

Through extensive troubleshooting and monitoring of my own stalled downloads, I‘ve identified several possible culprits:

1. Active Downloads Take Priority

If you already have a large game download running, any other downloads will be forced to queue. Epic won‘t start multiple big downloads simultaneously to avoid choking your connection.

2. Peak Traffic Jam

During peak usage periods, especially right after a popular new release, Epic‘s servers get flooded with download requests. This can cause your downloads to queue for a long time until traffic dies down.

3. Connectivity Issues

Unstable internet, WiFi dropouts, ISP problems, or VPN connections can prevent your queued game from initializing the download. The handshake between your PC and Epic‘s server fails.

4. Hard Drive Problems

A full, fragmented, or damaged hard drive will stop new game downloads from starting. The queued game can‘t write downloaded data without sufficient healthy disk space.

5. Epic Launcher Problems

Glitches, corrupted data, or software conflicts with the Epic Launcher itself could leave new downloads stuck in limbo. The launcher is unable to properly start queued downloads.

6. Regional Server Load

Epic has download servers across the globe. If the one matching your geographic region is overloaded or having issues, downloads may queue indefinitely.

Now that you know what‘s likely triggering the stuck queued status, let‘s dig into the solutions…

Fixing an Epic Games Download Stuck in Queued State

If you see your new Epic Games purchase just sitting indefinitely in queued status, try these troubleshooting steps to kickstart it:

1. Restart the Epic Games Launcher

As a first step, fully restarting the Epic Launcher will clear out any temporary glitches. Force quit it, end any Epic processes still running in the background, then launch the app again fresh. This quickly resolves many queued games that seem "stuck".

2. Check Epic Server Status

Visit Epic‘s status page at https://status.epicgames.com/ to view current issues and outages for their online services and servers. Major incidents with global download servers will cause queued games across all users. If you see problems, you unfortunately need to wait for Epic to complete repairs before your downloads will work. Keep an eye out here for updates.

3. Disable VPN Connections

If you use a VPN, disable it temporarily as it can sometimes interfere with game download traffic. VPN encryption and remote routing may hinder the ability for your PC to connect to Epic‘s CDN for downloads.

4. Switch to Wired Ethernet Connection

For fast, reliable downloads, always use wired internet over WiFi if possible. Wireless is highly prone to signal congestion, interference, and drops which disrupt game downloads. Plug in via ethernet cable for smoothest transfer speeds from Epic‘s servers. Make sure ethernet adapter drivers are updated too.

5. Pause Other Downloads

Check your Epic Launcher and pause any other games currently downloading. Active downloads take priority, so pausing them allows your stuck queued game to start immediately while bandwidth is freed up. Resume the others individually later.

6. Free Up Hard Drive Space

Most new AAA game installs require 30-50+ GB of disk space or more. If your drive is nearly full, queued downloads can‘t start. Free up room by deleting unneeded files or moving them to a removable drive. An external USB SSD also provides extra capacity for today‘s massive game files.

7. Try Public DNS Servers

Switch your computer‘s DNS server settings from your ISP‘s default servers to free public options like Google DNS (, or Cloudflare (, This routes around any DNS resolution issues from a congested ISP causing queued Epic downloads.

8. Reinstall/Repair Epic Launcher

If other fixes aren‘t working, completely uninstall then reinstall the Epic Games Launcher to refresh all program files and settings. Or try the repair option which detects and replaces corrupted launcher data while preserving your games. This can reset stuck queued downloads.

9. Contact Epic Support

If you still can‘t get a stuck queued download moving after trying these steps, reach out to Epic‘s customer support for personalized help. Their agents can further investigate stuck queued downloads related to account, technical, or region-specific Epic server problems.

Now let‘s explore these fixes and preventions in more detail…

Detailed Troubleshooting for Stuck Epic Games Downloads

Based on hands-on troubleshooting and research, here is deeper insight into the best ways to troubleshoot and resolve stuck queued Epic downloads:

Restart the Epic Launcher

Restarting the launcher resets temporary glitches that may stall downloads. Force quit using Task Manager, end Epic background processes, then relaunch. This clears any memory leaks or software crashes interrupting normal queuing behavior.

Tip: Create a Task Manager shortcut for quick launcher restarts

Check Server Status

When downloads are queued indefinitely, it‘s good to check https://status.epicgames.com/ for server incidents specifically affecting downloads. Global outages will create widespread stuck queued games until resolved:

Epic Server Status

Disable VPN

If using a VPN, disable it and test downloads again. VPN tunneling can impede traffic between your PC and Epic‘s CDN servers.

For example, ExpressVPN users have reported stuck queued downloads fixed by disabling the VPN temporarily.

Wired over WiFi

Always choose wired ethernet for game downloads when possible. WiFi drops will interrupt the download sequence and potentially corrupt queued games:

Wired vs WiFi Download Speeds

Source: https://packetstream.io

Ensure ethernet adapter drivers are updated for your hardware model.

Pause Other Downloads

Check your Epic Launcher for any active downloads. Pause them to allow queued games to start immediately and "jump the line". Stagger downloads by resuming paused games individually later.

Free Hard Drive Space

Modern games require ample disk space – for example:

Game Install Size
Fortnite 30-50 GB
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 175 GB
Red Dead Redemption 2 150 GB

Free up room by deleting unneeded files or offloading them to a removable USB drive. An external SSD for game installs helps.

Public DNS

Free public DNS resolvers like Google (, or Cloudflare (, circumvent any ISP DNS congestion stalling downloads.

Epic Launcher Reinstall

If no other fixes work, completely reinstall or repair the Epic Launcher. This wipes any corrupted data preventing normal queuing:

Epic Games Launcher Reinstall

Reinstalling should refresh stuck behavior. Avoid cancelling mid-process when prompted.

Contact Support

If you still have no luck, contact Epic Support directly for assistance. Describe your issue and troubleshooting steps tried. They can investigate server locations, account configurations, and other factors affecting your downloads.

Tips to Prevent Future Stuck Epic Games Downloads

Once you get a stuck queued download fixed, you can apply some best practices to avoid repeats in the future:

  • Only download 1-2 large games simultaneously, pausing existing downloads first if needed

  • Use wired connections for downloads when possible

  • Close other programs while downloading games to dedicate bandwidth

  • Avoid starting downloads just before shutting down or disconnecting from the internet

  • Regularly clear older games and files from your drives to maintain free space

  • Check for Epic server issues before starting new downloads

  • Keep graphics drivers and Windows updated for best performance

  • Disable VPN before downloading large games through Epic‘s launcher

  • Set your DNS to fast public resolvers like Google or Cloudflare

Following these tips religiously can help ensure your Epic Games downloads not only start smoothly but continue uninterrupted without stalling in queued status down the road.

Final Thoughts on Fixing Stuck Epic Games Downloads

Dealing with stubborn queued downloads that just won‘t start is never fun. But some focused troubleshooting to identify the cause combined with the fixes above can typically get your Epic Games unstuck.

The key is methodically isolating the culprit, whether it be your network, hard drive, VPN, Epic‘s servers, or the launcher itself. Then apply targeted solutions. With the right insights and persistence, you‘ll be playing your new game in no time.

I hope this comprehensive guide gives you a complete understanding of stuck queued Epic downloads and a clear action plan for resolving download issues. Game downloads should be fast and smooth. Now you can enjoy the awesome library of games on Epic without these stubborn queues ruining your experience.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help a fellow gamer.

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