Unlocking the Mysteries of the Infamous Bite of ‘87

Hey there FNaF fan! If you‘re like me, ever since playing those chilling games you‘ve been haunted by the mysteries around the Bite of ‘87 – what exactly went down that dreadful day? Well strap yourself in, because we‘re going to analyze every detail of this iconic moment in Freddy‘s history.

When Did This Fateful Bite Occur?

As you probably know, the Bite of ‘87 took place, as the name suggests, in 1987. According to the few definitive facts, it happened during the last shift of Jeremy Fitzgerald, the unlucky night guard. So most likely late at night, when things get extra freaky at Freddy‘s! Fitzgerald worked at the second incarnation of Freddy Fazbear‘s Pizza shown in Five Nights at Freddy‘s 2. This places the bite smack between the Bite of ‘83 and later events in the timeline.

How Did The Attack Unfold?

Okay, so what do we actually know about how this disturbing bite went down? Here are the basics:

  • An animatronic character attacked and grievously harmed a staff member at Freddy‘s. Brutal!

  • The victim somehow survived, but suffered the horrific loss of their frontal brain lobe. That kind of injury results in severe impairment of judgement, memory, and emotions.

  • Beyond that, details get hazy. We don‘t know who exactly got bit or which animatronic did the chomping. Was it one of the night guards? A restaurant technician? So many chilling possibilities!

Clues Pointing to the Culprit

Alright, putting on my detective hat. Let‘s go through the prime animatronic suspects and evidence pointing to their guilt:

Suspect Clues
Mangle Jumps at your forehead, history of being glitchy and "taking apart kids"
Toy Bonnie Removes his face, menacing when he sneaks into the office
Foxy Out of order in FNAF 2, jaws look designed for biting

As you can see, there are good cases against Mangle, Toy Bonnie, and Foxy here. Personally, I think Mangle‘s erratic behavior makes it most likely. Those chomping teeth were an accident waiting to happen! But let me know which prime suspect you think did the foul deed.

Just How Powerful Was This Bite?

What kind of bite force are we talking about here? These animatronic jaws are no joke – some careful estimates put their biting power over 1,000 pounds! For comparison, that‘s nearly double the bite force of a full grown American alligator. Here‘s a quick data guide:

Animatronic Estimated Bite Force (in pounds)
Freddy Fazbear 1,100
Toy Chica 1,350
Mangle 1,400
Nightmare Fredbear 2,000

So a bite from pretty much any of these bots could crush a human skull – yikes! But it took specially strong and haywire animatronics to do this kind of frontal lobe-piercing damage.

Was The Victim Driven to Murder?

Some theorists speculate that the bite victim became the dreaded Purple Guy later on, driven mad by the trauma! That‘s right – losing your frontal lobe can severely affect reasoning and judgment. So maybe they were seeking revenge? Though it‘s hard to imagine surviving such an ordeal at all! What do you think – could this bite have turned a once-innocent staff member into a child murderer? The truth may still be out there!

Parallels to Real-World Robotics Dangers

While the Bite of ‘87 comes from a fictional horror game, real world accidents can provide inspiration. There have been cases of robotics like industrial machine arms crushing or attacking workers accidentally. Image recognition tech can also misinterpret humans as threats. As real animatronics and AI advance, the line blurs between harmless robots and uncontrolled dangers – just like at Freddy‘s!

Experiencing the Bite Firsthand

Want to experience the Bite of ‘87 for yourself? Fan game creators have you covered! Here are some popular ways to get chomped:

  • The Joy of Creation: Ignited Collection – Survive the murderous rampage of fan-made Ignited animatronics like Ignited Freddy, who can bite your forehead in a direct Bite of ‘87 recreation.

  • Five Nights at Candy‘s – A fan game where you can get bitten by Candy the Cat animatronic in Night 8‘s cutscene.

  • Dayshift at Freddy‘s – This RPG spinoff lets you actually play as the Purple Guy. You can get bitten during a minigames section.

  • Those Nights at Rachel‘s – An underrated fan game featuring the haunting "Flashbeartrap" animatronic that will slam its jaws on your noggin!

What Was the Significance of Losing One‘s Frontal Lobe?

The frontal lobe is vital for judgment, problem solving, and personality. Losing this part of the brain could represent:

  • Faded memories and blindness to the truth in the FNaF story

  • Stunted emotional growth – like a child stuck in an adult‘s body

  • Losing the ability to assess danger and consequences

  • Transformation into something unrecognizable – both for victim and those who knew them

For me, it symbolizes a loss of one‘s humanity and descent into madness. What do you think? Does this reflect a key theme in the games?

The Legacy of The Bite of ‘87

Well, that about covers everything we know about this infamous event! The Bite of ‘87 clearly left its mark on Freddy‘s and the lore. Its mysteries still haunt the fandom today. And the iconic image of an animatronic clamping down on someone‘s forehead remains utterly horrifying. For me, it represents the thin line between entertainment robots and uncontrolled, brutal danger – you just never know when they might glitch out and bite! But the quest goes on to shed light on what exactly went down on that dark day. Thanks for joining me on this deep dive investigation, and stay safe out there! The night shift gets rowdy at Freddy‘s.

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