Who is Blanket‘s Mom? She‘s a Mystery, But Here‘s the Truth About Michael Jackson‘s Youngest Child

I know you‘re curious, so I‘ll tell you upfront – the identity of Blanket Jackson‘s mother has never been revealed. Michael Jackson used an anonymous surrogate, so Blanket‘s biological mom is unknown. But even without knowing his mom‘s name, we can still learn a lot about Blanket‘s unique life and upbringing.

In this article, I‘ll give you an inside look into who Blanket is, how he was conceived, his relationship with Michael, and what his life is like today. I‘ll also share some insights into why Michael made the decision to conceal Blanket‘s mom from the public. It‘s an interesting story you don‘t want to miss!

The Life of Blanket Jackson: From Baby to 21 Year Old Adult

Blanket Jackson, whose real name is Prince Michael Jackson II, led an unconventional childhood, to say the least. He was born in 2002 via an anonymous surrogate mother, a process I‘ll explain more later. Have you seen those photos of him as a baby with his face covered by a blanket? That‘s how he got the nickname "Blanket" which stuck.

Jackson was often criticized for shielding Blanket‘s face like that in public. But as a new father, Michael was very protective of his kids and their privacy. Being Michael Jackson‘s son undoubtedly comes with lots of media attention.

Here are some fascinating facts about Blanket‘s unique life and upbringing:

  • He was raised at Michael‘s famous Neverland Ranch and homeschooled there with his siblings Paris and Prince.

  • His grandmother Katherine became his guardian after Michael passed away in 2009 when Blanket was only 7 years old. That must have been really hard losing his dad at such a young age.

  • Blanket has continued to live a pretty private life away from cameras as much as possible. I respect his desire to stay out of the limelight.

  • He‘s now 21 years old. Hard to believe! The baby Blanket we saw cradled in Michael‘s arms is now a grown man.

  • Some reports say Blanket wants to be a director when he‘s older. That would be a cool way for him to honor his dad‘s musical legacy.

Even if he chooses to live privately, I hope Blanket knows how many people around the world his father‘s music touched – thanks in part to the love that inspired him to have children later in his career.

Why Jackson Kept the Identity of Blanket‘s Surrogate Mother a Mystery

Michael Jackson was very open about Blanket having been born via surrogate. But Jackson never revealed the identity of the surrogate mother who carried Blanket to term and gave birth to him.

Based on everything I‘ve researched about Jackson‘s extremely private personality, here are the top reasons why I think he concealed the identity of Blanket‘s biological mom:

To Protect Her Privacy

Michael was always protective of his privacy and his family‘s. He probably wanted to shield her from intense media scrutiny.

They Likely Signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement

It‘s standard practice for surrogacy arrangements to involve NDAs to protect all parties‘ privacy. I‘m certain a confidentiality clause was part of the deal.

To Avoid Controversy

Publicly identifying her could have invited criticism or scandal given Michael‘s reputation. He clearly wanted to avoid that.

Added Mystery and Media Speculation

The secrecy definitely created more mystery and interest in Michael‘s unconventional family planning.

Michael Wanted to Be Seen as the Sole Parent

He seemed to want all the focus on him as the only parent raising the kids. A mom in the picture could have detracted from that image.

What do you think? Based on what you know about Michael Jackson, why do you think he wanted to keep Blanket‘s surrogate a secret? I‘d love to hear your theories!

How Blanket Jackson Was Conceived Using a Surrogate

So how exactly did the process work to conceive Blanket if his mother‘s identity is unknown? Well, we know Jackson provided his own sperm. But an anonymous egg donor also had to be involved to provide the egg that Michael‘s sperm fertilized.

Once the embryo containing Michael‘s sperm and the donor egg was created in the lab, it was implanted into a different surrogate mother‘s womb. That unidentified surrogate then carried Blanket through the pregnancy and gave birth.

That meant Michael could have a child that was biologically his, while keeping the egg donor and surrogate mother protected. Pretty ingenious using medical technology to work around biology, even if unconventional!

Here‘s a helpful data table summarizing the key steps:

Step Description
1. Jackson‘s sperm Michael provided his own sperm to be used for fertilization
2. Anonymous egg donor A donor egg was also used and fertilized with Michael‘s sperm
3. Embryo created The fertilized embryo contained Michael‘s DNA only
4. Implantation into surrogate The embryo was implanted into a different surrogate with no genetic relation
5. Surrogate carries pregnancy The unrelated surrogate carried Blanket and gave birth

This complex process allowed Michael to have a child while protecting the anonymity of the women involved. But why go to these lengths for another baby in 2002?

Analyzing Jackson‘s Motivations for Having Blanket in 2002

Digging into Jackson‘s mindset, I think I‘ve pieced together his motivations for having a third child via surrogate at that stage of his life and career:

  • He already loved being a dad to Prince and Paris. Having a large family brought Michael a lot of joy.

  • His public image improved after becoming a father. Another baby could further rehabilitate his reputation.

  • With his own tough childhood, I think Michael wanted to create new happy childhood memories through being a father.

  • Michael was 44 years old in 2002 and his career was cooling down. A new baby could get him some positive media coverage.

  • Paris was already 4 years old by 2002. Michael may have wanted another younger child to dote on.

  • Blanket gave Michael a "do-over" to correct any perceived mistakes in raising Prince and Paris.

As unusual as having another baby was for a man of his age and fame, I believe it came from a genuine desire for a large family and fulfilling childhood he never had. What do you think drove Michael to expand his family with Blanket in 2002? I‘d be fascinated to hear your take!

Prince Michael Jackson II Today: What is Blanket Up to Now?

It‘s hard to believe, but Blanket is now 21 years old, born on February 21, 2002. After Michael passed away in 2009, his grandmother Katherine took custody of Blanket and his siblings. They were raised primarily in California.

Blanket has continued using his unusual nickname rather than going by his real name Prince. Maybe it reminds him of his special connection to his father?

A few quick facts about Blanket as a young adult today:

  • He‘s lived his life away from the media spotlight as much as possible. I don‘t blame him!

  • He guards his privacy closely, but photos surface occasionally. He‘s grown into a handsome young man!

  • Reports say he may want to be a director someday. How cool would it be to see Blanket involved in filmmaking?

  • He seems well-adjusted despite such an unusual childhood. A credit to the love of Michael and Katherine.

Even with an upbringing full of secrecy and Michael‘s scandals, I‘m rooting for Blanket living his best life! What an unbreakable bond he‘ll always have with his legendary father.

How the Jackson Family Net Worth Breaks Down and Who Inherited Michael‘s Fortune

To understand Blanket‘s current life, it helps to know how much wealth the Jackson family still controls today from Michael‘s massive fortune and who inherited what.

Michael Jackson‘s Net Worth at Death:

  • $500 million net worth when he passed away in 2009 at age 50.

  • The vast majority came from his long music career as a solo artist, with the Jackson 5, and his business investments like the Sony/ATV catalog.

Just look at these eye-popping stats from Michael‘s career:

  • 750 million+ records sold worldwide – Michael is one of the best-selling music artists ever

  • 13 Grammy Awards & 26 American Music Awards – His trophy case was overflowing!

  • Over $1 billion in lifetime earnings when adjusted for inflation

How Michael‘s Fortune Was Divided Up:

Per Michael‘s will, his fortune went to:

  • Children – $33 million each – Prince, Paris, and Blanket received individual trusts

  • Katherine Jackson – 40% – Michael left 40% to his mother

  • Numerous charities – 20% – Causes like children‘s health charities got charitable trusts

Katherine Jackson‘s Net Worth Today:

  • Around $100 million – The bulk of her fortune came from Michael‘s estate and trusts

  • She also gets royalties, licensing fees, and income from the family‘s Encino home

That‘s the financial breakdown. Now you can see why the Jackson kids and grandma Katherine are set up very well thanks to Michael‘s business savvy and generosity!

My Final Thoughts and Opinions on the Fascinating Blanket Jackson

Well there you have it – everything I could dig up on Blanket, his unknown mother, and his unorthodox childhood. Even if we never learn who Blanket‘s mom really is, I hope this painted a fuller picture of the person behind the mysterious baby we saw flashing across TV screens and tabloid magazines.

In my opinion, Michael likely made the right choice ethically and legally by keeping his surrogacy secret. As unconventional as it was, he clearly loved Blanket and tried to give him a stable home despite the chaos of fame.

The good news is Blanket seems to be thriving now and finding his own way in life out of the spotlight. And no matter what, he‘ll always have the amazing musical legacy of his father. None of us will ever share that unique bond.

What do you think? I‘d love to hear your opinions on Blanket, how he was conceived, and anything else related to Michael Jackson‘s fascinating family history!

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