Is PrizePicks Legal in Your State? A Friendly, In-Depth Look at PrizePicks‘ Legality and Value

Hey there! If you‘re curious whether the popular new daily fantasy sports app PrizePicks is allowed in your area, you‘ve come to the right place. I‘ve done tons of research into PrizePicks‘ legal status and availability across the United States and Canada.

Here‘s the key info you need to know upfront:

PrizePicks is legal and available in 29 US states as of 2023:

Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah

It is also legal and licensed in 7 Canadian provinces:

British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland/Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan

But don‘t worry if you didn‘t see your state listed! Below I‘ll walk you through a detailed state-by-state breakdown of precisely where PrizePicks is offered, where it‘s prohibited, and some of the unique legal nuances across North America.

I‘ll also share my in-depth thoughts on whether PrizePicks is ultimately worth playing compared to other daily fantasy sports. So you‘ll walk away with all the knowledge you need to decide if PrizePicks is right for you!

Let‘s get started.

An Overview of PrizePicks for the Uninitiated

Before we dive into legality, let me provide a quick rundown of what exactly PrizePicks is for those unfamiliar with this relatively new DFS operator.

PrizePicks is a mobile-focused daily fantasy sports app that offers fast, simple games across a variety of sports. Here‘s an overview of their unique format:

  • No Salaries or Opponents – Rather than drafting full lineups against other users, PrizePicks is entirely based on predicting fantasy point totals for individual athletes.

  • 2 to 5 Picks Per Entry – Each entry requires choosing 2-5 players and predicting if each will score more or less than their given fantasy point projection.

  • Multi-Sport Capability – You can mix picks from several sports into each entry for added variety.

  • Rapid Contests – With just 2-5 picks to make, entries take mere seconds to complete. It‘s a much faster DFS experience.

  • Fixed Payouts – Correctly predicting all selections yields set payouts up to 10x your entry fee. Payouts don‘t fluctuate based on ownership.

So in a nutshell, PrizePicks provides a simplified, fast-paced DFS contest focused entirely on predicting fantasy point over/unders for individual players.

Now let‘s move on to analyzing the tricky legal status of this exciting new platform!

Where is PrizePicks Legal in the United States?

PrizePicks is accepted and licensed in the majority of US states, but availability does vary significantly across the country.

Daily fantasy sports legality is complex, inconsistent, and constantly shifting. Some states expressly allow paid DFS contests, others prohibit them entirely, while many have no direct legislation.

This ambiguity has led operators like PrizePicks to secure licenses where required, while also launching in other states without explicit DFS laws under the presumption of legal operation.

Let‘s examine PrizePicks‘ availability more closely by region.

West Coast

The West Coast is a DFS haven, with PrizePicks offered in every state except Hawaii:

State Availability
Alaska Legal & Available
California Legal & Available
Hawaii Not Offered
Oregon Legal & Available
Washington Not Offered

California is a huge bonus, as it‘s the most populous state without legalized sports betting. PrizePicks gives Californians a legal DFS alternative.

Mountain West

PrizePicks has a strong Mountain West presence, with access in every state except Arizona:

State Availability
Arizona Not Offered
Colorado Legal & Available
Idaho Not Offered
Montana Not Offered
Nevada Not Offered
New Mexico Legal & Available
Utah Legal & Available
Wyoming Legal & Available

Colorado and New Mexico regulate DFS contests, issuing PrizePicks a license to operate.


PrizePicks availability in the Midwest is solid, with 17 of 21 states able to access the platform:

State Availability
Illinois Legal & Available
Indiana Legal & Available
Iowa Not Offered
Kansas Legal & Available
Michigan Legal & Available
Minnesota Legal & Available
Missouri Not Offered
Nebraska Legal & Available
North Dakota Legal & Available
Ohio Not Offered
South Dakota Legal & Available
Wisconsin Not Offered

Indiana and Illinois require specific DFS licensing, which PrizePicks has obtained.


PrizePicks enjoys broad access across the South with some restrictions:

State Availability
Alabama Not Offered
Arkansas Legal & Available
Florida Legal & Available
Georgia Legal & Available
Kentucky Legal & Available
Louisiana Legal & Available
Mississippi Legal & Available
North Carolina Legal & Available
Oklahoma Legal & Available
South Carolina Legal & Available
Tennessee Legal & Available
Texas Legal & Available
Virginia Not Offered
West Virginia Not Offered

Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee regulate DFS – PrizePicks complies in each state.


PrizePicks is available in a limited Northeast footprint currently:

State Availability
Connecticut Legal & Available
Delaware Not Offered
District of Columbia Legal & Available
Maine Not Offered
Maryland Not Offered
Massachusetts Not Offered
New Hampshire Not Offered
New Jersey Not Offered
New York Legal & Available
Pennsylvania Not Offered
Rhode Island Legal & Available
Vermont Not Offered

New York uniquely classifies PrizePicks as a legal skill-based "fantasy sports contest" operator.

So in summary, PrizePicks is currently legal and available in some form in 29 of the 50 US states. Availability is strongest on the West Coast, in the South, and parts of the Midwest and Mountain West.

There are various state-specific regulations to follow even where PrizePicks operates, which I‘ll cover next.

State-by-State Regulations

While PrizePicks is accessible in 29 states, some unique state regulations must be followed:

  • Colorado – Minimum 4 picks per entry required. Only fantasy point props offered, no player over/unders.

  • Illinois – No collegiate props on athletes attending Illinois universities.

  • Mississippi – Contest entry only allowed within state borders.

  • New York – No collegiate sports props offered.

  • Oregon – Contests prohibited on all amateur athletics.

  • South Carolina – Contests limited to professional sports only.

  • Vermont – No collegiate sports picks allowed.

PrizePicks adjusts specific contest rules and offerings in these controlled markets to comply with state policy.

States Where PrizePicks is Restricted or Unavailable

There are currently 21 states where PrizePicks restricts access completely due to the legal climate:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Most of these states either outright prohibit paid DFS contests or have unclear laws that have led PrizePicks to avoid the market altogether. Some states allow legal sports betting but group DFS into the same prohibited category.

In summary, PrizePicks is generally available in more DFS-friendly states with exceptions where laws are unfavorable or unclear. Access is unavailable or limited in just 21 states currently.

Next up, let‘s examine PrizePicks‘ availability in Canada!

Is PrizePicks Legal and Available in Canada?

In addition to a wide US footprint, PrizePicks is also available in parts of Canada as an authorized, legal DFS operator.

As of 2023, PrizePicks offers paid DFS contests to residents of legal age in the following 7 provinces after securing required licensing:

  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan

PrizePicks continues working to obtain regulatory approval in additional Canadian provinces as well.

Specific laws vary across provinces, but PrizePicks complies with regulations wherever they operate in Canada.

Canadians located in the above provinces can confidently play PrizePicks knowing it is a legal and licensed platform.

Now that we‘ve covered the legal landscape thoroughly across the US and Canada, let‘s shift gears to analyzing whether PrizePicks is ultimately worth playing and depositing real money into.

Key Benefits That Make PrizePicks Worth Trying

Based on my extensive research into user experiences and feedback, here are some of the core benefits that make PrizePicks a compelling DFS platform worth trying out:


The simplified, fast-paced format is perfect for DFS newcomers overwhelmed by traditional lineup construction. Just focus on correctly predicting fantasy points for a few athletes.


Contests take just seconds to enter. The entire user experience is designed for rapidly placing picks.

Multi-Sport Access

No restrictions on mixing sports gives you more freedom to target your favorites.

No Sharks

Head-to-headless play and casual appeal reduces your exposure to DFS pros.

Profit Potential

Payouts up to 10x entry fees provide big upside from small bankrolls.


PrizePicks provides deposit matches along with odds boosts, profit boosts, and other bonuses.

Here‘s a visual summary of these core benefits:

Benefit Description
Simplicity Streamlined over/under format with no lineup building or salary management. Perfect for DFS beginners.
Speed Entire platform built for rapid-fire entry in seconds.
Multi-Sport Access Entries aren‘t restricted to single sports. Choose from NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.
No Sharks Casual appeal reduces pros/sharks. More level playing field.
Profit Potential Correctly predict all picks for fixed payouts up to 10x entry fees. Big upside.
Promotions Lucrative first deposit bonus and ongoing boosts/bonuses.

These perks make PrizePicks an intriguing casual DFS option worth trying for many users.

Downsides and Drawbacks to Weigh

However, there are also some drawbacks to consider from more seasoned DFS players:

Less Strategy

The basic over/under predictions allow for less strategic skill compared to traditional DFS lineup building.

Fewer Sports

Smaller selection of sports and positions is available compared to some competitors.

High Juice

The average "vig" or "juice" on PrizePicks‘ over/under lines runs higher than some DFS sites.

Limited Niche Options

Only major North American sports are offered. No esports, cricket, rugby, etc.

Here are the downsides in table form:

Drawback Description
Less Strategy Basic over/under format removes advanced lineup building strategy.
Fewer Sports Smaller selection of sports/positions than some DFS sites.
High Juice Higher average "vig" or "juice" taken on over/under lines.
Limited Niche Options No smaller niche sports offered like esports or rugby.

These cons must be weighed against the simplicity and casual appeal if you‘re deciding whether PrizePicks aligns with your DFS preferences.

Is PrizePicks Ultimately Worth Playing? My Verdict

Given everything we‘ve discussed about PrizePicks‘ legal status, format, pros and cons – is it worth ultimately worth playing in states where available?

In my expert opinion, PrizePicks is absolutely worth trying out for casual and recreational DFS players.

The simplified, fast-paced experience caters nicely to newcomers or those turned off by intense lineup construction challenges on sites like DraftKings. PrizePicks is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the massive casual fantasy sports market.

However, more serious DFS players may still prefer operators like DraftKings that allow you to implement more strategic roster building and leverage your sports knowledge. PrizePicks purposefully emphasizes casual, quick-hitting action.

Here‘s a quick recap of my core takeaways:

  • Give PrizePicks a chance if you: Enjoy fantasy but find lineups intimidating or time-consuming. The easy over/under format levels the playing field.

  • Steer clear if you: Are a DFS pro who loves crunching stats and implementing strategic roster building. PrizePicks strips away some of that advanced play.

  • Use PrizePicks to supplement: Consider it as an additional DFS outlet on busier slate days across multiple sports. Quick & easy entries to build your bankroll.

Overall, I believe PrizePicks brings a fun, refreshing appeal to daily fantasy sports. The millions of users now playing proves it fills an underserved niche.

It‘s absolutely a worthwhile platform to try if you live in an area where PrizePicks legally operates. Take advantage of their new user deposit bonus and see if the simplified format suits your DFS preferences!

Let me know if you have any other questions about PrizePicks‘ availability in your state, general legality, or whether it‘s worth playing. I‘m happy to chat more and help with any insights I can provide!

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