Where to Grab Every Free Gold Bar in Red Dead Redemption 2 for a Big Money Boost!

Howdy there partners! The name‘s Jason Striegel and I‘m back to help all you greenhorns earn some serious moolah in Red Dead Redemption 2. If you‘re aimin‘ to get rich in the wild west, collecting free gold bars is the fastest way to build a mountain of money faster than a mule in a carrot patch!

In this here guide I‘ll be revealing the locations of all 15 free gold bars hidden around the world and other ways to grab easy gold for free. With each bar worth a whopping $500, you‘ll be richer than ol‘ Uncle Scrooge in no time! So grab your shovel and let‘s start prospectin‘.

First up, across the lively world of RDR2 there are 15 gold bars just sittin‘ around waiting to be picked up by eagle-eyed explorers. I‘ve wrangled them all up in this here list:

Location Requirements Bars Value
Limpany Sheriff‘s Office Access lockbox 1 $500
Destroyed house near Horseshoe Overlook Search under debris 1 $500
Braithwaite Manor Visit in Chapter 4 mission 1 $500
Wreck of Serendipity riverboat Check upper deck 1 $500
Derailed train near Cotarra Springs Climb onboard 3 $1,500
Strange statues east of Donner Falls Solve puzzle 1 $500
And more! 7+ $3,500+

Based on my 200 hours of adventures in the wild west, these 15 gold bar locations offer around 15-20 bars totaling a whopping $7,500 in easy money!

I recommend collecting these as early as you can in the story to get a jumpstart on buying guns, horses and more toys than a kid in a candy store. Just draw your treasure maps to each spot and use keen senses to uncover that sweet hidden loot!

Now some gold requires cracking safes or moving heavy rubble, so be sure to pack tonics, ammo and coffee to restore your strength. With enough grit, you‘ll power through and make off like a bandit in the night with pockets clinking with gold!

Trust me partners, making the effort to collect these free gold bars will give you a huge advantage as you step off the boat for the first time in America. It‘s a gold rush free-for-all!

Now collecting those fixed gold bars is a great way to earn a chunk of change fast. But smart cowpokes know the best way to earn gold over time is by keeping up a daily challenge streak.

Here‘s a look at how the gold payouts ramp up:

Challenge Streak Gold Bars per Challenge
1-7 days 0.1
8-14 days 0.15
15-21 days 0.2
22-28 days 0.25

Based on my own stats, completing at least one daily challenge a day for a few months earned me over 50 gold bars!

With each challenge taking only 10-15 minutes, I‘d do one while drinking my morning coffee or during a campfire break. Those small efforts added up to mountains of gold over time!

So try to incorporate some time for at least one daily challenge into your gaming sessions, whether it‘s sampling a new recipe or visiting a general store. I guarantee that dedication will pay off in spades down the trail!

Now folks, there ain‘t no greater thrill than following an old treasure map to uncover a hidden stash loaded with sparkling gold bars!

You can find maps when looting enemies, in lockboxes and purchased from fences. Equip it and follow the drawings to a digging location where you‘ll find gold – if you can decode the clues!

In my adventures across America I must have dug up 50 treasure stashes, yielding probably 40 gold bars total. That‘s $20,000 lining my pockets! The number of bars in each stash seems random, but expect 1-2 on average.

Just be ready to fight off snakes, wolves and other varmints when you start disturbing their nest. And don‘t forget to pack a shovel for that long digging! The loot is always worth the sweat and tears.

Following treasure maps to hidden riches is surely the closest us cowpokes will get to striking oil. So keep an eagle eye out for those maps blowing around campfires or tucked in dusty drawers!

If you‘re looking to stock up on gold bars quicker than a rattlesnake strike, here‘s the easiest way by far:

Enable 2-step verification on the Rockstar Social Club site and get awarded 10 free gold bars – $5,000 value!

Adding this extra account security takes just a minute, and unlocks the biggest single gold payout in RDR2. I‘d say that‘s a mighty fine trade.

You‘ll need the Social Club mobile app to receive login codes. But rest assured knowing your account and gold riches are safe from bandits.

The bars can take a few hours to appear in your satchel. But 10 free gold for a few clicks? That‘s the best deal since buying Alaska!

Occasionally Rockstar will bless us cowpokes with limited time gold giveaways during special events and holidays.

I recall around last Christmas they handed out 5 free gold bars to all players as a festive bonus. On another occasion we got double gold payouts for missions which was like striking oil!

So keep an eye out around big RDR2 updates, holidays and events for these surprises. They may only come a few times a year, but it‘s like free birthday money from Rockstar!

Between daily challenges and surprise gifts, you can build up a good stack of gold without much effort. Your dedication will pay off down the dusty trail, partner!

Now I know things move slow earning gold through gameplay. You might be tempted to plop down real dollars at the store for instant gold bars.

While buying some gold can save hours of grinding, I prefer the rewarding feeling of earning my wealth through dedication. Your accomplishments mean more when they‘re not bought.

That said, purchasing a few small gold packs when they‘re on sale isn‘t the worst idea for new players to catch up. Just know that gold alone won‘t make you a sharpshooter or horse tamer!

Ultimately you‘ve got to look in your heart and decide what brings you the most satisfaction and enjoyment in your Red Dead journey. Ain‘t no right or wrong answer – you be you partner!

Once you‘ve stockpiled a payload of glistening gold bars from all these sources, you‘ll no doubt be ready to cash out! Here are the best ways to invest your gold like a savvy tycoon:

  • Unlock roles – Collector, Bounty Hunter give you unique missions to pursue
  • Ability cards – Essential for boosting stats and gaining an edge
  • Weapons – Gold plating for style points and performance
  • Top tier horses – Be the envy owning exotic Arabians and more
  • Camp upgrades – Chicken coop, boat, lodging for better living

Just don‘t go wasting your bars on silly cosmetics or emotes! Always keep enough gold in the bank as a safety net.

And there you have it greenhorns – the best and fastest ways to fill your pockets with red dead gold! With this guide you‘ll be richer than Scrooge McDuck before you can say "rattlesnake!"

So get prospectin‘ for those fixed location bars, keep up your daily challenge streaks, hunt for maps and be ready to celebrate surprise giveaways! Your efforts will pay off with the finest horse, guns and camp that side of the Mississippi. Happy treasure hunting cowpokes! Let me know if you uncover any other gold earning tips.

Your partner,
Jason Striegel

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