What is the Value of a Used PS4? Typically $80-$250.

Used PlayStation 4 consoles currently sell for anywhere from $80 to $250 depending on model, storage capacity, condition, and included accessories. With some preparation, sellers can maximize trade-in value, while buyers can find fair deals on used systems. This detailed guide provides tips, price comparisons, and in-depth analysis of the used PS4 market.

As an avid PS4 user and gaming enthusiast, I‘ve bought and sold multiple used PS4s over the years. Here I‘ll share my insight on getting the best value based on extensive research and first-hand experience. Whether you‘re looking to upgrade to the PS5 or want to relive classic PS4 games, understanding used market prices is key.

Used PS4 Price Range

Used PS4 prices currently fall within these ranges depending on model:

  • Original PS4 – $80 to $150
  • PS4 Slim – $130 to $200
  • PS4 Pro – $180 to $250

Storage capacity heavily impacts value as well, with more storage demanding higher prices. A 1TB PS4 Pro in great condition with controllers can fetch up to $250.

I generally recommend buying used PS4s priced under $200 and selling around $150 to get solid value. Deals can be found buying from individual sellers vs retailers.

Key Factors Impacting PS4 Value

Several key factors influence how much a used PS4 will sell for:

Demand and Console Generation

As a now previous-generation console, PS4 demand has slowed with the PS5 out. However, due to supply chain shortages, the PS5 remains hard to find in stock, keeping PS4 demand strong, especially for exclusives.

The PS4 is nearing the end of its lifespan, causing used prices to decline steadily. However, values remain higher than older consoles like the PS3.

Condition and Included Accessories

The physical and operational condition greatly affects PS4 value. Fully functioning consoles with controllers, cables, and minor cosmetic wear fetch much higher prices. Defective, damaged, or incomplete systems sell for parts at a steep discount.

Bundled games, extra controllers, PlayStation Plus, and accessories like headsets add value for buyers, though sellers may prefer to sell these separately.

Storage Capacity

Higher storage PS4s cost more new, so they also sell for more used. Only buy original 500GB models at significant discounts. With large game file sizes nowadays, the extra space on 1TB models maintains value.

Special and Limited Edition Models

Rare special edition PS4s like the 20th Anniversary, Death Stranding, and Spider-Man models can sell for a premium over standard black models. However, limited appeal reduces potential buyers.

Comparing PS4 Models and Values

When buying or selling a PS4, knowing the model and storage configuration is essential to determine fair pricing:

Model Storage Used Value Range
Original PS4 500GB $80 – $150
PS4 Slim 500GB $130 – $200
PS4 Slim 1TB $180 – $220
PS4 Pro 1TB $180 – $250

The PS4 Pro costs more used given its enhanced hardware performance, while 500GB models lose value from lower storage. Well-maintained limited edition models can potentially exceed these price ranges.

Buyer‘s Guide – Finding a Fairly Priced Used PS4

As a buyer, following these tips can help get a good deal on a used PS4 while avoiding overpaying:

  • Check model/storage – Confirm exact details upfront to gauge fair pricing.

  • Inspect condition – Test console operation thoroughly and check for physical wear.

  • Factor in accessories – Controllers and games add value, cables are essential.

  • Consider jailbreaking – Hacked consoles may seem enticing but come with major risks.

  • Negotiate prices – Offer less than asking price initially and negotiate from there.

  • Avoid scams – Only buy from reputable sellers and avoid deals that seem too good to be true.

I‘ve found the best deals buying directly from other gamers locally via Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Retailers like GameStop tend to offer lower payouts compared to private sellers.

Seller‘s Guide – Maximizing Your PS4 Trade-In Value

To get the most cash or credit for your PS4, I recommend following these preparation tips:

Pricing Your PS4

  • Research buyback sites – Check current price ranges on Decluttr, ItsWorthMore, and other buyback aggregators.
  • Factor in condition – Know that defects, missing accessories, and wear reduce value. Price accordingly.
  • Consider selling separately – You may get more selling games and accessories individually rather than bundled.

Preparing Your PS4 for Sale

  • Factory reset – Fully wipe the system to remove any personal data and restore defaults.
  • Gather accessories – Include controllers, power and HDMI cables at minimum.
  • Clean thoroughly – Remove any dust, dirt, and grime to make it look new.
  • Package safely – Use original box or snug packaging materials if shipping.

Where To Trade In or Sell Your PS4

Once prepped and priced competitively, you can sell your PS4:

  • Online – eBay, Facebook Marketplace offer wide visibility but fees apply.
  • Locally – List on Craigslist or local sales apps to avoid shipping risks.
  • Retailers – GameStop, Best Buy accept trade-ins for store credit.
  • Buyback sites – Decluttr, ItsWorthMore mail you a check after assessing condition.

With over 100 million sold, the PS4 retains a solid used market despite its age. Hopefully these tips help both buyers and sellers get fair value! Let me know if you have any other PS4 pricing questions.

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