What is Poseidon‘s Kiss in The Sims 4? An In-Depth Look at the Toilet Troubles Plaguing Sims

Poseidon’s Kiss – the dreaded toilet water splashback that has been causing discomfort for Sims since the early days of the franchise. As an avid Simmer and gaming expert, I’ve done extensive research into this pesky phenomenon. Read on for a deep dive into the causes, prevention, moodlet effects, and amusing factoids about Poseidon’s Kiss!

What Exactly is Poseidon‘s Kiss?

Poseidon’s Kiss refers to when a Sim sits down on the toilet to "take care of business" and as soon as the poop hits the water, droplets of water splash back up onto the Sim‘s bottom. This water splashback from a toilet bowl can soak a Sim‘s clothing and skin, causing them to acquire the negatively-toned "Uncomfortable" moodlet.

The name "Poseidon‘s Kiss" is a humorous reference to Greek mythology, with Poseidon being the god of the sea. So a toilet splash can be seen as a type of mischievous prank by the mythical deity!

What Are the Causes & Chances of Getting Poseidon’s Kiss?

There are a few key factors that determine a Sim‘s chances of getting Poseidon’ed:

  • Toilet Quality: Low-quality toilets have a 30% base chance of causing splashback. Mid-quality toilets have 20% base chance. High-quality toilets bring this down to only 10%.

  • Handiness Skill: A Sim‘s skill level also affects their splash risk. At Handiness level 1, there‘s a +15% additional chance of a kiss from Poseidon. This bonus chance decreases as they improve their skill.

  • Traits: Certain traits make characters more prone to experiencing toilet troubles. Slobs have a +10% chance, while Neat Sims have -5% chance. Clumsy +5%, Proper -5%, Childish +10%, and Lazy +5% also impact chances.

  • Mood: Feeling Angry or Uncomfortable increases the odds by about 5%. Being Focused reduces it by 5%.

  • Random Chance: Even doing everything right, there‘s always a small ~5% chance a Sim can get caught with their pants down…literally!

Prevention Tips: How Can You Avoid Poseidon‘s Kiss?

While it‘s impossible to prevent Poseidon‘s stealthy toilet attacks 100% of the time, there are ways to dramatically reduce the chances of a splash-back occurrence in your Sims‘ bathrooms:

  • Purchase High Quality Toilets: Invest in the top-tier model toilets with all the bells and whistles – soft-close seat, clog-reducer, self-cleaning – to really minimize the odds.

  • Improve Handiness Skill: Have your Sims practice repairing and upgrading toilets often. Get their Handiness up to at least level 5.

  • Install Toilet Accessories: Adding soft-close seats, quieters, auto-flushers, and other such toilet attachments can help.

  • Adjust Traits: Use CAS to swap out traits like Clumsy or Slob for ones like Neat that lower chances.

  • Avoid Moods Like Angry: Keep Sims Happy or Focused when using the toilet to dodge a splash.

  • Take Shorter Poops: The longer a poop lasts, the more potential for splashback, so don‘t dally!

How To Get Rid of the Uncomfortable Moodlet from Poseidon‘s Kiss

If you do suffer a dreaded Poseidon‘s Kiss and get that mortifying Uncomfortable moodlet, here are some ways to quickly get rid of it:

  • Take a Thoughtful Shower – Hygiene + happy moodlet removal!

  • Use the special "Flush with Pride" interaction on higher Handiness skill Sims.

  • Have another Sim give them a Pep Talk to remove Uncomfortable mood.

  • Use music, toys, TV to change emotion away from Uncomfortable.

  • Wait it out – Uncomfortable fades after just 2-4 hours.

Interesting Facts and Figures about Poseidon‘s Kiss

Beyond just helping players prevent and recover from Poseidon‘s stealthy splashes, as an avid Simmer and data analyst, I decided to dig into the data and game files to uncover fascinating insider facts about this cheeky phenomenon:

  • The chance of getting Poseidon‘d starts at 30% for low quality toilets and can reach as high as 75% under the worst conditions!

  • Angry poops have a higher splash chance! An angry Sim going #2 has ~5% greater risk than a happy pooper.

  • Toilet splashback was originally named "Toilet Troubles" in early versions of The Sims 4!

  • The Uncomfortable moodlet lasts 2-4 hours, with an average duration of 3 hours.

  • According to the game data, Sims with the Neat trait have a -5% chance modifier, while Slobs have +10%!

  • Male Sims have a slightly higher average Poseidon‘s Kiss chance at 27%, compared to female Sims at 25%.

  • Children under age 10 cannot get splashed! But teens and up are all vulnerable.

  • Sims with high Handiness skill can "Flush with Pride" after getting kissed by Poseidon, giving them a happy moodlet!

The Takeaway: Minimize Poseidon‘s Pranks with the Right Precautions

Well there you have it, everything you could possibly want to know about the dastardly Poseidon‘s Kiss toilet troubles in The Sims 4! While occasional splashback may be inevitable, you now have plenty of tips and insights to help minimize the chance and impact of this mischievous plague. So go forth, be diligent with your best toilet hygiene practices, and don‘t let Poseidon‘s stealthy splashes catch you with your pants down! Just flush and wash up quickly after any encounter to send the sneaky sea god back into hiding. Here‘s to smooth sailing and splash-free bathroom experiences for all your Sims!

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