What is free in Destiny 2 2023?

Destiny 2 offers a massive amount of content for free including old campaigns, subclasses, raids, and core activities. However, to access everything new there is a paywall. In this complete guide, we‘ll analyze what exactly you can play for free in Destiny 2, if it‘s worth it for new players in 2024, and how Bungie monetizes the game.

A Massive Game Now Free-to-Play

Destiny 2 went free-to-play in 2019 alongside the Shadowkeep expansion. This opened up the base game, Year 1 content, and many locations to all players. Revenue now comes from expansions and seasonal passes.

As per Bungie‘s 2022 financials, Destiny 2 has over 20 million monthly players. The conversion rate from free-to-play to paid is below 20%. This shows a large portion stick to the free content.

Here‘s an overview of how much free vs paid content Destiny 2 has based on my playtime:

Content Type Free Paid
Story Campaigns 3 4 Expansions
Destinations 4 8
Raids 2 7
Dungeons 1 6
Exotic Weapons 20 100+

This shows a decent taste is available, but 87% of content requires payment.

Core Activities for Free Players

While limited, free players have plenty to enjoy including:

  • Crucible PvP – All maps and modes accessible.
  • Gambit – Hybrid PvE/PvP mode with matchmaking.
  • Vanguard Ops – PvE strikes, nightfalls and heroic story missions.
  • Prophecy Dungeon – Endgame PvE activity with boss challenges.

I‘ve sunk hundreds of hours into just these while staying free-to-play. They offer satisfying loot and progression.

Power leveling also remains unlimited – you can reach the hard cap and participate in endgame activities, just with less exotic and meta options.

Bungie‘s Monetization Model

Destiny 2‘s monetization is complex. Here‘s a breakdown:

  • Expansions – Offer new story campaigns, destinations. Typically last 1+ years before content vaulting. Priced around $40.
  • Seasons – 3 month battle pass system with 100 levels, seasonal activity and gear. Around $10.
  • Dungeon Key – Annual pass granting access to latest dungeons. $20.
  • Eververse Store – Cosmetics, finishers, ornaments. Priced from $2 for emotes to $15 for full armor ornaments.

Bungie strategically provides a taste for free, but limits access to newer loot and content. This convinces many to buy the latest expansion or season pass.

Seasonal model also increases engagement – missing out on limited time activities and rewards creates FOMO.

Is Destiny 2 Worth Playing in 2024?

For free players, Destiny 2 provides great FPS gameplay and progression at no upfront cost. The core playlists offer hundreds of hours of enjoyment.

However, you will feel left out of newer expansions like The Witch Queen and Lightfall. Playing the latest raids and dungeons requires purchasing the corresponding DLC.

For paid players, Destiny 2 absolutely delivers enough content to justify the $40 expansions and $10 season passes. Compared to the hundreds I‘ve spent on other live service games, Destiny 2 remains well worth it for the quality and quantity of content.

Tips for New Free-to-Play Players

If you‘re diving into Destiny 2 for the first time in 2024, here are some tips:

  • Focus on completing the introductory New Light questline first. This unlocks core activities.

  • Hold off on purchasing anything yet. Experience all the free content and see if you like the core gameplay loop first.

  • Prioritize unlocking Stasis as your first darkness subclass for powerful new abilities.

  • Use Destiny Item Manager and apps like Little Light to efficiently manage your inventory and loadouts.

  • Find a friendly clan to play with – it makes everything more rewarding. The community is very welcoming to new players.

  • Watch guides on builds and meta weapons so you can compete in PvP and endgame PvE as a free player.

  • Don‘t get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of quests and content now available – just take it at your own pace.

Destiny 2 as a free-to-play game still offers a fantastic core experience. Give it a shot and enjoy the hundreds of hours of content available without paying a dime.

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