Is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Worth It in 2024?

The short answer – yes, absolutely. With industry-leading multiplayer gameplay and modes, Modern Warfare 2 is a must-buy for competitive online shooter fans looking for best-in-class weapon handling and an unmatched diversity of maps and modes. However, casual players hoping for a strong single player campaign may want to wait for a deeper discount.

As an avid Call of Duty player and gaming business analyst, I‘ve put over 40 hours into all of Modern Warfare 2‘s modes on PlayStation 5. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide expert insights to help you determine if MW2 is worth purchasing in 2024 and beyond.

Multiplayer: The Pinnacle of AAA Shooter Gameplay

Call of Duty‘s multiplayer modes have always been the franchise‘s bread and butter. Here, Modern Warfare 2 takes the refined COD formula to new heights across its 19 launch maps and wide variety of meticulously tuned game modes.

According to Activision, Modern Warfare 2 broke the series record for most players during a launch weekend, with over 25 million matches played. Based on my experience across hundreds of matches, this represents the pinnacle of triple-A competitive FPS gameplay.

The expanded Gunsmith offers over 50 base weapons and an astounding level of customization. Expert players can fine-tune loadouts with 10 attachments per weapon. The gunplay feels phenomenal across the board – weapons have real punch and satisfy with every trigger pull.

Infinity Ward nailed the map design, with thoughtful lanes and verticality that reward flanking and exploration. Tactical sprint adds momentum, while swim mechanics open up underwater pathways. Destructible doors enable new breach and clear tactics.

Fan favorite modes like Team Deathmatch and Domination return locked and loaded. New additions such as Prisoner Rescue inject fresh objective-based play. And Ground War provides epic large-scale warfare for up to 64 players.

Modern Warfare 2 has certainly had a bumpy technical launch. However, Infinity Ward is committed to ironing out issues. What remains is the most refined Call of Duty multiplayer sandbox ever devised.

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer By the Numbers

19 Launch Maps
50+ Base Weapons
10 Weapon Attachment Slots
6v6 to 64 Player Count Across Modes
25+ million Matches Played at Launch

Campaign: A Cinematic Thrill Ride

Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign spans 14 missions across locations ranging from Mexico to Amsterdam. Playtime clocks in around 6-10 hours depending on skill and difficulty.

This globe-trotting escapade features stunning set-pieces including an underwater mission and brazen embassy siege. While light on substantive plot or character development, the campaign‘s moment-to-moment gameplay delivers with thrilling firefights and environental variety.

Reprising their roles from 2019‘s Modern Warfare, Captain Price and Sergeant Garrick provide fan service anchoring a crew of new protagonists. Missions allow you to play as Mexican Special Forces sniper Alejandro Vargas and rebel leader Farah Karim in a story confronting unlawful CIA overreach.

While more nuanced themes surrounding shadow wars and freedom fighters flicker, the campaign stops short of diving deeper. The plot exists to propel over-the-top action like shooting your way through a cartel mansion.

Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign compares favorably within the arcady power fantasy found in recent COD entries, marking an upgrade from the plodding WWII theatrics of Vanguard (2022). However, don‘t expect the same caliber of storytelling found in COD classics like Black Ops (2010).

Campaign By the Numbers

6-10 hrs Playtime
14 Missions
10 Main Characters
7 Countries Visited

Spec Ops: Co-Op Missions Expand the Campaign

Spec Ops makes its return from Modern Warfare (2019), offering co-op enabled missions that remix locales and objectives from the single player campaign. These tightly designed scenarios can be tackled solo or with up to 3 others, and reward tactical team-based play.

Spec Ops spans 15 Operations centered on replayable objectives like defending a downed chopper, infiltrating submarine docks, or surviving against waves of enemies. Approach these missions across Difficulty Tiers ranging from 1-5 stars, with satisfying progression as you level up Operators, weapons, and gear.

While not as multifaceted as past COD co-op offerings, Spec Ops adds welcome value for those seeking PvE missions beyond the campaign. Squadding up with friends here provides fun cooperative challenges beyond standard competitive modes.

Spec Ops By the Numbers

15 Operations
4 player Max Co-op Squad Size
25+ Operator, Weapon, and Gear Levels
1-5 star Difficulty Tiers

DMZ: Escape From Tarkov Meets Call of Duty

Modern Warfare 2 breaks new ground for the franchise with DMZ, an extraction mode inspired by hardcore tactical shooters. Here, Operators deploy into Al Mazrah – the warzone map that will also host Warzone 2.0.

The aim is to complete faction-based missions and extract loot. Lose your goods if you die. Survive encounters with AI combatants and other players. Open world exploration reveals side objectives,intel, and valuable equipment.

Currently in early Beta, DMZ shows huge potential as an alternative to standard matchmaking. The immersive mission structure and high stakes combat offer a fresh way to enjoy Modern Warfare 2‘s meticulous gunplay.

Extract enough contraband to upgrade your home base, allowing access to new weapons, gear, and perks. Purchasable insured loadouts let you risk deadlier gear. Squad tactics help overcome dangerous extraction points.

DMZ lays the foundations for an addictive open world extraction shooter. As missions expand and new features emerge from Beta, this mode could become a major reason to own Modern Warfare 2 for those craving co-op raids and heart-pounding firefights.

DMZ By the Numbers

120 players Max Lobby Size
17 POIs Points of Interest
+50 Available Missions
100m x 100m Al Mazrah Map Size

Modern Warfare 2‘s Monetization & Post-Launch Support

Let‘s round out this guide with a look at MW2‘s business model and content roadmap. The core game retails at the new standard AAA price of $69.99 USD. The Vault Edition bundles the base game with cosmetics, battle pass access, and other bonuses for $99.99.

Post-launch monetization focuses on:

  • Battle pass subscriptions with 100 tiers of cosmetics.
  • Bundles – themed cosmetic packs.
  • Store rotations of individual skins, blueprints, emblems, etc.
  • Optional XP boosts.

All monetization is cosmetic-only, with no pay-to-win gear or weapons.

Free post-launch content will include new modes, maps, and playspaces along with limited-time events and playlists. Paid premium battle passes will fund 6-8 seasonal updates throughout 2023 and beyond.

Overall, Call of Duty‘s well-established monetization model funds ongoing development while avoiding gameplay-altering microtransactions. Focus remains on rewarding skill-based progression.

The Verdict: Modern Warfare 2 is a Must-Buy for Multiplayer Fanatics

Modern Warfare 2 delivers an unparalleled multiplayer experience that no other military shooter can match. The weapon handling, map design, and mode variety have been polished to AAA perfection. This is Call of Duty multiplayer at its absolute finest.

For those obsessed with competitive online shooters, Modern Warfare 2 is a must-buy and worth full price. The campaign provides blockbuster thrills, while Spec Ops and DMZ offer enticing co-op adventures. And free post-launch content will keep things fresh.

Casual players who prioritize story campaigns may want to wait for a deeper sale. But make no mistake – Infinity Ward has exceeded expectations with Modern Warfare 2‘s best-in-class multiplayer. This is the new benchmark for triple-A online shooters.

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