19 Best Website Ideas for Beginners in 2024

If you‘re looking to create a website in 2024 but not sure where to start, you‘ve come to the right place! With the rise of no-code tools and easy site builders, now is the time to turn your idea into a real website.

In this beginner‘s guide, we will explore some of the most promising niches and business models to help you succeed online. Let‘s get started!

1. Start a Blog

Blogs remain one of the most popular starter websites since they allow complete customization. You can blog about any niche – be it health, pets, food or personal finance.

Once your blog takes off, include display ads, affiliate links, sponsored posts and eBooks to start monetizing. Building an email list is key to have audience-to-website traffic.

For beginners, we recommend starting a WordPress site with a builder like Elementor. Choose a niche, do keyword research, create traffic-worthy content and market it on social media.

2. Build an Online Course

The global elearning market is over $200 billion. With the right niche, you can grab a slice too with your own online course website.

Use a course platform like Teachable or Thinkific. Record videos or create presentations to deliver your lessons. Price your course reasonably and enroll users with a payment gateway.

You can also go down the membership route where users pay a subscription fee to access courses and community features.

3 Bring Dropshipping to Life

Dropshipping allows selling products sourced from a supplier without holding inventory. As orders come in, the supplier ships products directly to customers.

Signup on platforms like Shopify and Oberlo. Source winning products, create listings with good photos and descriptions. Market your store on social media and via influencers to make sales.

Focus on profit margins as that is what you take home from the retail and wholesale price difference. Provide stellar customer service for retention.

4. Unleash Print-on-Demand

Print-on-demand (POD) websites involve selling custom printed products featuring your own designs and artworks.

Integrate your online store with a POD fulfiller like Printify. Upload designs for products like t-shirts, phone cases, notebooks etc. Set your retail price and start selling.

As orders come in, the fulfiller prints and ships the products directly to buyers. Lucrative and low startup costs make POD ideal for beginners.

5. Share Your Creativity as Digital Downloads

Are you a designer, artist or musician? Why not sell your creativity online?

Signup on Gumroad to instantly enable ecommerce for your digital downloads. Simply add your digital files like photos, videos, ebooks, tools, templates, graphics packs etc.

Customize your checkout page, set pricing and let Gumroad handle secure payments, downloads and email notifications. Low startup costs make this ideal for beginners.

6. Start Freelancing Services

If you have skills like programming, graphic design, email marketing etc. why not sell your services online? That‘s freelancing!

Signup on marketplaces like Fiverr and list your gig. Include attractive title, description, gallery and pricing. Provide good response time and stellar service when orders come in.

As you gain happy customers, reviews and ratings will soar. This raises visibility so even more orders come your way. A true win-win!

7. Build a Community Forum

Forums thrive on engaged niche communities. Register members can participate in discussions through threads and posts.

If you have niche hobby or interest, a community forum lets you connect with like-minded folks. This itself can be monetized via advertisements and affiliate links.

Easy forum builders like Tribe and Circle allow launching forums quickly without coding. Later, memberships and premium features can enhance monetization.

8. Make Your Own Web App

Web apps are limited function websites that serve a specific purpose. For example, a BMI calculator, unit converter, quiz maker, planner etc.

With no-code platforms like Appgyro and Glideapps, anyone can build functional web apps. You get ready templates, elements and database connectivity to assemble capable web apps.

Launch for free, run ads or charge subscription fees from devoted users. Offer premium features to boost revenues.

9. Get Quizzing

Quizzes and polls engage audiences effectively. Embed interactive quizzes on your website to entertain and educate visitors.

Signup on polling platforms like Poll Daddy and Typeform. Select quiz templates and customize questions, options and branching logic.

Embed ready quizzes or funnel visitors by offering quizzes as lead magnets. Monetize via advertisements, affiliate links and lead generation.

10. Launch a Job Board

Help employers and applicants find each other by launching a niche job board website quickly.

Easy job board builders like Easyjobscript allow creating a fully functional job site from ready templates. Charge for premium listings, highlight sponsored jobs or signed-in profile visibility.

As site traffic picks up over time due to organic searches, explore monetizing via advertisements and affiliate programs too.

11. Setup Your Online Store

Ready to sell your own products or curated designs online? Launching your own ecommerce store has never been easier!

Signup on Shopify to access gorgeous themes, secured payments and shipping integrations out of the box. Add products, customize pages, run promotions and fulfill orders with ease!

Alternatively explore cheaper platforms like GearBubble and Carrd if your product line is simple or digital.

12. Open Your Own Marketplace

A marketplace website brings together multiple merchants, sellers and service providers under single roof.

As the site owner, you facilitate listing, payments and support while charging commissions or listing fees. User trust goes up when you focus on stellar support.

CS Cart and Sharetribe offer robust marketplace solutions. Keep overall user experience seamless by diligently resolving issues. Stay compliant with local laws and tax regulations.

13. Share Passion via Nicolhed Website

From travel adventures to hobby insights to health experiences, niched websites open doors for turning passion into profit.

Select an evergreen niche like yoga, gardening, cryptocurrency etc. that has search volume and audience interest. Set up an attractive brand identity and launch social media channels.

Monetize down the line via advertisements, affiliates, digital products, coaching and consultations.

14. Launch a Peer-to-Peer Service

Enable direct bookings between service providers like pet sitters, home cooks etc & local customers via a peer-to-peer service site.

Service provider profiles and booking functionalities make such platforms work. WordPress offers suitable templates and plugins for launching such sites.

Generate commissions per booking or charge subscription fees from providers once site starts seeing traction.

15. Setup Photography Portfolio

Turn your photography passion into profit by launching an online portfolio website. Enable site visitors to browse portfolio galleries and purchase high resolution images.

Use ready photography portfolio themes on platforms like WordPress and Wix. Make the checkout process seamless so customers convert quickly after picking images.

16. Create Interactive Stories

Storytelling has captivated humankind for generations. Bring your stories alive in interactive digital formats using creative platforms.

Platforms like Storyline Online, Twine and Inkvite offer drag and drop tools to create nonlinear, interactive narratives where choices influence story outcomes.

Share your stories via website embeds or social channels and keep readers hooked! Offer premium stories or go ad-supported to earn revenues over time.

17. Launch a Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding helps entrepreneurs raise funds from multiple donors or investors for a specific campaign. By launching a niche crowdfunding platform, you enable this at scale while earning commissions.

Platforms like IgnitionDeck come with campaign management functionalities, payouts automation and commission tracking. They eliminate coding needs allowing quick time-to-market.

Focus on trust and support factors that encourage campaign creation and contributions at scale. Offer premium plans and highlight popular campaigns to boost revenues.

18. Setup a Price Comparison Site

Price comparison websites have taken off in the past decade thanks to showcasing best deals across products and retailers. This saves shoppers time while driving affiliate revenues for site owners.

Use plugins like WP Price Comparison to launch quickly on WordPress. Import product feeds via API and showcase best deals in real time. Scale up niche like electronics, fashion etc once traction starts.

19. Launch a Chatbot-based Service

Chatbots allow delivering services or information via automated text or voice conversations. As a beginner, explore launching niche chatbot services.

For example, create a book recommendation chatbot for a library website. Build on platforms like Chatfuel deducting conversations, logic branching and polished responses.

Go ad-supported or charge subscription fees from devoted users over time. Being niche instead of broad-based is key.

Final Thoughts

And that‘s a wrap! From monetizable blogs, stores to community sites, we explored multiple promising website ideas ideal for beginners in 2024.

The key is avoiding analysis-paralysis and getting started. Pick a niche and platform carefully. Start developing EQ to understand user perspectives. Work diligently and success will follow over time.

Here‘s wishing you wild success with your online journey in 2024! Stay tuned for more guides to aid your entrepreneurial dreams…

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