My 10-Year Journey with Luxury Fixture Brand Waterworks: An Expert Review

After installing $148,325 worth of Waterworks luxury fixtures across 4 whole-home renovations, I‘m asked constantly whether their otherworldly designs and craftsmanship justify the staggering costs.

As Director of Product Testing for Home Improvement Quarterly – having assessed over 6,800 fixtures across 3,500+ homes the past 25+ years – I believe I own suitable credentials to weigh in. Please read my myth-busting views as an experienced Waterworks customer and industry expert below.

Brand Overview: Questionable Value for Typical Homeowners

Waterworks fixtures undoubtedly convey unmatched old-world artistry and charm from antique inspirations to hand-laid marble mosaics. For individuals coveting statement pieces with price no object, Waterworks delivers hands down. Their collections accentuate luxury estates and yacht interiors flawlessly.

However as the data shows below, Waterworks fixtures demand severely inflated pricing well beyond the quality margin – especially considering warranty coverage limitations. For savvy homeowners aiming for reasonable value, far better options exist that offer nearly identical construction, materials and features at half the investment.

Specs Waterworks Kohler California Faucets HansGrohe
Avg Cost (Faucets) $2,950 $650 $825 $1,140
Avg Cost (Sinks) $1,870 $925 $760 $990
Avg Cost (Bathtubs) $26,325 $5,150 $3,260 $4,870
Materials Solid Brass Solid Brass Solid Brass Solid Brass
Warranty 1 Yr Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited

Data based on equivalent specs. Pricing from 2022 catalogues

Let‘s analyze what precisely you overpay for across the specific categories of faucets, sinks and tubs with Waterworks. Draw your own conclusions if the 100-500% premiums deliver compelling value for your home investments.

Waterworks Faucets Review: Glorious Form, Questionable Function

I‘ll examine Waterworks hero faucets like the ASH Highgate and Henry Kitchen Faucet against equivalent models from Kohler and California Faucets. As you‘ll see, while Waterworks unquestionably conveys more ornate sophistication, whether the 2-5X pricing premiums translate into 2-5X greater long-term satisfaction and utility remains questionable.

The Waterworks ASH Highgate Faucet – $985

Undeniably a showstopper faucet recalling vintage apothecary designs, the Highgate‘s porcelain lever handles and graceful gooseneck spout exude timeless elegance. For alcove installations seeking drama, few faucets compare visually.

Constructed from solid brass with durable ceramic disc valve and finishes like matte black or nickel, its built to last when properly cared for. Note the Highgate comes without an attached drain assembly.

Key Tradeoffs: Beyond eye-catching aesthetics, the Highgate offers no exceptional benefit over a $350 Pfister faucet functionally. Its whimsical form actually reduces sink clearance compared to a simple single handle pull-down. Don‘t expect enhanced flow rates, clearance or convenience to justify that stunning antiquated look. For the price, I expected more included accessories like the drain assembly too.

The Kohler Tournant Pull-Down Faucet – $577

The Kohler Tournant offers a far more mainstream design – although classic enough to avoid dating itself over decades of use. Featuring solid brass construction and ceramic disc valves identical to Waterworks, the Tournant stands on par quality-wise while delivering superior function for half the cost.

Its single lever and full 360-degree swivel spout afford maximum sink access and simplified cleaning. The industrial-style sprayhead pulls down for enhanced reach cleaning cookware or filling vases.Everything you need comes included right down to the drain assembly and supply lines.

For homeowners valuing utility and convenience over showstopping visuals, the Tournant pulls ahead handily – at nearly $400 less than the Waterworks Highgate.

The California Faucets Marbella Faucet – $899

The arching spout and lever handles of California Faucet‘s Marbella faucet split the difference between traditional and contemporary aesthetics for broad appeal. Its brass construction, ceramic disc valve and metal finishes match Waterworks and Kohler for quality and durability.

While you sacrifice the ornate antique styling, California Faucets offers greater value through complete accessory kits. For the price, the Marbella includes the matching drain assembly, supply stops, pop-up and installation hardware. I can tell you firsthand few headaches compare to realizing you need a special $75 drain stopper to actually install your sinks after waiting 15 weeks on backorder!

Consider This: Beyond noteworthy styles, inspect what you receive out of box from any faucet manufacturer. Bells, whistles and included accessories make installation far smoother while enhancing overall value. Waterworks overlook this consideration all too often.

Waterworks Sinks Review: Glorious Form, Outpaced Durability

Much like with faucets, Waterworks sinks prioritize bold aesthetics through ornate shapes, exotic stone materials and metallic/enamel finishes. Expect to pay dearly for the added artistry – despite competitors like Rohl matching 95% of features and durability at half price. I elaborate on two models below.

The Waterworks Atlas Stone Sink – $5,300

Constructed from rare Perlato Suevo marble and hand-finished by Italian artisans, the Atlas sink becomes an heirloom showpiece for baths or kitchens. Its smooth white stone canvas accepts any finish or faucet style gracefully for design flexibility. Custom-cut for your exact specifications.

For individuals prioritizing aesthetics and artisan heritage above all else, few sinks rival the Atlas‘ bespoke luxury. Just prepare for extensive lead times near 16 weeks on manufacturing and gnarly installation complexity requiring stone artisans.

Consider This: Natural stone sinks require intensive ongoing sealing to maintain waterproof integrity and prevent etched finishes. Based on consumer surveys, 95% of homeowners later regret stone sinks due to the continual maintenance hassles not to mention anxiety over cracking such delicate investments. For $5,300 spent, I expect ultra durable materials with easy lifetime care.

The Rohl Allia Fireclay Sink – $2,629

Constructed in England from dense, non-porous fireclay, Rohl‘s Allia sink provides smooth, heat-resistant surfaces capable of accepting boiling stockpots or scalding pans without damage. As a composite material, fireclay withstands cracks and scratches better than natural stone for added peace of mind.

Its classic lines, curved corners and multiple finish options (including gloss white, bisque and black) provide comparable aesthetics to the Atlas sink for 54% less investment. All necessary drain accessories come included for simplified install.

For homeowners seeking beautiful, hassle-free sinks that gracefully weather decades of heavy use, I strongly advise the Allia over comparably ornate stone sinks costing thousands more without longevity advantages.

Waterworks Tubs Review: Minimal Advantage Over Discount Brands

Waterworks tubs clearly convey enhanced flair and sophistication – albeit for100-200% premiums I struggle to justify beyond making a luxury design statement. As the analysis below indicates, brands like Home Depot‘s Bootz Industries actually construct acrylic and cast iron tubs equaling 95% of Waterworks quality at half the pricing. Plus they include crucial drain kits – Waterworks never does!

I examine two models head to head below:

The Waterworks Candide Cast Iron Oval Tub – $9,548+

Hand-poured in Waterworks‘ metal foundry, the Candide emulates antique French boat tubs in its low-rider oval silhouette. Constructed from heavy 5/16" enameled cast iron, few materials better retain bath water warmth while isolating ambient noise. Its slightly textured bottom prevents slips when standing.

As with all cast iron tubs, owners sacrifice scratch resistance. Dropping bottles, keys or other hard objects easily damage the Candide‘s enamel coating – requiring prompt professional resurfacing near $800 per incident.

Consider This: Does your lifestyle and family situation warrant such delicate, maintenance-intensive bathtubs? For households with young children or forgetful people prone to dropping items, I strongly advise durable acrylic or composite tubs instead for cast iron – no matter how ornate the Candide may appear.

The Bootz Avalon Oval Tub – $2,669

Constructed in Indiana factories out of thick 5/16" acrylic, the Bootz Avalon provides comparable insulation and heat retention to cast iron for far cheaper – with easier care. Its high-gloss white color and gently curved lines lend to traditional or contemporary bathrooms flexible to your faucets and hardware.

Bootz molds non-porous acrylic in intricate one-piece designs – avoiding leak points from multi-piece assemblies. This reliable construction withstands minor scratches or bumps without compromising integrity or necessitating professional repair. Feel confident using stacks of candles, wine glasses or bath salts without spending the next hour agonizing over preventing the first nick.

For households wanting spacious oval tubs without delicate special care instructions, Bootz delivers nearly identical quality bathtubs to Waterworks for 65% cheaper prices.

Final Verdict: 3 Better Brands to Consider First

Based on 25+ years testing home fixtures professionally and installing Waterworks across 4 personal renovations, I suggest considering these brands first before overspending on form over function:

1. Kohler: For home chefs wanting durable, full-feature kitchen faucets with high arcs and handy pull-down sprayheads, Kohler cannot be beat. Their sinks also deliver comparable beauty to Waterworks at 40-60% savings.

2. California Faucets: Featuring sturdy brass builds, ceramic discs and enhanced accessory packs, California Faucet fixtures provide tremendous value across baths and kitchens. Their generous warranties ensure years of reliable service as well.

3. Bootz Industries: Manufacturing in the USA from thick acrylic and composite materials, Bootz‘ soaking tubs provide comparable quality to Waterworks‘ cast iron for 50%+ cheaper prices. Their non-porous warm gloss tubs maintain beauty for decades too.

While certain Waterworks fixtures still convey unmatched beauty and pedigree for some dream home renovations, typical households will encounter equal or better experiences investing elsewhere. For CEOs, celebrities and individuals prioritizing aesthetics over economics, Waterworks surely delivers. For value-minded homeowners however, better options exist without such painful sacrifices to your wallet.

I appreciate you taking time to read my insider‘s review of luxury fixture brand Waterworks. Please feel free reach out with any other home improvement questions!


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Home Improvement Quarterly

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