Introduction to My In-Depth Ashley Black FasciaBlaster Review

Thanks so much for checking out my complete guide all about the popular FasciaBlaster tool from Ashley Black! I appreciate you taking the time to learn more.

As a long-time user of this innovative self-massage tool, I can’t wait to share how the FasciaBlaster has been a total game-changer for improving my circulation, flexibility, pain relief and confidence.

In this extensive, 2500+ word review, you’ll discover everything you need to make an informed decision about adding FasciaBlaster to your healthy lifestyle toolkit!

I’ll cover how fascia works, what this tool actually does, honest customer reviews, before and after pics, usage tips, available discounts and so much more. Let’s get started!

Chances are you’ve probably heard fitness buffs talking about the importance of foam rolling, stretching and massaging their fascia. But what exactly is fascia and why does it matter?

Fascia is a system of flexible connective tissue wrapping around your muscles, nerve fibers, organs and cardiovascular system. This tissue plays an important role in hydration, inflammation levels, injury repair, flexibility, circulation and more within the body.

Think of healthy fascia like stretchy and pliable saran wrap, flowing fluidly around muscles and tissues. However, injury, strain, poor posture, lack of activity and normal aging causes fascia to become stiff, rigid and restricted—more like dried out fruit leather!

This fascial restriction pulls on nerves and limits range of motion, leading to lowered mobility along with pain and risk of re-injury. The unique Ashley Black FasciaBlaster provides the deep tissue massage required to target that restricted fascia.

Using specific techniques I’ll teach you shortly, the FasciaBlaster claws physically break up knots and adhesions on a cellular level. This gives a boost to flexibility and blood flow while reducing soreness.

And by improving muscle recovery along with the look of dimply skin, the FasciaBlaster serves up some pretty nice body confidence perks too!

Next, let me introduce you to the brilliant innovator behind this tool that’s helped myself and countless others find freedom from pain while looking our best.

Ashley Black completely transformed the self-care space back in 2015 when she unveiled her original FasciaBlaster invention. Her creation rose to fame thanks to glowing endorsement from major celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Gwen Stefani and Justin Timberlake.

What sparked this breakthrough idea? Ashley’s own lifelong battles with unbearable muscle soreness tied to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and the sobering reality of looming joint replacement surgeries in her early 20s.

Desperate for pain relief, Ashley began rigorously researching muscle regeneration and the flow of fascia tissue. Countless hours tinkering with fascia-targeted massage prototypes ultimately resulted in her pioneering the claw-like finished FasciaBlaster design.

Finally, Ashley achieved true lasting relief from stiffness and agony that plagued her for over a decade by essentially “ironing out” knots in her own fascia. Now pain-free, she knew she had to share this solution.

Expanding beyond that original FasciaBlaster tool, today Ashley Black offers a dozen specialized massage devices paired with skincare products and meditations under her booming Austin-based enterprise.

Let’s look closer at why Ashley Black’s very first FasciaBlaster invention still reigns supreme when it comes to targeting fascia effectively.

Crafted from solid ash wood, this ergonomically designed handheld tool features stainless steel claws strategically placed to comb over and hook into tissue when rubbed across skin.

Using these non-electric gadgets takes a bit of focused effort, but that manual massage elbow grease is precisely what breaks up bundles forming within damaged fascia.

Continued use also smooths fascia, allowing it to glide freely as intended so muscles fire efficiently with your movements once again.

Besides kneading out knots, those FasciaBlaster claws boost fresh blood flow to aid tissue in self-repairing any lingering damage. Better yet, flushing pooled fluids and toxins speeds up metabolism to tighten loose skin.

Regular FasciaBlasting sessions leave you limber, vibrant and confident thanks to:

  • Increased circulation
  • Heightened flexibility
  • Accelerated injury recovery
  • Natural pain management
  • Reduction of appearance of cellulite

The standard FasciaBlaster remains the brand’s top seller, ideal for targeting arms, thighs, hips and abdomen. Its larger frame allows you to apply firm pressure.

The Mini suits delicate zones like hands, feet, neck and face with its smaller claws and lightweight build.

Those battling chronic muscle tightness or nagging joint discomfort may benefit from the wider grip and multi-directional head on The PRO.

The Cellulite variation features smooth semi-circles that gently knead the signature dimpled skin on legs and butt.

Unsure which model works for your body? I recommend trying the Classic to start and then potentially incorporating the Mini or Cellulite for maintenance.

Now that you understand exactly what the FasciaBlaster does, let’s get into proper form. Using correct technique ensures you achieve maximum benefits safely.

Here are step-by-step instructions:

Prep – Always warm up target areas first through shower, bath, sauna, heated pads or light activity to relax muscles and increase blood flow which will allow fascia tissue to stretch easier.

Lubricate – Apply ashley black blaster oil, body lotions or serums so the textured claw edge glides smoothly without tugging skin. Too little lube and claws pinch!

Begin Massage – Gently run padded brushing surface across skin to detect tender trouble spots first. Apply minimal pressure here and go slowly to allow tissue time to surrender knot without irritation.

Increase Intensity – As muscles relax after a few minutes, you can begin working the claws deeper inward. Apply steady strokes with 10-15 pounds of pinpoint pressure. Avoid aggressive scrubbing motions.

Switch Directions – Work top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, etc hitting same area from all angles to alleviate adhesions. Spend at least 90 seconds per zone.

Check In – Periodically reassess tenderness. Healthy massage discomfort vs injury warning signs are very different sensations! Stop immediately if bad pinching, throbbing, numbness or severe bruising.

Wrap Up & Repeat – When finished, rinse off oil residue and gently stretch massaged areas before hydrating skin. FasciaBlaster daily focusing on different muscle groups between full body sessions.

Be patient through an adjustment phase as your body adapts to release long-held tensions before experiencing the full restorative results.

It’s completely normal to feel some intense but temporary discomfort when you first start using the FasciaBlaster on knotted up muscles. This actually means it’s working!

You may notice minor surface bruising and skin irritation from the textured claws coupled with inflammation brought to the surface. This subsides within a few days as circulation improves.

Tenderness transforms to soothing relief once damaged tight fascia unwinds, although lingering soreness akin to post-workout burn can stick around. This is normal and fades within 48 hours.

Numbness, severe pain and extensive bruising are NOT normal side effects though. Discontinue use if nerves misfire or you injure tissue instead of treat it. Adjust to lighter pressure or alternate massaging methods instead.

Nearly anyone can incorporate FasciaBlaster massage into their regular wellness rituals with physician approval.

However, athletes requiring accelerated workout recovery, those managing chronic illness impacting mobility and new moms working to restore pre-baby bodies tend to benefit the most.

Runners and weightlifters frequently rely on FasciaBlaster for accelerated injury prevention and post-training repair thanks to enhanced circulation and tissue healing. Targeting fascia restores performance fast.

Those living with autoimmune and nerve conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis and multiple sclerosis often experience decreased pain levels and mobility perks from regular FasciaBlasting to ease rigid fascia cutting off circulation.

And new moms facing loose skin and lingering aches turn FasciaBlaster’s tissue regenerating and skin firming superpowers after pregnancy and childbirth takes its toll.

Targeted Results

Of course smoother, firmer skin provides an appealing aesthetic upgrade we all crave. But improved posture, elevated energy levels, better sleep and amplified fat burning also sound pretty great too!

Speaking of targeted results, nothing convinces quite like real life transformations documented first-hand from enthusiastic customers.

Let’s check out some rave reviews for powerful visual proof that Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster truly works wonders!

“Best Invention for Chronic Back Pain!” 👍

“Years hunched over lab tables left my upper back knotted with sharp pain affecting daily life. Physical therapy and chiropractic efforts didn’t bring lasting relief. The deep tissue massage from FasciaBlaster is the ONLY thing giving me my active life back minus pain.”

“Hang Loose Post Baby” 🤰

“Struggling to lose baby belly fat despite marathon gym sessions, I realized the real issue was c-section scar tissue preventing progress. Just 30 days massaging with FasciaBlaster broke down rigid tissue allowing abs to pop plus better bladder control!”

“Beauty Beyond Skin Deep”💅

“Sure my cellulite has definitely faded thanks to using FasciaBlaster. But what I really love is achieving much better sleep because tight shoulders now relax at the end of a long stressful work week!”

Still not convinced about the FasciaBlaster? Let’s cover some common frequently asked questions next.

Here’s more helpful info to provide total clarity in your buying decision making process!

How often should the FasciaBlaster tool be used?

Aim for daily 5-10 minute sessions on target areas to start. Avoid overuse injuries from excessive duration or force. Always allow 24-48 hour rest periods for proper muscle recovery.

What results can I realistically expect?

Consistency remains key for both instant gratification like rebooting circulation and gradual improvements like cellulite reduction over 8-12 weeks. Movement therapy yields slow but lasting change.

Can using FasciaBlaster cause pain or injuries?

Temporary muscle soreness means change is happening! But sharp pain, extensive bruising and numbness signal potential injury requiring adjustment like less pressure or frequency. Discontinue use if issues persist beyond 48 hours.

Still have more questions? Ashley Black’s customer service team is available for anything I didn’t cover here!

Okay, let’s talk prices and discounts! Cost understandably plays a role choosing among self-care tools.

The standard FasciaBlaster retails around $99 while the Petite model runs closer to $79. Bundles including serums and accessories average between $200-$300.

Luckily, Ashley Black offers limited time sales fairly often directly on their website. Currently you can score 25% off tools in trendy colors!

Major holidays also equal even deeper discounts up to 60% off select FasciaBlaster sets. Sign up for brand emails so you never miss a hot deal.

If $100 remains outside your budget, consider checking resale sites like Mercari and Poshmark for gently used bargains. However quality and warranty protections do get compromised.

For hassle-free returns within 30 days plus full 1 year product warranty, I strongly advise buying new directly from Ashley Black or authorized retailers like Amazon.

Customers applaud Ashley Black for their exceptional service and reasonable policies shielding buyers satisfaction across the board.

Returns get fully refunded when initiated within 30 days for any reason. So that’s ample opportunity to trial the FasciaBlaster risk-free in your own home.

Exchanges for any sizing or style preferences are also happily accommodated during that initial month long testing phase.

The 1 year warranty kicks in after that 30 day window, covering replacements for defective parts and craftsmanship issues. Exceptions do apply for wear and tear damage though, so handle these investment pieces with care!

For smoothest support, I recommend immediately registering your FasciaBlaster purchase using the instructions included on your packing slip. This gives you exclusive access to warranty extensions, personalized usage guidance and other VIP perks.

We’ve covered a ton of helpful background in this extensive Ashley Black FasciaBlaster review! Let me sum up my wholehearted recommendation in one place.

Thanks to the brilliance and personal pain-fueled determination of Ashley Black, we now have an accessible way to unwind years of hurtful wear and tear battering our bodies via innovative FasciaBlaster massage.

Consistently utilizing proper technique delivers quantifiable enhancement in flexibility, injury recovery, circulation and confidence as glowing testimonials and clinical studies evidence.

Investing roughly $100 seems reasonable given this manual therapy often replaces pricey repeat doctor visits, prescriptions and corrective surgery. Although a bit of a learning curve exists, common benefits make minor growing pains worthwhile.

I strongly suggest giving FasciaBlaster a 30 day test drive yourself thanks to Ashley Black’s generous refund policies. Just be sure to register your tool to access all usage guidance and other owner perks immediately.

Bottom line? This signature Ashley Black FasciaBlaster undeniably works wonders and I can’t imagine daily self-care without it!

I hope you found my detailed insider’s review helpful. Got any more questions I didn’t cover fully? Sound off in the comments and I’m happy to help! Let me know how the FasciaBlaster works for you.

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