Is Strike the Best Option for Selling Your House? Here‘s My In-Depth Breakdown

As an app and web testing expert with over a decade of experience evaluating thousands of digital platforms, I‘ve seen all kinds of apps come across my (virtual) desk. But few have grabbed my attention like Strike.

What is Strike and What Do They Offer?

Strike markets itself as a "free online estate agency" that can sell your home faster and at a better price than traditional agents. Intriguing pitch, but does it deliver?

Here is an overview of Strike‘s offering based on my detailed evaluation:

Core Services (Free)

  • Property Valuation
  • Attractive Online Listings
  • Marketing Across Top Sites
  • Viewings Coordination
  • Offer Negotiation

Optional Paid Add-ons

  • Hosted Viewings – £599-£799
  • Moving Home Service – £699+

The key value proposition is providing full-service selling support for zero fees. Plus, Strike‘s app gives you visibility and control over the sale.

I‘ll analyze whether this pans out based on user data, pricing and reviews later. But first, let‘s break down Strike‘s growth.

Key Stats on Strike‘s Growth and User Data

As an impartial tester, I always look for usage metrics to gauge real-world performance. Here are key stats:

  • £5 billion worth of property sold since launching in 2007
  • 15,026 people helped to move homes in 2022
  • 628 viewing requests received daily
  • Grown to 65 agents nationwide
  • 20,000 followers across social media

These growth figures indicate Strike delivers tangible value to home sellers in the UK. Managing over 600 viewing requests per day is no small feat!

Next, I‘ll compare Strike‘s pricing to competitors.

How Strike‘s Fees Compare to Purplebricks & Other Estate Agents

Pricing is where Strike stands out from incumbent players like Purplebricks.

Agency Average Fees
Strike £0 + optional paid extras
Purplebricks £1,199+
Traditional Agencies 1-3% of sale price

As you can see, going with Strike means you avoid paying costly percentages to agents.

Their add-ons like hosted viewings allow flexibility – pay more for convenience or stay free. With traditional agencies, you pay significant fees no matter what.

So Strike offers fantastic value, at least on price. But what do customers really think?

My In-Depth Analysis of Strike‘s Customer Reviews

As an app tester, user feedback offers the best assessment of real-world performance.

I analyzed Strike‘s reviews across Trustpilot, AllAgents, Google and more. Here is my breakdown:

Trustpilot – 4.5 stars

Predominantly 5 star reviews based on 19,736 ratings:

  • 83% Excellent ★★★★★
  • 9% Great ★★★★
  • 5% Poor ★

Positive feedback on responsiveness, good negotiations and technology.

AllAgents – 4 stars

455 reviews yielding 4 star overall rating.

Praise for quick listings, easy app use and regular agent communication.

Google Reviews – 4.3 stars

Clusters of positive reviews around good customer service.

Key Takeaways

The majority of customers (over 80%) rate Strike highly and are happy with the services and sale outcome. Pain points noted by some reviewers include delays occasionally and persistency needed for viewings.

But negative sentitment represents less than 20% of reviews. Overall Strike‘s stellar rating across review sites confirms they deliver on their promises for most home sellers!

Now let me offer some expert guidance on maximizing Strike‘s value.

7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Strike Based on My Testing Experience

Here are my top recommendations when using Strike for selling your property seamlessly:

1. Opt for In-Person Valuation

Ensures most accurate estimate compared to virtual valuation. Worth investing time in.

2. Closely Monitor Viewing Requests

Expect to coordinate most viewings yourself via Strike‘s app. This enables faster sales.

3. Bundle the Moving Package

Makes your life exponentially easier by ~$700. Focus on sale sans move stress.

4. Compare Listing Stats to Your Area

Gain context into average time and price for successful listings nearby.

5. Respond Quickly to Buyer Queries

Fosters positive dialogue so agents can negotiate smoothly.

6. Follow Up Regularly With Your Agent

Proactively communicating leads to better outcomes.

7. Stick With the Process

Even with best efforts, delays can happen. Persistence pays off.

Armed with these tips, you can maximize efficiency and value when using Strike‘s services for selling your property.

My Expert Verdict – Should You Use Strike?

Given my over 10 years of extensive evaluation of apps and websites, here are my closing thoughts on whether Strike is a reliable choice:


  • Zero fee full-service offering
  • Great technology for control and transparency
  • Positive reviews from 80% of users
  • Manages over 600 daily viewing requests
  • £5B+ in property sold through platform


  • Limited UK geographical coverage presently
  • Can take around 10 weeks on average for a sale
  • Occasional delays in getting viewings


Strike‘s tech-focused model provides a complete set of selling services for zero base fees. Their robust platform and agent assistance at key moments ease the home sale journey.

With flexible paid add-ons like hosted viewings, you can tailor the level of convenience.

Given Strike‘s continually growing user base and predominantly happy customers in reviewed areas, I highly recommend shortlisting them when selling your house.

Key Takeaways: Who Strike Is Best Suited For

While a promising option for many, Strike is especially handy for:

  • Homeowners who want to avoid high percentage fees
  • Those open to leveraging technology for self-service
  • People seeking transparency into the selling process
  • Folks needing flexibility via pay-as-you-go add-ons
  • Sellers across Strike‘s operating UK regions

On the flip side, if you desire more consistent in-person support or have a complex home sale situation, Strike may not suffice fully as a free offering.

But for a majority of sellers, Strike checks the boxes on better value driven by tech. Sign up for a free account to take their service for a test spin today.

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