My Dog‘s Journey Tailoring His Food with Tailored Pet

As a pet parent to a picky pup for over 10 years, I‘ve gone through my fair share of dog food trials. When he started turning his nose up at his usual kibble, I knew it was time to start exploring fresh options. That‘s when I discovered Tailored Pet and their customized recipes.

In this hands-on review, I‘ll share if their personalized dog food is really worth the hype or just a gimmick. Expect to see:

  • An overview of different dog food types
  • A peek at the pet food industry
  • My dog‘s health profile and tailored recipe
  • A 2 month test run and results
  • Thoughts from pet experts along the way

So leash up and let‘s dig in! This is one dog food review that goes beyond the bowl.

An Introduction to Tailored Pet

First, let‘s start with the basics – who is Tailored Pet and what do they do differently?

Tailored Pet entered the market in 2020 as a fresh new pet food company. Their promise? To create individualized dog food tailored to each pup‘s unique nutritional needs.

Rather than take a one-kibble-fits-all approach, they use an algorithm to formulate customized dry food recipes. Pet parents simply enter details about their dog via a quiz.

So in a sea of generic brands, Tailored Pet aims to disrupt things. They believe no two dogs are alike when it comes to dietary requirements. Their personalized recipes promise to translate all that data into the perfect food plan.

It all sounds good, but does it actually pass the taste test? We‘ll cover that soon! First, let‘s zoom out and understand why customization matters at all when it comes to our furry BFFs.

Why One-Size Dog Food Doesn‘t Always Fit

Here I am snuggling with my mixed breed dog named Chewie. Isn‘t he such a cutie? Don‘t let his pleading eyes trick you though – this guy is definitely particular when it comes to his cuisine!

Chewie the picky mix-breed dog begging

It‘s natural for dogs to have preferences. But when Chewie stopped enjoying his regular kibble altogether, I knew it was time to make a dietary change.

Turns out he‘s not alone when it comes to being picky. As pet parents, we need to tailor nutrition to our dog‘s needs as they age. Those needs evolve based on activity levels, sensitivities, medical history, and more.

See, there are some key differences between dogs that make customization so important:

Breed – Certain breeds are prone to health issues that may require diet adjustments. For example, Labradors often need joint support while Bulldogs can be gassy.

Size – Nutritional requirements differ greatly between tiny and giant breed dogs. Food portions and calories must suit their structure.

Age – Puppies need more protein for development while seniors need less fat for weight control. Vitamins and minerals also vary by life stage.

Activity Level – A sleepy lap dog has lower caloric needs than an energetic herding pup who runs all day. They burn fuel at different rates.

As you can see, my little Chewie faces different challenges than a Great Dane puppy or aging Basset Hound. Feeding them all the same generic kibble makes little sense!

Yet that‘s exactly what those big brand dog food companies do. They take a simplified approach to canine nutrition.

On the other hand, Tailored Pet figures out what makes each dog unique. Then they craft customized recipes to match. It‘s genius… if it actually produces positive results!

First, let‘s highlight why I wanted to ditch the retail route for Chewie anyway. What‘s the deal with major dog food brands?

The Pet Food Industry: Questionable Quality Hidden in Cute Names

The pet industry pulls in over $100 billion annually in the United States alone. Food makes up the majority of that market share. With so much money at stake, sometimes quality slips in favor of profits.

Let‘s think about what goes into mass manufactured kibble. Big brands need to produce enormous volumes of food at low costs. Saving pennies on cheap fillers soon adds up to millions.

They also invest heavily in packaging and marketing to win over consumers. Ever notice how all the bags feature adorable, smiling dogs? How the names are punny like "BarkEats" or "Chomps"?

It‘s strategic. Research shows that 93% of pet parents consider the look of a bag important. Cute packaging helps labels fly off shelves… even if the ingredients are subpar.

Major brands also have contracts with big box stores and retailers. Meeting their demands for margins squeezes things further. What suffers most? Nutrition.

Government regulations on pet food are also fairly loose with plenty of loopholes. Labels can even say "Made in the USA" when products contain imported meats or vegetables.

It leaves pet parents like us in the dark about the true origin or quality of ingredients.

The result? Mass produced dog food often contains:

  • Meat by-products: parts like intestines or bone meal rather than whole cuts
  • Cheap fillers: corn, wheat, soy of poor nutritional value used to substitute costlier meat
  • Artificial additives: preservatives, colors, and flavors to enhance taste
  • Recalled ingredients: unsafe or contaminated ingredients still find their way in

Now I‘m not saying all big brands make bad food. Plenty invest in quality and research too.

But why gamble on questionable sources when I can customize? Tailored Pet lets me pick premium proteins like beef, bison, or fish. Then pairs them with digestible fruits and veggies.

They work with trusted suppliers and manufacturing facilities as well. No hidden strings attached or unsafe products. Just the kind of transparency I want!

Alright, time to get personal. Up next, you‘ll get to peak at the special recipe Tailored Pet created just for my pup Chewie!

Crafting a Custom Blend for Chewie‘s Needs

Remember this little nugget from earlier? My sweet yet particular pup Chewie. ruffles his fur At 10 years old, his needs have evolved quite a bit from the energetic adolescent he once was.

Since rescuing him from the shelter years ago, I‘ve learned a lot about his sensitivities and preferences. Turns out he has a chicken intolerance which gives him the runs. Oh and he HATES any veggie bits in his food.

Here are few more fun facts about Sir Chewie:

  • Breed: Likely a Beagle & Italian Greyhound Mix
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Age: 10 years
  • Activity Level: Low-Moderate
  • Food Motivations: Will do ANYTHING for meaty treats
  • Allergies: Chicken
  • Favorite Hobby: Burrowing under blankets

I entered all these details and more when Tailored Pet asked me to fill out a quick quiz about Chewie. It covered everything from his breed mix, ideal weight range, activity habits and sensitivities.

They really left no stone unturned! Here‘s a peek at some of their questions:

Tailored Pet's breed selector quiz questions

Based on my responses, their proprietary algorithm got to work formulating a custom kibble. Within minutes, out popped a recipe made just for my Chewie!

I opted for a premium beef and salmon blend to avoid his chicken troubles. Here‘s an overview of Chewie‘s recipe:

Protein Sources: Beef, Salmon, Salmon Meal

Plant-Based Ingredients: Chickpeas, Lentils, Flaxseed

Vitamin & Mineral Blend: Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E

Bonus Ingredients: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Omega 3 Fatty Acids

I loved that Tailored Pet avoided all unnecessary additives or fillers. Their short, clean ingredient list gives me confidence in what I’m feeding Chewie.

They also made sure to include joint support blends which is great for an aging dog like mine. The glucosamine and chondroitin should help those creaky knees on long walks!

Alright, enough jabber about the recipe itself. Time for the main event – seeing how Chewie likes Tailored Pet‘s custom creation!

Chewie‘s 2 Month Trial With Tailored Pet

When my first bag of Tailored Pet kibble arrived, Chewie could hardly contain his curiosity! Tailored Pet had packed an intro guide explaining proper transition methods too. But I couldn‘t wait for formalities.

We did a half scoop of the beefy new bits mixed with his old food on day one. And boy was it a hit! Chewie scarfed it down in seconds then begged for more.

A true good sign as this guy is normally a finicky eater. Maybe he could smell those salmon accents?

Whatever it was, I took his empty bowl as a sign to accelerate switching him fully to Tailored Pet. Some key markers I watched for during our two month trial:

Appetite & Energy: Chewie has always been, erm, "food motivated" despite his pickiness. I noticed his drive to eat shot through the roof with the new food though!

No more turning his nose up and walking away from the bowl. He also seemed extra playful on our evening walks, keeping pace with much younger pups.

Coat & Skin Condition: Around week three, I detected Chewie‘s coat taking on a particularly glossy sheen. My little guy has always trended towards dry, flaky skin so I kept an eye out here.

But the salmon, fatty acids and micronutrients must have worked their magic! His coat gleamed like he just got back from the spa.

Digestion & Stool Health: Given Chewie‘s history of upset tummies, this was a big area to monitor. And I‘m thrilled to report absolutely ZERO incidents since switching to Tailored Pet! Warning – poop talk ahead…

His movements became more solid and regular versus the runny "disasters" he‘d sometimes have. This shows the food digests well and agrees with his system.

Weight Maintenance: Since reducing Chewie‘s treats (he didn‘t need to beg for them on this food), I noticed his ideal weight creep back down. He dropped about 3 lbs to a healthier 22 lbs range for his frame.

By the end of two months, the results spoke for themselves. Tailored Pet has him looking and feeling better than he has in years!

But perhaps the best testimonial came recently on a road trip…

Putting Tailored Pet to the Test

Last month, Chewie and I took a weekend road trip to visit my parents at their lakehouse. Of course I had to pack along his Tailored Pet kibble to stay consistent.

Well let‘s just say their snooty purebred Golden Retriever "Princess" had other plans…

While Chewie and I were out on the pontoon boat, little miss Prissy Pants helped herself to his unattended bowl. My mom sent me this pic as evidence!

Prissy golden retriever stealing food

Despite having her own gourmet food, Princess hoovered up poor Chewie‘s lunch. Then she circled back for more!

I guess when it comes to dog food, the grass is always greener (or in this case, the kibble crunchier) on the other side.

To me, it shows that Tailored Pet holds up even for persnickety pups like the Princess. Of course I still guarded Chewie‘s bowl after that… a dog‘s gotta eat!

But it makes all those times I prepared homemade meals to entice his appetite seem silly now. Who knew custom kibble would get this formerly picky guy licking the bowl?

Input From the Experts: Vet, Trainer & Shelter Perspectives

I‘ll wrap this review up with some final thoughts from pet professionals. Getting their perspectives on custom food provides unique insights.

Here‘s what three experts from my local pet community had to say:

My Veterinarian: "There’s mounting clinical evidence showing customized nutrition improves skin, coat, energy levels, joint health and more in dogs. The more tailored to your pet’s needs, the better the results."

Dog Trainer: "This food brand sounds incredibly promising. Creating consistent cuisine tailored to a dog’s needs, preferences and behavior promotes trust between owner and pup."

Animal Shelter Nutrition Director: “Every dog has unique nutritional requirements based on breed, size, age and health history. We’re careful to match their diets accordingly. Customized food like Tailored Pet is the ultimate way to provide dogs their best chance at nutrition.”

Across the board, all three experts praised the custom concept. And I definitely agree!

Final Verdict: Tailor Your Pet‘s Food With Tailored Pet

So there you have it – the inside scoop on personalized dog food from Tailored Pet. After two months of testing and rave reviews from my pup, they get top marks from us!

Between the stellar customer service, quality ingredients and visible improvements for Chewie, I‘m sold. Tailored Pet takes all the guesswork out of feeding your dog.

Finally, my guy enjoys mealtimes again instead of snubbing his nose on bland kibble. And the cost is on par with premium brands anyway.

Do your pup a favor and tailor their food to match their needs. Join me and Chewie in raising bowls for this exemplary dog food company!

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