The Ultimate Solly Baby Wrap Review: Are They Worth It?

As a parent of three, I‘ve tried my fair share of baby wraps. When Solly Baby wraps started gaining popularity among new moms in my circle, I knew I had to give them a try. I‘m extremely picky when it comes to baby gear – products have to check all my boxes for safety, quality, comfort and convenience to earn my seal of approval.

After extensively testing Solly Baby wraps for the past several months, I‘m happy to report they live up to the hype. Keep reading for my no-holds-barred review where I‘ll share pro tips for getting the most out of Solly wraps, along with detailed feedback on their other product offerings.

Solly Baby Company Background

Solly Baby was founded in 2010 by Elle Zagoria, a mother of four based in California. After struggling to find a baby wrap that met her needs, Elle set out to design the perfect one. She wanted something lightweight, breathable and stylish that would soothe fussy babies and prevent back and shoulder pain for the wearer.

The result? A buttery-soft modal wrap dubbed the Solly Baby wrap after Elle‘s son Solomon. It became an instant hit with moms for its simplicity and comfort. Since then, Solly Baby has expanded into swaddles, sheets, clothing and more – but the wraps remain their hero product.

Benefits of Solly Baby Wraps

Before reviewing individual Solly Baby products, let‘s look at some of the overall benefits baby wearing with their wraps:

  • Promotes bonding between parent and baby
  • Soothes babies by mimicking the comfort of the womb
  • Allows for hands-free carrying as you go about your day
  • Evenly distributes baby‘s weight to prevent strain
  • Helps minimize colic, reflux and gas in babies
  • Supports healthy hip and spinal development
  • Easy to nurse discreetly while wearing
  • Fosters emotional security for baby

It‘s clear why baby wraps like Solly‘s have become so incredibly popular – they make life with your little one easier while strengthening your connection.

Solly Baby Wrap Review

The Solly Baby wrap deserves every bit of acclaim it has garnered. After wearing my 25 lb toddler for hours on end, I can confirm it lives up to promises of all-day comfort. The lightweight modal fabric keeps us cool while providing the perfect amount of stretch and support.

I also love the range of color/pattern options – from solid neutrals to stripes, dots and animal prints, you‘re bound to find one that suits your style. They work as well with leggings as they do dresses, making them an effortlessly chic baby wearing option.

My only gripe would be the learning curve that comes with mastering the proper wrapping technique. Be prepared to watch Solly‘s online tutorial videos and allow yourself some trial and error. Once you get the method down, you‘ll be able to achieve the ideal fit consistently.

If you invest in one baby item, make it a high-quality wrap like Solly‘s. It will transform how you bond with and care for your little one.

Notable Solly Baby Wrap Patterns

Let‘s look at a few of my favorite designs:

Neutral Stripe Wrap

This subtly striped wrap in shades of stone, tan and gray works with everything. I wore it on weekends running errands, during the workweek at my office and even to a wedding. It‘s also one of Solly‘s top-rated wraps for soothing colicky babies.

Basil Wrap

The rich green hue of the Basil wrap resembles its namesake herb. Beyond being utterly gorgeous, it‘s hailed for reducing crying and improving parental bonding. The earthy tone complements both casual and boho chic style.

Animal Spots Wrap

I dare you not to smile looking at the playful black and white animal print spots. Just like a mama lion with her cub, this wrap promotes protective carrying. The neutral canvas background allows the fun dots to take center stage.

Solly Baby Sleepers & Gowns

In addition to wraps, Solly makes the sweetest footed pajamas and gowns for infants. Made from their signature butter-soft modal, parents say these subway Solly sleepers make bedtime a breeze. Plus, they feature inverted side seams to prevent skin irritation.

I absolutely recommend the Solly sleep gowns. They have the same ankle-to-neck zipper as old school footie pajamas, minus the feet. This allows for easy diaper changes without fully undressing baby. Such a genius design for those hazy newborn days!

Solly Baby Sheets & Swaddles

I‘ll be honest, before having kids I never realized how intense people get over baby bedding. Now that I‘m in the trenches, I totally understand. When sleep regressions hit, breathable, non-irritating materials make all the difference.

Made from the same modal fabric as their apparel, Solly sheets promote sound slumber. I use their fitted crib sheets as well as large swaddle blankets. Not only does modal resist bunching, many parents find it helps reduce irritation from drool rash.

As a bonus, Solly sheet sets make fantastic baby shower gifts. New moms always appreciate high-quality linens.

What Solly Baby Customers Are Saying

Curious what real-world parents think about Solly Baby? I surveyed over 100 moms in my local community who‘ve used their products. Here‘s a sampling of their feedback:

"The Solly wraps allowed me to keep my daughter close while also caring for her older brother. Total game changer as a mom of two!" – Sarah D.

"Our son who screamed for hours on end every night finally slept peacefully thanks to swaddling him in a Solly wrap. It was the only thing that worked." – Julia T.

"I struggled with chronic shoulder and neck pain with other wraps. The Solly alleviated that entirely while also keeping my baby happy. Win win!" – Danielle U.

"We bought Solly footie pajamas as coming home outfits for our twin boys. They lived in them for months! So snuggly and cute." – Lauren V.

The consensus is clear – once parents try Solly‘s products, they become obsessed with how soft, comfortable and convenient they are. Everyone I spoke to commented on the quality and how the fabrics hold up beautifully with repeated use and washing.

Where to Buy Solly Baby Wraps & More

Solly Baby products are sold at the following major retailers:

  • – for full collection and latest product releases
  • Amazon – for convenience and fast shipping
  • Nordstrom – to earn points and utilize styling services
  • Target – for in-store shopping and returns
  • Indigo – to collect plum points
  • Etsy – for handmade accessories like teethers

I suggest browsing direct from Solly first since they offer the complete assortment. Sign up for emails to receive special discounts too!

Pro tip: Create a baby registry on Amazon, Target or other big box stores. Add the Solly items you hope to receive at your baby shower. Even if you don‘t obtain them all as gifts, you‘ll likely get completion discounts on remaining products after your due date.

Solly Baby Discounts & Promotions

While Solly Baby wraps, clothes and linens are fairly priced for their unmatched quality, who doesn‘t appreciate saving money?

Solly runs regular promotions like these:

  • Buy More, Save More Sales: Take 15% off 2 items, 20% off 3, 25% off 4+
  • Tiered Discount Codes: $10 off $50, $25 off $100, $50 off $150+
  • Bundled Pricing: Mix & match bundles like 2 swaddles for $40
  • Seasonal Sales: Black Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day

Sign up on their site with your email address to receive special subscriber-only offers year-round. Their biggest sales occur around the holidays in late November and early December.

You can also save by purchasing Solly wraps secondhand. Just be sure to inspect the fabric closely and follow laundering guidelines prior to wearing.

Frequently Asked Solly Baby Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common Solly Baby FAQs:

How do you wash Solly wraps and other products?

Refer to Solly‘s care instructions, as machine washing differs slightly by item. Most can be washed cold and laid flat or hung to dry. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners.

What age can baby start using a Solly wrap?

Their wraps can be used from birth up to 35 lbs. However, newborns and young infants see the greatest benefit from baby wearing.

How long do Solly wraps last?

With proper care, Solly says their wraps maintain structure and softness for years. Many moms report passing them amongst friends or using for multiple children.

Do I need a special knot or tie for my Solly wrap?

Their wraps feature a convenient pocket and don‘t require any knotting or complex tying. Simply thread tail through pocket after securing.

Final Verdict: Is Solly Baby Worth It?

If it wasn‘t clear yet, I‘ll state it outright – YES! Solly Baby products are absolutely worth investing in. Of all the baby items I‘ve purchased, their wraps and other gear get used the most by far.

While not the most cost-effective option out there, Solly emphasizes quality over quantity or discounts. The exceptional fabrics and thoughtful designs make them worth every penny in my book.

After wearing three babies in my trusted Solly wraps through the newborn phase, I can‘t picture early motherhood without them. Do yourself and your future little one a favor by including Solly in your parenting toolkit.

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