15 Engaging Social Media Video Ideas to Boost Your Marketing in 2024

Video dominates today‘s social media landscape. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are now more video-first than ever before.

And for good reason – video simply performs better when it comes to engagement and conversions.

One Cisco study found that video generates 1200% more shares than links and text combined. And HubSpot reports that videos generate 1200% more shares than text and links combined.

Clearly, if you want to succeed with social media marketing in 2024, video needs to be a central part of your strategy.

But what types of videos should you be creating? And how do you optimize them for success across different platforms?

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover 15 highly effective types of social media videos to create, along with top tips to make them pop.

Let‘s dive in.

1. Short Tutorial or "How To" Videos

Short tutorial videos are incredibly handy for social media users looking to quickly learn something new. And they work exceptionally well for brands too.

For example, if you sell kitchen tools, you could create a 1-2 minute Facebook video demonstrating how to use one of your products to make a popular recipe or cocktail.

The great thing about short tutorial videos is they cater perfectly to platforms like Instagram Reels or TikTok. You can easily repurpose landscape tutorial videos to vertical for TikTok too.

When creating short tutorials, make sure to:

  • Keep them under 2 minutes long
  • Use clean camera angles so viewers can easily see each step
  • Use simple, easy to understand instructions
  • Add text overlays highlighting key information
  • Include your branding
  • Link to your product page or online store in the caption

2. Product Demonstration Videos

Product demonstrations remain one of the most effective video types for social media. They let you showcase exactly why someone should buy from you.

For example, if you sell makeup or skincare products, you could create a Facebook or Instagram video fully demonstrating how they work. Show them being applied so viewers can see the quality and results.

Make sure your product demo videos focus on visually showing off your products‘ key features and benefits. And remember to highlight what makes them better than competitor products.

You can make multiple product demo videos – for example showing your best-selling items or new product launches. These work very well on both Facebook and Instagram.

3. Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Behind-the-scenes (or BTS) videos give your audience a special glimpse at the inner workings of your brand. They essentially let people peek behind the curtain.

For example, you could show a day in the life at your company‘s office. Or give a behind-the-scenes look at an upcoming product launch.

BTS videos work because they make your brand feel more authentic, transparent and personable.

And they can boost engagement as they show something unique that followers can‘t see anywhere else.

Some examples of great BTS video content:

  • A day in the life of your customer service or social media team
  • Inside your product design, manufacturing or shipping process
  • Planning your next conference, webinar or event
  • Team meetings and company culture

4. Expert Q&A Videos

Q&A videos are simple yet super effective. You simply answer common questions from customers and social media followers in video form.

These videos work well because you directly address issues, objections and knowledge gaps your audience has. You position your brand as industry experts.

Some examples of effective Q&A video topics:

  • Common customer service FAQs
  • How to use different products
  • Industry trends
  • Debunking myths or misconceptions
  • Guidance specific to your niche or customer personas

Make sure to use simple language in your Q&A videos – avoid overly complex jargon. Speak conversationally and maintain good eye contact with the camera.

You can ask followers to submit questions ahead of time via polls or your Instagram Story. Q&A‘s also work very well live on platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

5. User-Generated Content Compilations

User-generated content from real customers carries immense credibility. It essentially provides social proof that shows your products work and satisfy people.

That‘s what makes user-generated content (UGC) video compilations so powerful.

For example, if you have an ecommerce store you could ask customers to send short 10-15 second video reviews or testimonials. You then compile a bunch of these into a single video to share across your social platforms.

Having lots of real people advocate for your brand has immense influence and appeal for new customers. So tap into UGC as much as possible.

Make sure to only share UGC with the original creator‘s consent. And provide them credit in your posts.

6. Live Product Launches and Announcements

Live video can be very powerful for new product launches or other major company announcements.

The great thing about live video is it feels excitingly real and unfiltered for you audience. Viewers feel like part of an exclusive experience.

For example, Apple uses live streams to showcase new iPhone models and features. Fans love getting a first look while having the opportunity to comment and engage in real-time.

Similarly, you could use live video to give followers an exclusive glimpse of a new product line before it‘s released. Let them see it first and generate buzz.

Promote your live videos well ahead of time across your other social channels and email lists. Make it an event fans won’t want to miss.

And don’t forget to save copies of your live videos so they remain accessible on your social media profiles afterwards too.

7. Customer Testimonial Compilation Videos

We discussed compiling user-generated customer content earlier. But you can also make compilation videos using more formal customer testimonials.

For example, record 10, 20 or 30-second clips of satisfied customers sharing their experience with your brand. Cut these together as a single testimonial reel.

These compilation-style videos work extremely well because they:

  • Feature many voices instead of just one
  • Offer genuine third-party validation
  • Are more dynamic and engaging to watch

Make sure you have customer consent and releases before using their likeness. You‘ll come across as more professional and considerate.

Testimonial compilation reels are very versatile. You can use snippets on Instagram Reels and TikTok. Or create longer cut for YouTube and Facebook.

8. Interactive Videos and Challenges

Interactive or participatory video challenges perform exceptionally well on social media. They grab attention and generate higher engagement.

For example, in late 2022, retailer Hollister created an interactive “Hollister Spin and Win” challenge on TikTok.

The concept was simple – spin an on-screen prize wheel and win special perks if you landed on a prize slice. The TikTok hashtag gained over 205 million views.

Challenges like this work because they tap into consumers‘ desires for rewards, exclusivity and entertainment.

While spin wheels work very well, you could also create interactive videos featuring:

  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Giveaways
  • Sweepstakes
  • Voting polls

These turn viewing into an activity – not just passive watching. And that wins big on goal-driven platforms like TikTok.

9. Short Documentaries

Full length documentaries may seem intensive. But bite-sized “micro documentaries” work brilliantly for social platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

For example, if you‘re a sustainable fashion brand you could create a 5-7 documentary showing how your garments are ethically made.

Short documentaries are powerful because they:

  • Tell a captivating story – not just show products
  • Provide immersive video content perfect for Facebook
  • Position your brand as an industry authority
  • Allow you to demonstrate values and purpose beyond profits

Keep social media documentaries under 10 mins long. Anything longer risks losing viewer interest quick.

10. Video Series

Creating an ongoing episodic video series helps provide your audience with consistent value over time. Think of it like your own virtual TV show!

For example, home improvement retailer Lowe’s has enjoyed huge success with their ongoing “Lowe’s Toolbox” series on Facebook.

Each episode features DIY projects relevant to homeowners and builders. The series spans everything from drywall tips to installing insulation.

Video series work well because they:

  • Establish you as industry experts over multiple videos
  • Provide helpful ongoing value instead of one-off videos
  • Develop production efficiencies over time
  • Can be easily adapted into shorter segments for TikTok etc. too

Make sure your social video series has:

  • A consistent structure
  • Professional branding
  • A regular release schedule – e.g. every Tuesday
  • Calls to action so viewers buy from you

11. Celebrity and Industry Expert Collaborations

Collaborating with celebrities, online influencers or experts can quickly take your social media video reach to the next level. Their existing follower bases will discover your brand.

But collaborations only work if chosen carefully. Make sure any influencer or expert aligns closely with your brand values and positioning in the market.

For example, a luxury skincare brand collaborating with a beauty YouTuber on a “My Morning Skincare Routine Video” which showcases their products.

This works because the influencers‘ followers match the brand‘s target customer persona. It gets products out to new potential buyers.

Make sure any collaborations involve influencers actively showcasing or demonstrating your products. Don’t rely solely on endorsements. Show don’t tell.

Discuss expectations around pricing, deliverables, usage rights and branding well before production too.

12. Product Unboxing Videos

Product unboxing and haul videos generate billions of social media views per year. And you can use their immense appeal to showcase your products too.

The concept is simple. Film yourself opening some of your products and talking through what the customer receives.

For example, an ecommerce store ships their top selling bottles of wine to an influencer who films themselves unboxing everything.

Product unboxing videos work because viewers experience opening the package too. Items become tangible.

These videos work particularly well before holiday gift-giving seasons. Tease what delights customers could receive.

If opting for influencer unboxings, provide reviewers complete creative freedom. Don’t force talking points. Authenticity is key.

13. Shoppable Live Streams

Live shopping streams essentially let you mimic the experience of television shopping channels online. They’re an incredibly powerful emerging social video format.

For example, the Walmart+ live shows on TikTok showcase Walmart fashion and home products that viewers can instantly tap and buy on-screen.

Streams like this have massive selling potential because you:

  • Immediately link viewers to buying
  • Can offer limited time perks and promos
  • Answer product questions in real-time during streams
  • Drive urgency with scarcity

Remember – practice and polish your live shopping streams thoroughly before going fully live. Too many flubs look unprofessional.

14. Virtual Events and Classes

Due to the pandemic, virtual events have exploded. Webinars, conferences, workshops – stream them all.

Though lockdowns lifted, many viewers still prefer virtual events as they’re more accessible. Time and geography are no barriers.

So consider live streaming fitness classes, cooking lessons, speaker talks and more out to your social media profiles.

Promoted properly beforehand, virtual event streams extend your reach and positioning considerably.

You essentially become a hub for insider industry access – just like an online TV channel.

Optimize lighting, sound, cameras and presentation slide decks. Don’t let production value distract from your stellar content.

15. Vlogs and Video Podcasts

Vlogging essentially means you become a video blogger – regularly filming yourself speaking about topics related to your niche.

This vlog content can then be shared out across platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Vlogs help build more intimate, authentic connections with your audience. Let your personality shine through.

Similarly, you can live stream or pre-record video podcasts interviewing customers, employees and industry experts.

The great thing about video blogs and podcasts is you develop extensive proprietary video libraries over time. These help fortify you as a top video resource within your niche.

Just don’t be too self-promotional with vlogs. Focus mainly on delivering value around topics your audience cares about most.

Key Tips for Social Media Video Success

We’ve covered a variety of impactful social media video formats perfect for boosting your marketing.

Now let’s recap tips to optimize your video content:

  • Film videos in landscape format but also edit into portrait sizes needed for TikTok and Instagram Reels too
  • Add captions and subtitles to boost views and accessibility
  • Include strong calls to action inviting viewers to buy from you
  • Keep videos short for retention – under 2 minutes for TikTok and Reels
  • Use eye-catching custom thumbnails and titles
  • Promote videos heavily across your other social channels
  • Track view and conversion metrics closely to guide optimization

Final Thoughts

Video dominates today’s social media landscape. There’s no better medium for showcasing products and engaging audiences.

And yet simply having generic videos isn’t enough anymore. You need to employ truly creative formats tailored specifically to leading platforms.

Use this guide as inspiration for developing breakthrough video initiatives over months ahead.

Stay on top of emerging social video trends. Continually test and optimize new formats.

Make video the heart of your social media marketing strategy in 2024 – not just an afterthought.

Lean on the ideas shared here as fuel to ignite your online video innovation. Have fun and get filming!

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