Soap and Glory Review: A Critical Look at This Fun, Affordable Beauty Brand

Soap and Glory burst onto the beauty scene in 2006 with a bold mission: deliver affordable, indulgent beauty products to the masses. Founder Marcia Kilgore of Bliss Spa fame packed this new brand with luscious formulas and cheeky personalities.

Over 10 years later, Soap and Glory remains a drugstore darling. Their products promise to smooth, soften, cleanse and replenish your skin on a budget. The packaging screams indulgence with hot pinks, silvers and glam photography. The names – Scrub Your Nose In It, The Righteous Butter, Sexy Mother Pucker – make you smile.

But does this irreverent beauty brand deliver on quality? I purchased 17 different Soap and Glory products to see if the contents live up to the marketing. Keep reading for a detailed analysis of this brand.

Overview of Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory promises beauty on a budget. Their message speaks to savvy shoppers seeking luxe results without splurging. Products cost between $6 – $20 USD, landing firmly in mass-market territory.

Founder Marcia Kilgore sold her ultra-successful Bliss Spa brand to LVMH in 2004. Two years later, she launched Soap and Glory in the UK with whimsical packaging and edgy product names. The concept proved wildly successful. Soap and Glory expanded internationally, landing in beauty aisles around the globe.

In 2014, UK drugstore giant Boots bought the Soap and Glory brand outright. Under new ownership, Soap and Glory continues churning out new collections. Their website promises, "If you love fabulous products that don‘t cost a fortune, you‘re gonna love us."

Soap and Glory Product Review

I purchased 17 different Soap and Glory products to evaluate quality and performance. The collection included face care, body care, hand care and cosmetics spanning five different product lines. Prices ranged from $6 – $20 USD.

Overall, most products perform well. They deliver intense hydration thanks to shea butter, glycerin and oils. signature scents prove slightly cloying over time. While choices exist for sensitive skin, those with allergies must read labels carefully to avoid irritants.

From packaging to ingredient lists, Soap and Glory products aim squarely at customers wanting beauty on a budget. The affordable formulas lack sophistication but provide straight-forward solutions. These won‘t replace high-end products but serve their purpose.

Top Products

These items provide intense hydration without greasiness:

The Righteous Butter ($15): Intensely thick with shea butter and oils, a little goes a long way. The scent screams artificial buttercream.

Hand Food ($8): Glycerin draws moisture into parched hands. The light gel-cream sinks in quickly without greasiness.

Face Soap and Clarity ($12): A hard-working cleanser with vitamin C and ginseng extract dissolves dirt without drying skin.

Lip Plumping Gloss ($11): Silky, non-sticky formula hydrates dry lips. Peppermint oil and cinnamon extract provide mild tingle. Six shades with high shine.

Bottom Products

These items disappointed due to formula issues or high price:

The Scrub of Your Life ($12): Messy experience with oily residue requiring multiple rinses. Walnut shells feel scratchy on skin.

Glow All Out ($14): Illuminating moisturizer needs heavy blending to smooth sparkles. Imparts subtle sheen not worth high price.

Thick and Fast Mascara ($14): The oversized, gimmicky brush clumps lashes. Formula flakes. Other drugstore mascaras perform better for less.

Bright and Beautiful Radiance-Boosting Mask ($14): This rinse-off mask needs 15 minutes to reveal fresh, glowy skin that lasts maybe an hour. Not worth time.

Full Soap and Glory Product Reviews

Dig into my detailed reviews on 17 different Soap and Glory products:


Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk ($12)

  • Gel-cream texture removes makeup/dirt without drying
  • Peach/jasmine scent smells synthetic rather than fruity
  • Vegan/cruelty-free

Face Soap and Clarity Vitamin C Facial Wash ($12)

  • Hard-working cleanser dissolves impurities
  • Vitamin C brightens; ginseng extract energizes
  • Foams without stripping skin
  • Fresh citrus scent

The Scrub of Your Life Smoothing Body Buffer ($12)

  • Grainy formula scrubs aggressively
  • Leaves oily residue requiring multiple rinses
  • Strong candy scent cloying

Body Care

The Righteous Butter Body Moisturizer ($15)

  • Intensely hydrating shea-based cream
  • Little goes a long way; lasts 72 hours
  • Synthetic buttercream scent divisive

Rushower Dry Shampoo ($12)

  • Rice starch soaks up oil at roots
  • Easy to apply,washes out clean
  • Also for dark hair

Smoothie Star Breakfast Body Cream ($15)

  • Thick, nourishing body cream
  • Shea/cupuacu butters hydrate intensely
  • Sweet peach/vanilla scent
  • Vegan/cruelty-free

Glow All Out luminizing moisturizer ($14)

  • Needs blending to distribute pearlescent particles
  • Imparts subtle luminosity to skin
  • High price for drugstore body lotion

Hand Care

Hand Food Non-greasy Hand Cream ($8)

  • Glycerin/macadamia oil softens hands
  • Gel-cream formula sinks in quickly
  • Delicious sweet almond scent
  • Vegan/cruelty-free


Lip Plumping Gloss ($11)

  • Silky gloss hydrates lips
  • Peppermint oil/cinnamon extract provide tingle
  • Six high-shine shades

Thick and Fast High Definition Mascara ($14)

  • Gimmicky brush clumps lashes
  • Formula flakes
  • Other mascaras perform better

Bright and Beautiful Radiance-Boosting Mask ($14)

  • 15 minute rinse-off face mask
  • Imparts temporary luminosity
  • Results last maybe an hour

Liquid Roar Velvet Lip Lacquer ($11)

  • Saturated color in one swipe
  • Peppermint oil cools/tingles
  • Eight cream finishes from pinky-nude to burgundy

Who Should Buy Soap and Glory?

The Soap and Glory customer seeks beauty shortcuts on a tight budget. They gravitate towards products promising salon-style results without the price tag or time commitment. Words like "luxe," "pamper" and "treat yourself" catch their eye.

Packaging plays an outsized role in this customer‘s choice. They want to feel good bringing vibrantly-wrapped lotions with clever names into their home. The actual product almost comes second to the marketing promises.

While Soap and Glory customers initially responded to fun branding, many stick around thanks to quality basics at a good price. Simple ingredients like shea butter, glycerin and jojoba oil get the job done. Those formulas keep devotees coming back for body creams, cleansers and lip care.

However, consumers wanting serious skin solutions or natural beauty should look elsewhere. Soap and Glory products emphasize fragrance and surface-level treatments. They skimp on antioxidants and extracts for basic emulsions that hydrate temporarily.

Biggest Pros and Cons


  • Products feel indulgent with cute packaging
  • Clever naming catches buyers‘ attention
  • Affordable prices between $6 – $20
  • Straight-forward formulas use shea butter, oils and glycerin for moisture
  • Some natural ingredients like ginseng extract and citrus oils


  • Heavily scented across all lines
  • Formulas lack sophistication
  • Choices limited for sensitive skin
  • Spotty quality between products

Social Media Buzz and Reviews

Soap and Glory maintains an active social media presence with over 2 million collective followers. Comments and user-generated photos show primarily positive feedback.

The branding receives lots of attention for being cute and inspirational. Comments like "How adorable!" and "I love the names" abound. Negative feedback centers around discontinued products or items being out of stock.

Soap and Glory‘s actual formulations don‘t illicit much social discussion. Comments focus on personalities versus performance. This makes assessing quality difficult from social media alone.

Online reviews tell a more useful story for evaluating quality. The average review score falls around 4 out of 5 stars. Positive reviews mention affordability, scent and product feel. Negative issues involve skin irritation and messiness.

For example, The Righteous Butter earns 4.5 stars with over 3000 Ulta reviews. Fans mention lasting hydration and the signature sweet scent. Critics complain about greasiness and breakouts.

The Scrub of Your Life gets just 3 stars at Target based on 150 reviews. Many reviewers describe it as "too harsh" for sensitive skin, leaving oily residue. But fans insist it smooths rough patches thanks to massaging grains and oils that rinse clean.

So buyers should take both types of feedback into account before purchasing. Individual skin sensitivities play a big role.

Brand Reputation

Soap and Glory established itself as an affordably indulgent beauty brand. The fun packaging, cheeky personality and straight-forward formulas fill a niche in the market. Reviews indicate most customers feel they get quality basics for a modest investment.

While no longer indie since the Boots acquisition, Soap and Glory retains its quirky soul. Fans remain loyal to the brand‘s ethos of attainable luxury. Soap and Glory likely won‘t attract serious skin care aficionados or natural beauty devotees. Those customers want sophistication over basics.

But the everyday product user – especially millennials on a budget – will keep grabbing body butter and mascara from the hot pink packages that make them smile. Soap and Glory promises small beauty victories rather than dramatic transformation. For the price, it accomplishes that goal while making you laugh.

Promotions and Discounts

Soap and Glory runs general sales around major holidays and changes discounted sets seasonally. Subscribe to their email list for 15% off coupons and early notice on promotions. Soap and Glory often discounts gift sets and palette products more steeply than individual items.

In November 2022 for example, they offered 40% off all skincare sets along with multiple deals on cosmetic palettes for the holidays. Certain retailer partners like Walgreens also run BOGO 50% and buy 3 get the 4th free promotions at random.

Where to Buy Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory sells through beauty retailers globally including:

United States: Target, Ulta, Walgreens

United Kingdom: Boots

Canada: Shoppers Drug Mart

Australia: Priceline

The brand does not sell directly from their website. Click "Shop" to get redirected to authorized retail partners based on your location.

Note that pricing and product ranges vary slightly between countries. For the widest selection at US pricing, purchase through Target.

Shipping and Return Policy

As third-party retailers fulfill all Soap and Glory orders, shipping and return policies vary.

Target offers free shipping on $35+ orders or free in-store pickup. Walgreens provides free on all orders. Both accept returns of lightly used products within 60 days.

Boots offers free shipping on £30+ orders in the UK with 30 day returns to store. Canadian shoppers get free shipping at Shoppers on orders CAD$29+ with 30 day returns.

Contacting Soap and Glory

Reach Soap and Glory customer service at:

Email: hello[@]

Facebook: Responds to messages within 1-2 business days

Twitter: Limited public response presence. Follow only for brand updates and offers.

Instagram: Responds to some comments but focus is on positive user-generated content.

Soap and Glory Competitors

Soap and Glory competitors occupy the affordable self-care space with mass appeal. Competitor brands leverage bold personality and formulations focused on fragrance:

The Body Shop – Environmentally-conscious brand uses fair trade botanicals. More sophisticated scents and formulas compared to Soap and Glory.

Bath and Body Works – Strong emphasis on fragrance immersive home and body care. Sweeter personalities than Soap and Glory targeting very young audience.

Vaseline – Petroleum jelly innovator offers basic body lotions and butters. Clinical personalities targeting practical mass-market shopper.

Nécessaire – Newcomer with sleek,Instagrammable packaging and formulations. Gender-neutral. Higher price point than Soap and Glory.

Sol de Janeiro – Prestige-positioned body care born in Brazil. Focused on sensory experience via delicious tropical scents and luxe textures.

Is Soap and Glory Worth It?

The cheeky British brand absolutely satisfies its goal of delivering attainable luxury beauty products. For shoppers wanting a self-care treat under $20, Soap and Glory hits the sweet spot.

While some formulations disappoint, most hydrators, cleansers and color cosmetics perform well. They don‘t contain miracle ingredients or dramatic claims. Rather, Soap and Glory offers straight-forward solutions smelling delicious in irreverent packaging.

Consumers wanting serious skin care or natural beauty should spend their money elsewhere. Discerning shoppers may balk at lower concentrations of key actives and potential irritants like fragrance. Plus, Soap and Glory lags behind clean standards set by UpCircle, Biossance and other ethical brands.

But for smile-inducing body care in fun flavors, Soap and Glory absolutely delivers. Slathering your skin in a buttercream-scented body cream feels pampering, if not actually "righteous." For just $15, what does it matter? Overall, this cheeky affordable indulgence lives up to its own hype.

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