Publer Review 2024: The Best AI-Powered Social Media Manager?

Welcome to my in-depth Publer review for 2024.

In this post, we‘ll be taking an updated look at Publer – one of the most popular social media management platforms on the market today.

I‘ll give you a tour of all the key features Publer offers, analyze its strengths and weaknesses, compare it to competitors, and share my verdict on whether it‘s worth using in 2024.

Let‘s dive in!

What is Publer? A Quick Overview

For those not already familiar, Publer is a social media management tool used by over 240,000 brands, marketers, and agencies to streamline their social media workflow.

The core focus of Publer is its social media scheduler and content calendar. These allow you to easily plan, schedule and publish social media posts to accounts on platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Telegram
  • Mastodon

Aside from scheduling, Publer also provides tools to help you with:

  • Visual content creation
  • Team collaboration
  • Performance analytics
  • Audience engagement

It aims to be an all-in-one social media management solution.

Here‘s a quick video showcasing some of Publer‘s key features:

Publer Demo Video

Next, let‘s take a deeper look at the specifics of what this platform offers.

Key Publer Features

Publer comes packed full of features to help brands and marketers get the most out of their social media accounts.

Here are some of the most notable capabilities:

Cross-Platform Social Media Scheduler

The social media scheduler lies at the heart of Publer.

It allows you to easily plan and schedule social media posts for all your connected accounts.

You simply create your posts complete with images/video and captions. Then schedule them to go out automatically later at your specified date and time.

Publer Scheduling Example

Handy features like bulk scheduling, post queuing, and post recycling help to supercharge your planning and save hours of manual work.

And cross-platform customization ensures your posts are tailored for maximum impact on each network.

Overall, it‘s a very user-friendly and flexible scheduling system.

Drag-and-Drop Content Calendar

The content calendar gives you an easy way to visualize your upcoming scheduled social media posts.

Simply drag and drop posts to rearrange them or reschedule to a new date/time.

It also shows you top performing times and recommended holidays – helping you identify the best opportunities to connect with your audience.

Publer Content Calendar

You can even preview what your Instagram feed will look like before posting to perfect your grid aesthetic.

Design Tools & Integrations

Creating eye-catching social posts is crucial. To assist with this, Publer offers several useful design features:

  • Built-in image editor — Provides basic filters and editing options to tweak your visuals
  • AI image & video generator — Automatically creates unique images and video clips from text prompts
  • Canva integration — Enables creating posts right inside Publer without switching apps
  • Library of icons, backgrounds, fonts & templates — Design assets to spice up your posts

No graphic design skills required!

Analytics & Insights

Understanding your performance is key to improving it.

So Publer provides analytics and insights to help guide your strategy. Track metrics like:

  • Followers & engagement rates
  • Content & hashtag performance
  • Best posting times
  • Top performing posts

Data can be exported for reports. And custom insights provide strategic advice tailored to your accounts.

Team Collaboration Tools

For teams and agencies, Publer enables easy collaboration.

Useful features like workspaces, user roles, @mentions, and approval workflows allow you to work together seamlessly.

Client reporting dashboards also help to showcase results and keep stakeholders updated.

And So Much More…

On top of the above, Publer also includes tools for:

  • Content curation & discovery
  • RSS auto-posting
  • Link shorteners
  • Influencer marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Link in bios
  • …Plus lots more!

It aims to provide everything you need for social media success all in one platform.

Next, let‘s talk pricing…

Publer Pricing Breakdown

Publer is offered on a freemium model with multiple pricing tiers available.

Here‘s an overview of the plans:

Plan Price Key Features
Free $0/month ≤ 10 Scheduled Posts
1 Workspace
3 Social Accounts
Branding on Link-in-Bio
Professional $12/month Unlimited Scheduling
Unlimited Workspaces & Social Accounts
Media Library
Twitter Support
Business $30/month Recurring Scheduling
Reporting & Analytics
Post Performance Insights
Priority Support

*Prices shown for monthly subscription. Cheaper rates for annual plans.

The free forever plan gives you a good taste of Publer‘s core scheduling features. But it has strict limits on usage.

For power users, the paid Professional and Business tiers offer far greater capabilities and resources. But they still remain fairly affordable compared to competitors.

If you‘re not ready to commit, free trials are available on paid plans so you can test things out first.

Next, let‘s look at why Publer stands out from the rest…

Why Should You Use Publer?

There are certainly no shortage of social media schedulers out there. So why choose Publer over another provider?

Here are some of the key advantages Publer has to offer:

Easy To Use Interface

Publer prioritizes usability with a clean, intuitive interface. This makes the platform very beginner-friendly with a shallow learning curve.

Yet despite being simple on the surface, it still packs a huge breadth of functionality underneath.

Generous Free Plan

Unlike some competitors, Publer offers a very generous free plan with no card required.

You can access all the core scheduling tools without paying a cent. This makes it ideal for dipping your toes in before upgrading.

The free plan allows up to:

✅ 3 Social Accounts
✅ 1 Workspace
✅ 10 Scheduled Posts

For most individual users, this provides ample utility.

Fantastic Value For Money

If you do need to upgrade to unlock more features, Publer‘s paid plans offer fantastic value compared to rivals.

Starting at just $12/month, the Professional plan nets you:

✅ Unlimited Scheduling
✅ Unlimited Social Accounts
✅ Media Library
✅ Twitter Support
✅ Premium Integrations
✅ + More

And $30/month for the Business plan gets you all of the above plus:

✅ Lead Generation Tools
✅ In-Depth Analytics Reporting
✅ Content Insights
✅ Account Management

Considering the sheer breadth of functionality included, these prices are very reasonable.

Cutting-Edge AI Capabilities

Publer utilizes the latest AI technology to enhance its platform capabilities.

Smart features like the AI Visual & Text Generator produce completely original, unique images and captions to supercharge your content creation.

No more worrying about duplicate posts or copyright issues!

And the AI Writing Assistant helps craft the perfect social media captions tailored to each platform.

As AI progresses, expect Publer to lead the way in adoption.

Ideal For Agencies & Teams

With its collaboration-focused features like Workspaces, Shared Calendars, and Approval Workflows, Publer makes an ideal solution for agencies and teams.

It enables seamlessly managing multiple social media accounts whilst retaining organization.

Client reporting dashboards also help to demonstrate campaign success to stakeholders.

Ultimately, Publer strives to provide all the tools needed for managing social media – no matter whether you‘re a solopreneur, small business, or large agency.

Next, let‘s look at a few of the downsides…

Publer Drawbacks

Although I‘m largely positive about Publer, no service is perfect. There are a few limitations worth noting:

  • Steeper learning curve for advanced features – Whilst the core scheduling functionality is very straightforward, some of the more advanced capabilities have a steeper learning curve. Be prepared to invest time mastering them.

  • Occasional minor bugs – Like most software, Publer isn‘t always 100% glitch-free. You may encounter the odd bug or technical hiccup. But generally, issues are rare and rapidly addressed.

  • Lacks more complex analytics – The analytics and insights provided are great for beginners. But the reporting lacks some of the deeper data offered by premium tools like Sprout or Raven. If you require advanced analytics, alternatives may suit better.

  • Support response times can vary – Publer‘s customer support is relatively quick and helpful overall. But at busy periods, response times for non-urgent tickets can take 1-2 days. So if instant support is essential, be aware delays may happen.

In general though, Publer‘s pros heavily outweigh the cons for most use-cases. But let‘s see how it stacks up to competitors…

Publer Alternatives & Competitors

The social media management space is crowded with no shortage of scheduling apps.

Here are some popular Publer alternatives and how they compare:

Tool Pros Cons Who It Suits
Sprout Social – Powerful analytics
– Sophisticated collaboration tools
– Feature-rich
– Very expensive
– Steep learning curve
Enterprise brands with big budgets
Hootsuite – Huge platform support
– Lots of integrations
– Generous free plan
– Dated interface
– Steep pricing
Social media agencies
Sendible – All-in-one simplicity
– Nice balance of features & price
– Smaller company
– Occasional minor bugs
Startups wanting an affordable all-rounder
SocialPilot – Super easy to use
– Fantastic support
– Less advanced analytics
– Fewer features than rivals
Beginners prioritizing simplicity

As you can see, Publer strikes a nice balance between capabilities and affordability compared to competitors.

It beats cheaper tools in features offered whist undercutting premium-priced alternatives in cost. This makes Publer a great option for small businesses, individuals, and marketing teams wanting maximum bang for buck.

For enterprise brands that can afford premium tools, the more extensive (but pricier) analytics of Sprout Social may better suit needs.

And SocialPilot prioritizes ease of use for beginners over advanced functionality.

But for most users, Publer hits the sweet spot in the middle.

Final Verdict: Is Publer Worth Using In 2024?

In closing this Publer review, you‘re probably still wondering that titular question:

Is Publer worth using in 2024?

My verdict: Yes, absolutely.

Publer remains easily one of the top social media scheduling platforms available today in 2024. And I expect that still to hold true going into 2024.

The combination of simplicity and generous free plan makes adoption frictionless for new users.

Yet the depth of advanced functionality across scheduling, content creation, analytics, and collaboration provides ample scope to grow.

Smart adoption of AI unlocks creative possibilities that competitors lack.

And relatively affordable pricing opens access up to users of all scopes and sizes beyond just wealthy enterprises.

For most brands, marketers, agencies, and influencers interested in streamlining their social media workflow, Publer supplies everything needed for success.

Its ease of use, stellar feature set, and great value create an appealing overall package.

So if you‘re looking for a new social media management platform for 2024, Publer absolutely warrants consideration.

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