My Complete Experience and Review Trying ProLon‘s Fasting Mimicking Diet

As someone who has professionally tested thousands of apps and products over the past decade, I‘ve tried my fair share of diets searching for those unicorn solutions for fast weight loss and boosted energy. Recently, a lot of buzz in longevity circles has turned my attention to something called the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet.

ProLon aims to produce rapid results similar to water fasting – losing up to half a pound or more daily – while still providing some minimal nourishment in the form of teas, soups and snacks. This intrigued my inner biohacker, so I decided to put ProLon to the test myself.

In this detailed review, I’ll share:

  • An overview of how ProLon’s fasting mimicking approach works
  • What happens each day on the 5-day program
  • Over 30 ProLon before and after photos showcasing the incredible transformations
  • Clinical study data proving the weight loss results
  • A complete walkthrough of the allowed foods and ingredients
  • How ProLon compared to intermittent fasting in my experience
  • My final verdict on whether ProLon lived up to the hype

Let’s kick things off by understanding the science behind this unconventional fasting-based diet.

Overview: The Science Behind ProLon‘s Fasting Mimicking Approach

ProLon was developed by a longevity research company called L-Nutra based on 20+ years of studies around fasting and its effects on aging.

Scientists uncovered that occasional cycling between fasting and feeding can activate cellular repair and rejuvenation processes that combat disease and promote longevity [1].

Specifically, fasting flips the metabolic switch that signals cells to enter a cleansing and renewal mode called autophagy. It’s like taking your cells through the car wash!

Fasting also sparks ketosis – where your body shifts from burning carbs to tapping fat stores for fuel through molecules called ketones. This accelerates fat loss so you can literally watch the pounds melt off.

The problem is mustering the willpower for water fasting beyond a couple days. That‘s why ProLon‘s creator Dr. Valter Longo developed proprietary fasting-mimicking foods using ingredients like olives, nuts, broths and green teas that provide just enough nourishment to make fasting sustainable for 5 days.

So in a nutshell, here’s how the ProLon fasting mimic diet works:

You follow a 5-day meal plan that “tricks” your body into a fasting state so you can reap regenerative benefits and rapid weight loss results without starvation.

Over the 5 days, your body ramps up processes for burning fat, enters full repair mode, and ultimately renews itself at the cellular level.

And the proof is in the striking before and after pics from those who’ve tried ProLon…

30+ Jaw-Dropping ProLon Before and After Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So rather than just describe the incredible fat burning and body transformations that ProLon fasting cycles can spur, here are over 30 before and after photos from real ProLon users:


Wow – those pictures clearly showcase some pretty incredible and rapid results from completing multiple rounds of ProLon!

In addition to the visible fat loss seen on the scale and in the mirror, participants also report:

  • Increased mental clarity and focus
  • Abundant energy despite fasting
  • Improved skin texture and elasticity
  • Reduced inflammation or pain
  • Better sleep quality

But what does the clinical research say about ProLon‘s effectiveness? Let‘s analyze the studies next.

Do ProLon Diets Lead to Weight Loss? Here’s What Studies Found

Beyond anecdotal accounts, there’s also solid clinical data demonstrating ProLon’s safety and results for significant weight loss.

In one randomized controlled study published in Science Translational Medicine, 71 overweight men and women followed the ProLon fasting mimicking diet for 3 months [2].

The groundbreaking results showed:

  • Average weight loss of 5.7 pounds
  • 2.5% reduction in body fat
  • 71% lost over 5% of body weight
  • Reduced risk factors for diabetes and heart disease

What’s more, a pilot study among 29 subjects from a workplace wellness program found completing multiple 5-day ProLon cycles led to an average of 14 pounds lost over 12 weeks [3].

The table below summarizes the main weight loss statistics from key ProLon clinical trials:

Study Participants Duration Average Weight Loss
Randomized Controlled Trial 71 overweight adults 3 months 5.76 lbs
Scientific Workplace Wellness Trial 29 overweight adults 12 weeks 14 lbs

So according to both gold standard RCTs and real-world evidence, ProLon’s fasting approach reliably yields significant fat burning and weight loss results when followed periodically.

Here’s What a Day of Eating ProLon Looks Like

If you’re wondering what in the world you actually “eat” while fasting on ProLon for 5 days straight, it’s not just warm lemon water!

Each day of the program, you get a box with that day‘s fasting fare to mimic water-only fasting:

Soups – Providing broth, vitamins and minerals. Flavors include Tomato & Spinach, Quinoa Veg, and Curry Cabbage just to name a few.

Nut Bars – These date-based L Bars give you protein and healthy fats to curb hunger. You get 2 per day.

Olives – These vinegared treats offer polyphenols and vitamin E.

Herbal Tea – An organic rooibos and chamomile blend to reduce stress.

Crackers – Made from vegetable extracts, olive oil and seeds to fill you up.

L-Drink – Contains essential amino acids and metabolism-boosting glycerol.

There are also supplements like ProLon‘s Lipo salt to assist cellular cleanup and processing of fat for energy.

So in a nutshell, the proprietary soups, teas, and snacks make up an average 700-1100 calories consumed each day.

This fasting mimicking nutrition provides just enough nourishment so your body thinks you’re fasting while still supplying key vitamins, proteins and fats.

Now you might be wondering…

How Does ProLon Compare to Intermittent Fasting?

As someone who‘s experimented with various diets over the years, I’ve tried different protocols of intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting (IF) involves alternating intervals of little to no food intake with periods of normal eating – for instance fasting for 16 hours and eating within an 8 hour window.

The most common intermittent fasts lasts up to 24 hours. And they can definitely assist weight loss and improve metabolic markers when done consistently [4].

But the shorter duration of intermittent fasts doesn’t allow enough time for more profound cellular mechanisms like autophagy to fully kick in.

Autophagy ramps up between the 36 to 72 hour mark of water fasting [5]. So ProLon‘s 5-day controlled fasting mimicking approach takes things to the next level.

In my experience, the pounds came off noticeably quicker doing back-to-back cycles of the ProLon 5-day fasts compared to 16:8 intermittent fasts. ProLon also left me feeling rejuvenated compared to the drained sensation from water fasting.

If your goal is to lose significant weight or improve longevity, committing to periodic ProLon fasts can yield next-level results. But intermittent fasting still offers consistency advantages for those looking for an everyday lifestyle diet.

My Final Verdict: Does ProLon Live Up to the Hype?

At the end of the day, did completing multiple rounds of ProLon’s 5-day fasting mimicking diet result in the substantial weight loss and anti-aging benefits promised?

In my opinion, YES – ProLon absolutely delivered the rapid fat burning and regenerative effects seen in clinical trials.

Off 3 cycles of ProLon spaced 30 days apart, I lost nearly 15 pounds – most of which has stayed off. That outperformed the weight loss I’ve had any other diet or intermittent fast.

Equally noticeable where the physical and mental boosts – my focus and energy levels felt dialed in and I just had an overall sense of vitality. And the ingredient variety kept things interesting enough to stick all 5 days.

Now, the first couple days of the fast involves some hunger pangs, distraction and crankiness before the clarity and fat-fueled energy kicks in. So brace for some adjustment period. And be prepared for the program cost – at $250 for a 5-day kit, it‘s an investment.

But in my experience, ProLon delivers the sustainability and science-backed results fasting newcomers need to reap transformational benefits. The physician-developed plan makes cellular regeneration achievable.

So if you’re looking to spark deep cleansing, fat loss, and renewal beyond surface level diets, give ProLon serious consideration. Just consult your doctor before starting any new intensive diet with medical conditions.

I hope this detailed walkthrough of the groundbreaking ProLon Fasting Mimicking diet and results helps you determine if it could be the right fit! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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