The Top 12 Countertop Nugget Ice Makers for Your Home

A Foolproof Guide to Choosing the Perfect Machine for You

My friend, are you tired of boring, hard-as-rock ice cubes? Do you dream of sinking your teeth into a soft, chewable mound of icy goodness? Well, your struggles are over because I‘m here to solve all your pellet ice woes!

Let me introduce you to the world of nugget ice – the greatest ice innovation since well…ice! Nugget ice is made by compacting little ice flakes or pellets together to form small, bite-sized pieces that are soft, chewable, and downright addictive.

Nugget ice machines used to be reserved for fancy restaurants, cafes, and fast food joints. But thanks to countertop nugget ice makers, we average Joes and Janes can now enjoy this sublime ice anytime. Drinks stay colder longer without getting watered down. Cleanup is easier with less messy melting and spills. And the texture feels so satisfying as you crunch away endlessly like popcorn!

I‘ve tested a slew of nugget ice makers to crown the best of the best. Whether you want blazing fast ice production, maximum storage capacity, or handy features like self-cleaning, you‘ll find the perfect machine here. Let me guide you to chewy ice nirvana!

#1 Pick: Frigidaire EFIC285-CL 26-Lb. Nugget Ice Maker

If you‘re seeking a top-performing nugget ice maker with room for a ton of ice, the Frigidaire EFIC285 is your winner. This machine can pump out an incredible 26 pounds of delicious pellet ice each day – enough to keep drinks icy cold around the clock in even the largest households.

Despite the huge capacity, its compact 16 x 12.5 x 18.5 inch size fits perfectly on kitchen countertops without hogging precious space. A convenient lift-and-serve door grants easy access to the ice, while a transparent window lets you peek at ice levels.

Cleaning is a total breeze too thanks to the fully enclosed ice making assembly which helps prevent mold and gunk buildup. The handy automatic overflow protection also eliminates messes by directing excess water overflows into a catch bin.

With fast 15-minute ice production, generous 3-pound ice storage basket, and quiet operation, the Frigidaire EFIC285 nails every function you need in a nugget ice machine beautifully. It‘s the ultimate entertainer‘s best friend!

#2 Best Value: GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker

The GE Profile Opal ice maker delivers high-end performance and convenience at a wallet-friendly price point. For less than $500, you get gourmet nugget ice pumping out at a rapid pace – up to 24 pounds per day!

In under 20 minutes, the first batch of soft, chewable ice pellets is ready to enjoy. The generous 1.7 pound storage bin keeps ice chilled and accessible via a hands-free auto-opening door. No need to scoop or dig annoyingly for your ice!

You can even fine-tune ice production with 3 size settings ranging from small crunchy nuggets to longer, narrower ice flakes. An integrated smart sensor monitors ice levels and halts production when full so no ice goes to waste.

With its smooth stainless steel finish, compact 18 x 15 x 17 inch footprint, and relatively quiet operation, this GE ice maker handsomely fits into both modern and traditional decor. Given its premium performance and thoughtful conveniences, the value offered here is off the charts!

#3 Pick for Fast Ice Production: Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker

When you need mounds of soft, chewy ice in record time, the Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S portable ice maker delivers unbeatably fast performance. It churns out 26 pounds of delectable nugget ice per day – plus it makes the first batch in just 6 minutes! In 15 minutes, you‘ll have over 9 large ice cubes to fill tall glasses and pitchers with ease.

The family-friendly capacity holds 1.5 pounds of ice at once to keep drinks icy cold. Despite the speedy throughput, the AB-ICE26S uses 20% less electricity than comparable models. And the integrated ice scoop and removable ice basket make serving and transferring ice hassle-free.

Weighing only 20 pounds, its lightweight, compact body effortlessly moves where needed – great for RVs, boats, parties and more. With outstanding portability, lightning-fast ice production, and energy efficiency, the Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S ice maker is a lean, mean ice-making machine!

#4 Pick for Max Ice Storage: COSTWAY Portable Commercial Ice Maker

Bring on the crowds because the COSTWAY commercial countertop ice maker can hold a staggering 15 pounds of chewy nugget ice! With colossal scale ice production and storage, it powers through sunny backyard bashes and super bowl parties without breaking a sweat.

Pumping out a mammoth 55 pounds of soft, bite-sized ice pellets per day, shortages are virtually impossible even with peak demand. Drinks stay glacially chilled with continuous ice replenishment from the massive storage tank.

Despite heavyweight capacity, the COSTWAY ice machine maintains a trim profile at just 21 x 17 x 16 inches. Conveniently sized for kitchen counters and wet bar areas, it combines commercial capacity with household convenience.

With heavyweight ice production plus mega ice storage, the COSTWAY commercial countertop ice maker is the ultimate cooling powerhouse for big gatherings!

#5 Top Undercounter Ice Maker: U-Line Undercounter Clear Ice Machine

For those desiring built-in ice convenience, the beautifully designed U-Line undercounter unit installs seamlessly into cabinetry to provide gourmet ice on tap! Tucking neatly away from countertops, it makes clear cubes, half-moon cubes, and soft chewable nugget ice with ease.

You‘ll enjoy an industry-leading 100 lbs daily production capacity – plenty to meet high demand in busy households.Installation takes just a water line and power hookup within existing kitchen cabinetry for a seamless built-in effect.

Despite its undercounter design, the U-Line ice machine retains convenient access and monitoring thanks to an adjustable toe-kick plate and transparent window. Nugget ice lovers seeking high performance with a sleek, integrated appearance should absolutely consider U-Line‘s undercounter offering!

#6 Best Portable Ice Maker: SereneLife SLIM-16P Portable Ice Maker

Craving nugget ice anywhere life takes you? The aptly named SereneLife SLIM-16P portable ice maker delivers icy cold treats on trips near and far! Weighing just 12.3 pounds, its ultra slim, compact body fits neatly into tight spaces – making it the perfect travel buddy for RVs, boats, camping, tailgating and beyond.

Despite its petite frame, the SLIM-16P pumps out hearty quantities of chewable ice – up 16 pounds per day! Ice production clocks in at 8-12 minutes for the first batch so you‘re never left thirsting long. The integrated ice basket also simplifies storage and transport during mobile use.

This ice maker machine truly offers superb portability plus fast, flexible performance wherever required. So if your ice cravings follow you wherever you roam, the SereneLife SLIM-16P portable nugget ice maker should tag along too!

#7 Top-Rated Ice Maker: LITBOOS IML-001 Ice Maker Machine

Boasting stellar 4.7/5 star reviews from over 3,000 Amazon buyers, the LITBOOS IML-001 lays claim as a leading crowd favorite – and for good reason! This thoughtfully designed ice maker punches well above its weight with outstanding quality and performance.

It generates up to 26 pounds of smooth, chewable ice pellets per day for endless chilled drinks and cocktails. Conveniently sized for countertops at just 12 x 17 x 16 inches, the 2.2-pound ice basket simplifies storage and transport.

The easy-to-use electronic control panel puts all functions at your fingertips. Programming ice production in advance maximizes convenience while the automatic overflow drain prevents messy water spills.

Given its top-notch ice production, smart design, simplicity of use and sheer popularity amongst buyers, the LITBOOS IML-001 ice maker machine makes icing drinks at home a total delight!

#8 Best Self-Cleaning Ice Machine: METLARGE Automatic Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker

Tired of scale deposits and funky odors plaguing your ice? The METLARGE self-cleaning portable ice maker eliminates gross buildup for pure, contaminant-free ice every time!

Utilizing an innovative metal evaporator rod design sans plastic water tubs, the METLARGE prevents sediment and scale accumulation from the get-go. The automatic cleaning function kicks in every two days, rinsing away minerals and residues for fresh, clean ice.

This unit even filters particles as tiny as 5 microns, further maximizing purity and taste. Of course, it also nails the basics – churning out 26 pounds of delectably soft nugget ice daily with 9 ice cubes made in just 8 minutes!

If you seek pure, flavorful ice free of odors, debris and bio-gunk, the METLARGE self-cleaning countertop ice maker delivers impeccably clean treats that please even the most discerning palates!

#9 Best Smart Ice Machine: GE Smart Countertop Clear Ice Maker

If next-gen tech gets you excited, GE‘s souped up Smart ice maker features WiFi, Alexa voice controls and a personalized app unleashing maximum convenience!

Just use the app to select your preferred ice – chewy small nuggets, hard cubes or firm half moons. Monitor ice levels remotely before you leave work so you arrive home to frosted drinks ready. Even schedule customized ice production times so you wake up to fresh ice daily!

Or save yourself the phone trip by asking Alexa to make more ice from the couch. Plus, the handy auto-cleaning function takes care of washing and descaling so your involvement remains minimal.

With futuristic smart home control putting ice production firmly at your fingertips, GE‘s state-of-the-art Smart ice maker is a must for tech-loving entertainers!

#10 Best Value Commercial Ice Maker: Cornelius 15CI100 Alpine Undercounter Ice Maker

Hankering after a commercial-grade ice maker minus the commercial price tag? The Cornelius 15CI100 Alpine undercounter model brings heavyweight capacity for a solid household value!

Pumping out an epic 100 pounds of crunchy nugget ice per day, it powers through house parties and large family demands with ease. The 25-pound onboard storage bin keeps ice piles chilled and overflowing.

Despite commercial-style production, the 15CI100 Alpine retains a compact undercounter profile at just under 15 x 23.5 x 22 inches. Lower profile makes for easier cleaning and maintenance versus larger chest-style models.

Best of all, Cornelius delivers this robust performance for just around $650 – an undeniable bargain for almost limitless ice on tap!

#11 Best Interactive Ice Maker: FirstBuild by GE Opal 2.0 Ice Maker

The ultra-advanced FirstBuild Opal 2.0 ice maker dazzles with its high-tech interactive features! Witness mesmerizing colored light shows as ice descends gracefully from production to storage bin.

Access a world of innovative recipe ideas within the companion app. Excel at mixology with the perfect ice for cocktails – think long, clear spears for Moscow Mules. Impress guests with flashing light cues as drinks chill.

Or keep things simple by using your voice to request ice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Launch cleaning cycles remotely from your phone so fresh ice awaits when you return.

With unlimited recipe inspiration and Boundless LED light customizations controlling the experience, the FirstBuild Opal ice maker combines ground-breaking interactivity with gourmet beverage enhancement!

#12 Best Under $200: IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine

If you crave pellet ice on a tight budget, the sensational IKICH portable model masters efficiency with excellent output up to 26 pounds per day. Quietly powering away on countertops, the first 9 ice cubes materialize rapidly within just 8 minutes!

Despite the low price tag, modern stainless steel styling looks far pricier for the style-conscious. Compact and lightweight at 14.5 pounds, portability and storage are a cinch. The included ice scoop and removable basket add convenience while keeping operating costs down.

While cheaper ice makers may compromise on quality or reliability, the IKICH punches far above its weight class across metrics to emerge as an astounding value! Satisfying pellet ice cravings doesn‘t need to demolish your wallet.

Ready to Bite Into Chewy Ice Bliss?

Well my friend, I hope this guide has you thoroughly prepped and pumped to upgrade your ice game with one of these phenomenal nugget ice machines!

No more drink dilution or messy spills. Just perfectly chewable ice that takes cocktails, lemonades and more to peak refreshing levels.

Your thirst will meet its cooler, crunchier match! But most importantly, embrace life‘s simple pleasures and have FUN munching away like a kid on these ice pellets!

Before you know it, the pure icy JOY bouncing around your tastebuds will send you merrily skipping towards planning your next soirée to show off your new ice maker toy! What are you waiting for…happy ice nugget snacking to you!

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