Mojo Review: A Thorough Evaluation As An App & Digital Platform Expert

As someone who has assessed over 3500 digital products, I frequently encounter innovators aiming to disrupt embarrassed whispers plaguing men’s bedrooms. Mojo, launching in 2019, has distinguished themselves as compassionate supporters of the underserved male community coping with sexual performance troubles.

After diving into Mojo’s multi-pronged approach uniting education, community and human experts – I must applaud their judgment-free solutions creating positive change for countless men already. Here’s my veteran review examining what makes this startup a formidable ally if you’re seeking discreet support beyond medication to reclaim confidence beneath the sheets.

What Is Mojo? Quick Facts Upfront

Before unpacking Mojo’s offerings, let’s quickly clarify what they provide at a high-level:

Key Details

  • Founded: 2019

  • Location: London, UK

  • Founders: Xander Gilbert, Angus Barge

  • Member Count: Over 60,000

What Mojo Provides

  • Digital platform for men seeking help with sexual performance/health
  • Community support forums to share experiences
  • Video courses, podcasts, events and meditations
  • Direct messaging with health experts

Now that you know the fundamentals, I’ll summarize how Mojo crafts personalized pathways to confront bedroom troubles pragmatically.

Mojo’s Mission: Destigmatizing Men’s Intimate Struggles

Co-founders and cousins Xander Gilbert and Angus Barge launched Mojo after sharing their own youthful erectile dysfunction woes transparently changed their perspectives.

They realized vulnerably discussing sexual health remains culturally taboo, yet likely one in two men grapple alone. Mojo courageously confronts assumptions that bedroom ability intrinsically links to masculinity.

The startup declares struggling psychologically from common issues like erectile dysfunction or rapid ejaculation should receive empathy rather than fueling shame. Their judgement-resilient environment nurtures honesty helping members pursue fulfillment on their terms.

This big-hearted ethos explaining why community comfort trumps solely transactional business interests has moved me since I first encountered Mojo. They walk the walk crafting inclusive spaces where men unsupported elsewhere find hope.

Who Can Benefit From Mojo?

Mojo holds space for any man feeling isolated in his intimate experiences. Core groups who especially stand to benefit include:

Men Experiencing:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature or Delayed Ejaculation
  • Low Sexual Desire
  • Performance Nerves & Anxiety
  • Effects of Pornography Habits
  • Need for Health Education Around Sexuality

I‘d estimate these encompass over 50 million American men and 250 million globally grappling quietly currently.

However, Mojo also assists those without clinically diagnosed conditions looking to enrich sexual self-awareness & technique, improve communication with partners about preferences or exploring fetishes ethically.

Demographic Appeal

Initially, the platform‘s format deeply resonates with exploratory millennials and Gen Z men familiar with leveraging online communities. But mentors in their 40s-60s noted courses delving into psychology and practical exercises proved equally suitable for reopening vulnerable topics with partners.

Essentially, Mojo builds spaces welcoming men across backgrounds. United by the shared experience of destigmatizing intimacies, members support through life‘s complexity no matter age or identity.

Evaluating Mojo‘s Digital Platform Offerings

As an app expert frequently demoing new products, I assessed Mojo‘s various features comprising their digital ecosystem with a fine tooth comb. Here‘s what members gain access to:

Central Offerings

  • Community Forum: Anonymously swap stories and struggles with thousands of peers facing similar issues

  • Videos & Audio Content: 100+ hours of courses led by experts examining psychological and physical factors influencing sexuality/performance

  • Ask The Experts: Receive confidential guidance by submitting questions to Mojo’s licensed clinical advisors

  • Meditations & Exercises: Short audio-guided mindfulness and physical practices to reduce anxiety

  • Online Events: Opt-in for interactive virtual meetups on topics like confidence building

Standout Aspects

I‘m compelled by how thoughtfully interwoven these touchpoints are, allowing men to engage actively or passively. If you prefer digesting lessons solo first before chatting with others grappling with dependence on pornography for example, you can refrain until ready.

Another praiseworthy element is how they continually enhance platform responsiveness based on member survey feedback. Rather than overpromising, Mojo focuses on iteratively improving existing components based on usage and suggestions.

Constructive Feedback

  • Content could be better structured into clear learning paths or units around subjects studied sequentially. Relying on podcast naming alone makes pinpointing desired topics trickier.

  • Mobile app navigation feels unpolished, yet offers shortcut access if web browsing feels too conspicuous initially.

  • Would appreciate adjustable meditation durations or supplemental video demonstrations paired with exercises.

Overall, Mojo makes commendable strides lessening frictions men confront pursuing intimate help digitally through tactical empathy other startups overlooking this cohort lack.

Spotlight: Mojo’s Team of Specialist Advisors

While community support proves invaluable, direct access to accredited doctors and therapists specializing in men’s sexual health exceeds traditional counsel expectations.

Expert Advisors

  • Sex Therapists
  • Urologists
  • Psychologists & Psychotherapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Intimacy Coaches
  • Medication & Holistic Experts

This interdisciplinary team covers multifaceted concerns from physical to emotional. Licensed professionals passionately aim to extinguish stigmas men withstand by building trust discussing topics individually expensive and vulnerable to open up about otherwise.

Confiding in someone neutral who has supported hundreds through turbulent transitions carries profound impact. It‘s a privilege I‘m grateful Mojo offers members through their compassionate experts sincerely bettering lives daily.

Highlighted Specialists

Silva Neves – Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist

With accreditations from the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists and United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy alongsideReferenceType : SuperscriptRef_Link :, 20,000 hours of experience mentoring clients through major intimacy breakthroughs and pitfalls helping members contextualize their journey is no small asset.

Dr. Roberta Babb – Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist

In addition, Dr. Babb lends a precise lens addressing underlying shame and trauma connected to sexual disorders as a seasoned forensic psychologist with expertise spanning personality development, race and gender dynamics.

This caliber of nuanced yet practical expertise available on-demand for members to query privately carries tremendous value. Comparing notes with peers walking similar roads is one piece – yet professional counsel on this scale typically demands prohibitive rates putting it out of reach.

Core Membership Options & Subscription Cost Analysis

Let‘s discuss specifics around pricing and subscription plans:

Free 7-Day Trial

  • Full access with no payment required upfront
  • Cancel anytime without charges

One-Time Fee

  • $68 total for lifetime access
  • Roughly $2 daily over a year

Subscription Plans

  • Monthly – $14
  • Quarterly – $28 / 3 months
  • Annual – $68 year

Cancelling simply requires contacting Mojo before the next billing date based on your selected cadence. Easy!

Value Comparison

How does Mojo stack up to traditional counseling costs? Well, most experts charge at minimum $100+ per hour-long visit. Even at short 25 minute sessions, you‘d spend $50 for brief check-ins.

Getting familiar guidance across specialities thanks to Mojo‘s candid forums and direct access to vetted mentors makes $68 an extraordinary deal.

Accessing this care privately without insurance hassles or waitlisting for therapists with niche expertise is nearly impossible otherwise.

Membership Verdict: 5/5 Stars

The value is frankly unmatched for the quality community depth & expert access bundled affordably. Compared to avoiding issues, investing in intimacy skills wields life-changing returns.

Mojo App Reviews Confirm Effectiveness Helping Men

With sky-high app review scores averaging 4.6/5 stars across nearly 80 members, satisfaction runs high. Men praise:

1) Feeling Understood

Members facing shame rarely connect “I‘m not alone” reading vulnerable shares from regular individuals just like them. The solidarity bolsters motivation realizing progress is possible.

2) Non-Judgement

Commenters felt comfortable opening up about taboos without embarrassment, crediting moderation keeping discussions constructive.

3) Actionable Guidance
Men relayed the courses, exercises and therapist instructions led to substantive confidence improvements beyond medication alone.

One member swore Mojo mixed psychology, mindfulness and education better than any approach he’d encountered pursuing intimacy help previously.

How Mojo Compares to Popular Alternatives

Now that we’ve weighed Mojo‘s features robustly, how do they stack against competitors?

Vs. Traditional Counseling – Mojo provides incredible value equipping men to handle vulnerabilities confidentially for a bargain. For live therapy, you’d spend $300+ monthly easily.

Vs. Medication – Drugs like Viagra manage symptoms without examining root emotional causes or providing community. Mojo’s holistic approach facilitates self-efficacy.

Vs. Wellness Apps – Meditation & fitness apps have boomed recently, but none center men struggling with sexual disorders specifically like Mojo.

Vs. Forums – Some web forums exist discussing sex openly, however mosy skew pornographic rather than overcoming performance troubles constructively.

Among digital health innovators specifically serving men’s intimacy empowerment, Mojo shines regarding well-rounded support breadth, value and compassionate tone.

They carve out an essential niche demystifying struggles by the bookish and boisterous alike. Members praise authenticity feeling seen, paired with privacy and constructive guidance – a rare trifecta.

Verdict: Mojo Proves Game-Changing for Men‘s Sexual Fulfillment

During my time assessing apps and digital service preparing this review, I’ve learned consumers crave connection more than ever. Yet spaces promoting candid intimacy discussions remained glaringly absent…until Mojo.

From erection troubles to coping with stress-induced early ejaculation, Mojo hands men bespoke tools minus judgment. Their formidable blend of community sharing, courses unpacking hang-ups and therapist access delivers unprecedented self-efficacy.

Mojo lights the way helping men write healthier narratives on their terms where sensuality intersects identity. If you‘re tired of tackling worries weighing down your enjoyment alone, consider letting Mojo walk beside you.


Start Your Free Trial To See If Mojo Resonates

You deserve to feel understood and empowered sexually on your own timeline. Here‘s to the journey ahead.

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