The Ultimate Meat N Bone Review: Your Guide to Premium Quality Meats

Introducing Meat N Bone

Meat N Bone burst onto the scene in 2018 with a mission to provide restaurant-quality meats to home cooks. Founded by friends Gabriel Llaurado, German Vollbracht, and Luis Mata, the company sources premium beef, poultry, pork, lamb, and seafood from top suppliers across the globe.

While based in Miami, Meat N Bone ships sustainably-raised proteins nationwide. The ordering process is seamless through their user-friendly website and app. Flash-freezing within 15 days of processing helps lock in freshness and flavor.

With offerings you‘d expect at a high-end steakhouse, Meat N Bone brings previously inaccessible cuts into home kitchens everywhere. Keep reading this comprehensive review for an inside look at the Meat N Bone difference.

Meat N Bone Highlights:

  • Carefully curated selection of premium cuts and proteins
  • Ships nationwide from Miami within 24 hours of ordering
  • Vacuum-sealed packages flash-frozen within 15 days
  • 100% grass-fed beef dry-aged for tenderness
  • Free delivery in Florida, competitive shipping rates elsewhere
  • Transparent sourcing from ethical family farms

In a market saturated with questionable quality and murky supply chains, Meat N Bone distinguishes itself through traceability, care, and culinary creativity.

The Meat N Bone Difference

As a discerning home cook, consistency, freshness, and responsible sourcing are non-negotiable when buying meat. Between the rollercoaster of quality at the supermarket and lack of transparency from meal delivery kits, finding check-all-the-boxes proteins can feel impossible.

That‘s where Meat N Bone shines.

They eliminate supply chain gaps by working directly with family farms to procure premium cuts. State-of-the-art vacuum sealing and flash freezing preserve freshness and flavor in transport. And exacting standards for breeding, feeding, housing, processing, and aging make for unparalleled eating experiences.

While many companies claim to source responsibly and ethically, Meat N Bone provides the proof:

  • Humane handling from birth through processing per Global Animal Partnership standards
  • Antibiotic and hormone-free proteins for better health and taste
  • Free range and pasture-raised whenever possible for natural diets
  • USDA Prime and Choice designations for well-marbled beef

For chicken, they exclusively partner with Pennsylvania‘s Bell & Evans—the gold standard for air-chilled, certified humane poultry in America.

Such conscientious sourcing translates to better lives for animals and safer, more nutritious meat for consumers. Reviewing Meat N Bone‘s offerings made it clear that shortcuts won‘t be found here.

The Meat N Bone Shopping Experience

Between the user-friendly website and lightning-fast app, ordering from Meat N Bone couldn‘t be easier.

Their online butcher shop lets you browse by protein or cut. Helpful filters like "best sellers" and "limited inventory" simplify navigation. And convenient sorting by price, weight, rating, etc. makes comparison shopping a breeze.

While everything looked tempting, I ultimately ordered the following for review:

  • Wagyu Picanha
  • 8-9 BMS Wagyu Flat Iron
  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
  • Berkshire Pork Chops
  • Atlantic Salmon Portions

The mobile app provides the same streamlined experience with location-based alerts for pickup eligibility. Expect white glove service whether you visit a Shoppe, opt for no-contact delivery, or swing through for curbside pickup. Either way, your order arrives expertly packaged in recyclable insulation.

Ordering Tip: Meat N Bone Discount Codes

Sign up for the Meat N Bone email list to receive 10% off your first order and occasional promo codes. Bundling certain cuts can also unlock 5-10% discounts automatically applied at checkout.

Meat N Bone Review: Assessing the Quality

Unboxing my order felt like opening Christmas presents. Each vacuum-sealed pack nestled perfectly in place around reusable ice packs. True to their word, all proteins arrived frozen yet showed no signs of freezer burn.

I gradually thawed cuts in the fridge before inspecting and cooking. Across the board, Meat N Bone‘s meat lived up to its branding with beautiful marbling, delicate fat ribbons, and mouthwatering aromas.

Here‘s an in-depth look at every item reviewed:

Wagyu Picanha

This triangular rump cap cut resembles a heart both visually and emotionally. Its balance of supple meat and lacy fat melts over an open flame for next-level flavor. I seared slices over binchotan charcoal before serving alongside smashed purple potatoes and charred broccolini. Worth every penny for a special occasion.

8-9 BMS Wagyu Flat Iron

With a "spine" of fat running through its center, the flat iron steak offers a tug-of-war between tender and rich textures. I kept seasoning simple with salt, pepper, and rosemary before hitting a ripping hot cast iron skillet. Slicing against the grain revealed a medium rare interior with incredible depth and juice.

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

Meat N Bone smartly sources antibiotic and hormone-free chicken from heritage breed leader Bell & Evans. These plump, pictured-perfect breasts seared up golden brown with crispy edges encasing fully-cooked, still-tender meat. The complete lack of woody texture proves the mastery of Meat N Bone‘s chicken. Bland chicken breast no more!

Berkshire Pork Chops

With deep pink hue and appealing marbling, these boneless Berkshire loin chops cooked up beyond tender. Their ample richness meant simple salt and pepper seasoning sufficed to let the natural flavor shine. I went for a reverse sear in the oven before crisping the exterior in cast iron. Fall-off-the-bone tender with a slight chew, these chops redefined my expectations of store-bought pork.

Atlantic Salmon Portions

Boasting ruby red flesh and visible fat ribbons, these wild-caught salmon portions were freshness personified. I opted for herb-crusted pan searing before serving atop lemony asparagus risotto. With each fork-flaking bite, the salmon‘s clean yet oily mouthfeel came through beautifully. This responsibly-sourced salmon is objectively restaurant-quality.

Final Verdict on Quality

Without question, Meat N Bone delivers on its promise of premium restaurant-caliber proteins. No off flavors, odd textures, excess moisture, or quality inconsistencies were detected. The meat quality shined brightly from first sniff to final bite across every single cut.

How Meat N Bone Stacks Up

The proof is in the proverbial pudding here. Still, I wanted to see exactly how Meat N Bone compared to competitors in this niche meat delivery space.

I compared price per pound and product offerings against two top players—ButcherBox and Crowd Cow.

While all three services provide 100% grass-fed beef and free shipping at certain order values, differences emerged:

  • Price Per Pound: Meat N Bone came out most affordable for premium cuts like ribeye and NY strip
  • Selection: ButcherBox takes the cake for budget bulk ground beef and chicken
  • Exotics: Crowd Cow is unrivaled for American Wagyu and imported Japanese beef
  • Seafood: Only Meat N Bone carries high-end salmon, shrimp, lobster and more
  • Pork & Lamb: Meat N Bone dominates niche breeds like Iberico, Berkshire, and Australian Lamb

While all three services fill a valuable niche, Meat N Bone emerges as the best bet for those wanting affordable Wagyu, boutique meats, and premium seafood.

Who is Meat N Bone Best For?

Discerning home cooks on a budget will appreciate Meat N Bone‘s transparent sourcing, boutique breeds, and affordable Wagyu selection. Time-strapped hosts will also love the seamless nationwide shipping and inventory exclusives.

Due to cost considerations, Meat N Bone likely won‘t become your sole protein source. Still, it occupies an important niche for milestone meals and everyday indulgences alike.

Overall, Meat N Bone earns my strongest recommendation for the following shoppers:

  • Seekers of affordable, domestic Wagyu beef
  • Lovers of sous vide and reverse sear preparations
  • Tireless hosts looking to impress dinner guests
  • Enthusiasts of exotic breed pork and lamb
  • Patrons of high-end steakhouse establishments
  • Supporters of small, sustainable family farms
  • Users wanting seafood beyond basic salmon

While I‘ll continue supplementing with regular grocery runs, Meat N Bone now anchors my special occasion cooking.

What Customers Are Saying

Beyond my own glowing review, Meat N Bone enjoys largely positive customer sentiment across various channels:

  • Google – 4.7 out of 5 from 292 reviews
  • Yelp – 4 out of 5 from 68 reviews
  • Instagram – 16.4k followers and counting

Happy customers praise generous portion sizing, premium quality, and excellent customer service. The few critical reviews mostly cite shipping delays or slight dryness on certain cuts.

Specific customer comments include:

"Their Wagyu NY Strip might be the best piece of meat I‘ve ever cooked at home. Worth every penny and can‘t wait to order again."

"The boneless short ribs were so tender and flavorful. Far better quality than what I can find locally for sure."

"The ribeyes I ordered were beautifully marbled. Cooked medium rare to perfection! Will definitely order more."

Customers agree that while not cheap, Meat N Bone provides exceptional quality at reasonable prices compared to equivalent restaurant cuts.

The Last Word on Meat N Bone

Meat N Bone impressed across the board throughout testing. Their thoughtfully curated selection, transparency around sourcing, and convenient ordering options are unmatched.

While everyday budget shopping is better left to bulk retailers, Meat N Bone occupies an important niche. When only the best quality will do for birthdays, anniversaries, and date nights, Meat N Bone delivers (literally and figuratively).

As the adage goes—"good meat won‘t come cheap." For premium proteins minus the premium price tags, this Meat N Bone review gives an enthusiastic thumbs up!

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