Is Xbox One Worth Buying in 2024? Let‘s Take a Close Look

Hey there! As an avid gamer and tech product analyst, whether to buy an Xbox One in 2024 is a question I‘ve thought a lot about. In my expert opinion, the Xbox One can still be a good purchase today, but only if you get it for a really low used price and set proper expectations around performance and lifespan.

For most gamers, I‘d typically recommend considering the newer Xbox Series S/X consoles instead for a better overall experience. But for the right budget-focused shopper, a used Xbox One can definitely still deliver tons of gaming value in 2024 and beyond!

Below I‘ll walk you through everything in detail so you can make the best choice for your needs. I‘ll be sure to simplify the tech jargon, provide lots of statistics, and give my objective insider perspective on both the pros and cons. Sound good? Let‘s dive in!

A Quick Refresher on Xbox One Models and Specs

Before looking at whether Xbox One is worth buying today, it helps to understand the different models available:

  • Xbox One S – This slimmed down 2016 variant has a 1TB hard drive, built-in 4K video streaming, and HDR color support. It‘s 26% smaller than the original.
  • Xbox One X – Released in 2017, this high-end model packs a 6 teraflop GPU and 12GB RAM to enable native 4K gaming. It outputs over 40% more pixels than the One S.
  • Xbox One – The OG Xbox One came out in 2013 focused on gaming. The bulky design houses a 500GB hard drive and 5GB RAM.

Below is a specs comparison table to see the core hardware differences:

Spec Xbox One Xbox One S Xbox One X
Release Date 2013 2016 2017
Size Big and bulky 26% smaller than One Same as One S
GPU Power 1.3 TFlops 1.4 TFlops 6 TFlops
Max Resolution 1080p HD 4K video only Native 4K gaming
Hard Drive 500GB 1TB 1TB
Price (used) $120 $150 $250

So in summary – the Xbox One X is the high-performance model, the Xbox One S is the mid-range option, and the original Xbox One is showing its age but still decent for the price.

How Does Xbox One Compare to Xbox Series X and S?

The latest generation Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S arrived in 2020. How does Xbox One compare vs these newer consoles?

  • 4K gaming – The Series X matches the One X‘s native 4K abilities and raises the bar with more stable framerates. The Series S targets 1440p HD gaming.
  • Power – With over 4x the processing power, the Series X runs games at up to 120fps with no slowdowns. The One X struggles more with demanding titles.
  • Load times – Thanks to the fast SSD storage in Series X/S, game levels can load in under 10 seconds rather than 30+ seconds on Xbox One.
  • Backward compatibility – All Xbox One games are playable on Series X/S. But Series exclusives like Starfield won‘t release on Xbox One.
  • Disc drive – The Series X includes a 4K UHD Blu-ray drive, but the Series S is all-digital. All Xbox One models have a standard Blu-ray drive.

So in nearly every area of gaming performance and technical specs, the Xbox Series X/S represent a big leap over Xbox One. But Xbox One can still run modern games decently…for now.

Estimating Xbox One‘s Lifespan for New Games

Given the Xbox One‘s aging hardware compared to newer consoles, how long can we expect new game releases and software support to continue?

Looking at previous console generations, we typically see the last-gen platforms slowly fade away around 5-6 years after the next-gen arrives.

For example, the Xbox 360 kept seeing new games for about 3 years after the Xbox One launched. And the PS3 overlapped with PS4 for around 5 years before fading away.

Applying a similar timeline would mean the Xbox One has around 2-3 years left of strong new game support, likely through 2025. Third party titles will still release on Xbox One but may not be optimized as well.

And major Microsoft exclusives like Starfield, Forza Motorsport, State of Decay 3 etc. will be designed for Series X/S and likely skip the Xbox One entirely.

So while the Xbox One should still run newly released games adequately for the next couple years, its time in the spotlight is inevitably coming to an end.

Used Xbox One Prices – What You Can Expect

One of the biggest allures of an Xbox One in 2024 is the ability to get it at a heavily discounted used price, often saving over 50% versus MSRP. Here‘s a look at average used prices from major retailers:

  • Xbox One S: $120 – $200
  • Xbox One X: $200 – $300
  • Original Xbox One: $100 – 150

Of course, prices vary based on console condition, included games or accessories, special editions, etc. I‘ve seen some good deals on Facebook Marketplace in the $100-150 range.

When buying used, be sure to test everything thoroughly and ask questions about the console‘s history. Check for things like:

  • Physical damage/wear on the console, cables, or controllers
  • Any overheating issues causing loud fan noises
  • Functioning disc drive and USB ports
  • Hard drive storage space available
  • Digital games or subscriptions included

Overall, the used market provides tons of opportunity to get an Xbox One at an affordable price – just be diligent in your pre-purchase inspection!

The Case For Buying an Xbox One in 2024

Now that we‘ve got all the background covered, let‘s dive into the core question: should YOU buy an Xbox One in 2024? Here are the biggest factors to consider:

Cost – There‘s no debating that buying a used Xbox One S or X for around $150-$250 is vastly cheaper than an Xbox Series S ($300) or X ($500). For budget-focused shoppers, the savings here are very appealing.

Back Catalog – With over 1,400 games released for Xbox One, you‘ll have an enormous back catalog to tap into as a new owner. Between big franchises like Halo, Forza, and Gears of War to third party blockbusters, there‘s endless playtime ahead.

Good Enough Performance – While dated, an Xbox One X can still deliver decent 4K 30fps performance on newer games for casual gaming. The One S drops resolution to 1080p but runs fine for most.

Accessory Compatibility – All your Xbox One controllers, headsets, cables and other accessories will work with a new Xbox One system saving you money. Even older Xbox 360 accessories are compatible!

For the right type of shopper on a tight budget who‘s okay with eventually upgrading again, I can certainly understand going the Xbox One route in 2024. It can definitely still deliver a lot of value at the right used price point.

Reasons You Might Want to Skip the Xbox One

However, for many gamers the Xbox One isn‘t the best choice anymore given its age. Here‘s why you may want to consider other options:

Less Future Support – As we discussed earlier, the Xbox One will slowly lose developer optimization over the next 2-3 years as Xbox Series X/S become the focus.

No Exclusives – Major Microsoft exclusives like Starfield, Forza Motorsport, Fable etc. will be limited to Xbox Series X/S only.

Weak Performance – Modern games with higher graphical demands will expose the Xbox One‘s performance limitations more over time. Framerates under 30fps will be common.

Small 500GB Hard Drive – With game install sizes ballooning over 100GB, the base model‘s 500GB drive doesn‘t offer much storage breathing room.

As a tech analyst looking at industry trends, I predict the Xbox One will start feeling quite outdated for gaming by 2025. So if you‘re looking for a console with a 5+ year lifespan, investing a bit more upfront in the Xbox Series S starts making a lot of sense.

Key Xbox Alternatives to Consider

Assuming your budget allows, what are the best alternative console options beyond Xbox One? Here are three worth considering:

Xbox Series S – For $300 brand new, the Series S enables next-gen gaming in a compact, all-digital package. It outperforms Xbox One X while costing only slightly more used. Downsides are no disc drive and less storage.

PlayStation 4 Pro – Sony‘s fastest last-gen console stacks up closely with the Xbox One X on specs and performance. If you favor Sony exclusives, this is their best previous-gen offering.

Gaming PC – Building your own gaming PC avoids the end-of-lifecycle issues of aging consoles. A budget build for around $800 will outclass an Xbox One. But it requires upfront effort on components and configuration.

Key Questions to Decide if Xbox One is Right For You

With all this information in mind, focus on these key questions to determine if picking up an Xbox One in 2024 ultimately makes sense:

  • What‘s your budget? The Xbox One only makes sense if you‘re spending under $250. Beyond that, just get a Series S new.
  • Which games do you want to play? Check that the titles that interest you will be available on Xbox One, especially exclusives.
  • Do you care about 4K? The Xbox One X is a good budget 4K gaming choice. Other models are 1080p.
  • How long until your next upgrade? If you tend to upgrade every 4-5 years, Xbox One should fit that timeline. Any longer and I‘d get a Series X/S instead.
  • Will you play the latest releases? If you mostly play new big-budget games annually, the Xbox One‘s performance disadvantages will be more noticeable.

The Bottom Line – Approach With the Right Expectations

Given all the pros and cons we‘ve covered, here is my final verdict as a gaming tech analyst on buying an Xbox One in 2024:

The Xbox One can still deliver good value in 2024, but only if your budget is limited, you temper graphical performance expectations, and you‘re fine upgrading again in 2-3 years. Otherwise, the Xbox Series S or X are better long-term investments.

I hope mapping out the key considerations around Xbox One vs next-gen consoles in 2024 helps you feel confident in choosing the right console for your needs and budget! Let me know if any other questions come up. Enjoy!

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