Is Mario Party Superstars worth it alone?

Mario Party Superstars, the latest entry in Nintendo‘s popular party game franchise, compiles boards and minigames from classic Mario Party titles on N64, GameCube and Wii. While it includes plenty of content for fans, Superstars is best enjoyed as a multiplayer experience with family, friends, or online players. For solo gamers, it unfortunately does not offer enough staying power or value.

Overview and Sales Performance

Superstars sticks to the core Mario Party formula – 4 players compete on board game maps to earn coins and stars by winning minigames after each turn. It features 5 boards and 100 minigames ranging from Mario Party 1 to 7.

Since its release in October 2021, the game has sold over 6.68 million copies as of December 2022 [1]. While not quite achieving the breakout success of entries like Mario Party 8 or DS, it has outpaced more recent installments on Wii U and Switch.

Critics praised Superstars for honoring franchise history and delivering quality online play. It holds a 76 Metascore on Metacritic [2] and an 8/10 user score [3]. Reviewers recommend playing with others rather than solo [4].

Mario Party Series Sales Comparison

Game Release Year Lifetime Sales
Mario Party 1998 9.55 million
Mario Party Superstars 2021 6.68 million
Mario Party: The Top 100 2017 1.60 million
Mario Party 10 2015 3.31 million

Lack of Depth in Single Player Modes

Superstars includes modes like Mt. Minigames for playing through all minigames solo or against AI. There is also a challenging Tiered Challenge mode. However, these options lack meaningful context or lasting appeal without others to compete against.

The most content comes from playing a full board against CPU players. But the predictability of AI opponents cannot compare to the spontaneous fun of playing with others. And with only 5 boards, replay value is limited.

Recent Mario Party entries have suffered from lack of content and depth in single player and even local co-op modes. As shown in the table below, Superstars has low boards and minigames compared to earlier titles in the series:

Mario Party Series Content Comparison

Game # of Boards # of Minigames
Mario Party Superstars 5 100
Mario Party: The Top 100 N/A 100
Mario Party 10 5 80
Mario Party 9 7 79
Mario Party 8 8 76
Mario Party 4 6 65
Mario Party 3 6 59
Mario Party 2 6 65
Mario Party 6 53

While the minigame selection is excellent, the amount of content falls short of earlier high points of the series. This provides less opportunity for single players to find value and variety.

Where Superstars Shines – Multiplayer

While solo play lacks depth, Mario Party Superstars transforms into an endless source of entertainment when played with others. The magic comes from directly competing and messing with real human players, not predictable AI.

Up to 4 can play on one console with Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers. Only one copy of the game is needed for local play, making it a great choice for family game nights, parties, and other gatherings.

For distant friends, online play is also seamless and robust. There are modes to play random minigames or full boards with custom rules. Experiencing the hilarious highs and lows of Mario Party with others online endlessly extends the longevity.

Endless Fun of Playing With Others

– Human competition and unpredictability

– Creative uses of mechanics against real people

– Laughing together at crazy outcomes

– Bonding over memories of classic minigames

– Sense of mastery from skill rather than luck

– Diverse mix enables all ages and skill levels to compete

The boards come alive and minigames stay exciting against real competition. With 100 minigames to experience, it will be a long time before seeing the same one twice in a play session.

Final Verdict

While Mario Party Superstars offers a stellar package of content for fans, it falls short as a solo experience. The lack of depth and replay value in single player modes simply pales in comparison to the endless entertainment value with others locally or online.

Unless you plan to enjoy Superstars primarily for multiplayer gatherings or with online friends, it unfortunately cannot be recommended as a solo purchase. But if you have opportunities to play with others, it provides an accessible, nostalgic, and endlessly fun Mario Party experience for all ages.




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