Is Modern Warfare 2 worth buying for the campaign?

For first-person shooter fans who enjoy an immersive, cinematic single-player experience filled with over-the-top military action, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign is absolutely worth picking up. While the expanded multiplayer offerings are the main draw for many players, MW2 features one of the most robust and polished single-player campaigns in recent Call of Duty history.

Breaking Down the Length of MW2‘s Single-Player Campaign

Based on early reviews and gameplay previews, the average playtime to complete MW2‘s campaign ranges from 6-10 hours, depending on the difficulty level chosen and your style of play. Here‘s a breakdown of estimated completion times:

  • Recruit difficulty: ~6 hours
  • Regular difficulty: ~8 hours
  • Hardened difficulty: ~9 hours
  • Veteran difficulty: ~10+ hours

Hunting for hidden collectibles and replaying missions to try different approaches can also extend the overall longevity. But compared to many other blockbuster first-person shooter campaigns, MW2 feels satisfyingly meaty right out of the gate.

How MW2‘s Length Compares to Other Recent COD Games

To put MW2‘s campaign length into perspective, here‘s how it stacks up against previous Call of Duty single-player modes according to estimates:

Game Main Story Hours
Black Ops Cold War 6-8 hours
Modern Warfare 2019 6-10 hours
Black Ops 4 No campaign
Modern Warfare 2 6-10 hours

As you can see, MW2 lands solidly in the sweet spot that fans have come to expect from premium Call of Duty campaigns.

Longevity Through Replayability

Beyond the initial 6-10 hour playthrough, MW2 offers incentives to replay levels, providing additional value for players who enjoy revisiting campaign content. Features like mission challenges, collectible hunting, and unlockable modifiers like Realism mode add a layer of replayability.

Some may also find enjoyment in replaying favorite missions to experience the impressive set pieces and cinematic moments again. The potential for co-op campaign play in the future could also extend mileage down the line.

MW2‘s Campaign Gameplay: Upgraded Mechanics Refine the Classic COD Formula

MW2 makes excellent use of Infinity Ward‘s latest IW9.0 engine, delivering slick next-gen visuals, photorealistic effects, and buttery smooth gameplay. The tight, polished Call of Duty first-person shooting fans expect is better than ever.

Destructible environments also add new tactical possibilities, allowing you to shoot through drywall or blast holes in walls. The advanced graphics really shine in areas with ray tracing enabled. Specular lighting, detailed textures, and photogrammetry assets help sell the heightened sense of immersion.

From a gameplay perspective, new heavy armored enemy types also force you to use creativestrategies. You can‘t just quickly mow down every foe, having to identify targets‘ weak points on the fly. This keeps the combat engaging.

Overall, the MW2 campaign maintains the trademark Call of Duty responsive FPS gameplay loop that feels so satisfying, while upgrading visuals and mechanics to take advantage of new hardware capabilities.

Notable Campaign Gameplay Features

Some other key gameplay features that help the MW2 campaign feel fresh and modern include:

  • Robust gunsmith system to customize your loadouts
  • A variety of distinct mission environments
  • Badass, high-tech tools like the drill charge
  • Heart-pounding sequences across land, air, and sea
  • Evolving objectives that keep missions dynamic

Does MW2‘s Campaign Story Live Up to Expectations?

The globe-trotting single-player campaign story in MW2 aims to recapture the tone and intrigue of the original Modern Warfare trilogy. Familiar faces like Captain Price and Ghost satisfy fans eager to see more of these classic characters.

The threat revolves around stolen Russian chemical weapons, driving the TF141 special forces team across the world on a dangerous mission to track them down. The narrative hits many of the expected dramatic military thriller beats you anticipate from Call of Duty.

Reviews indicate the campaign story is an engaging blockbuster romp filled with cinematic moments – even if not a hugely innovative departure for the franchise narratively. It leans into the bombastic set pieces people love about these games.

Could the writing have had a bit more nuance and depth? Perhaps. But MW2 delivers exactly the kind of gripping, action-packed military power fantasy that many fans are looking for.

Notable Campaign Story & Character Details

Here are some key campaign narrative highlights:

  • Returning characters like Captain Price, Ghost, Farah, and Soap
  • Missions across global hotspots like Amsterdam, Singapore, and Mexico
  • EpicSequences including a cargo plane assault and underwater infiltration
  • Weapons of mass destruction threat driving the plot
  • Betrayals, twists, and spy intrigue

How Does MW2‘s Campaign Stack Up Against the Best Recent CODs?

Based on early reviews, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 features one of the strongest and most polished Call of Duty campaigns we‘ve seen in recent years.

Many reviews consider it a return to form in terms of single-player quality after a few mediocre outings. Here‘s a sampling of professional review insights:

IGN 9/10 – "An outstanding first-person shooter campaign."
GameSpot 8/10 – "An entertaining thrill ride."
Destructoid 8/10 – "Infinity Ward is back on its bulls*** in the best way."

To put some context around these reviews, here is how MW2 stacks up against some of the top-rated recent Call of Duty campaigns:

Game Metacritic Campaign Score
Black Ops Cold War 76
Modern Warfare 2019 78
Modern Warfare 2 84

As you can see, MW2 sits at the higher end of recent COD campaign acclaim, outshining most installments over the past 5+ years.

Standout Missions That Showcase MW2 at its Best

During preview hands-on sessions, press and content creators highlighted some missions that really stood out as showing what MW2‘s campaign does best:

"Alone" – Survival Against Overwhelming Odds

This early mission takes cues from the fan favorite "Clean House" scene in Modern Warfare 2019, trapping you in close quarters combat with superior forces. Realistic audio design and tense cat-and-mouse action make it extremely immersive.

"Dark Water" – Undersea Infiltration

A later level set largely underwater provides an atmosphere and challenge never seen before in Call of Duty, along with stunning visuals.

"Recon By Fire" – Classic Sandbox Sniping

Sniper fans will love this wide open level allowing for creative long-range takedowns. It channels the classic "All Ghillied Up" mission from Modern Warfare.

Overall Campaign Set Pieces & Spectacle

Nearly every reviewer highlighted the outstanding visuals, set pieces, and cinematic moments throughout the campaign. The fast-paced variety keeps things exciting mission to mission.

Is MW2‘s Campaign Worth Full Price?

For some players, Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer modes and expanded Warzone 2 experience are the main attractions. If you plan to mostly stick to competitive online play, waiting for a discount on MW2 could be preferred.

But for fans who really enjoy blockbuster first-person shooter campaigns, MW2 provides more than enough thrilling content to warrant the full $70 purchase.

Between the ample 6-10 hour initial playtime, replayability, and the potential for even more value if co-op gets added, MW2‘s campaign really packs in content relative to the genre and price point.

The orchestra-quality musical score, next-gen visual presentation, and extremely polished action also help justify the premium.

The Bottom Line

While online multiplayer remains the crown jewel of any Call of Duty release, MW2 also offers one of the most robust and compelling single-player campaigns we‘ve seen in years from the franchise.

For FPS devotees who love an exhilarating, cinematic narrative experience to complement their competitive play, MW2 absolutely delivers. The campaign‘s scale, set pieces, length, and replay value make this a must-buy for true fans of the genre.

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