Is God of War Worth the Money? An Investment Analysis

Hey there, as an investment and data analyst, let me walk you through whether the new God of War Ragnarök game is worth the $70 price tag. I‘ll examine development costs, sales figures, reviews, and other key business factors to help you decide if it‘s a smart purchase.

The Verdict Up Front

After crunching the numbers, I can say confidently that God of War Ragnarök is absolutely worth the money for most gamers based on critical reception, franchise history, and the incredible amount of polished content you get. Fans of action adventures will find Ragnarök satisfying and well worth the investment. Keep reading for the full analysis!

This Game Cost Over $100 Million to Make

Now let‘s look at why God of War Ragnarök needs to command a premium price tag. Reports estimate the total budget for development and marketing exceeded $100 million. For comparison, 2018‘s God of War cost around $90 million.

That puts Ragnarök among the most expensive games ever made. For perspective, blockbusters like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 cost an estimated $170 million and $135 million respectively according to analyst Daniel Ahmad.

Here‘s a breakdown of where all that money goes:

  • Hundreds of developers working for years – Santa Monica Studio staff peaked at over 380.
  • Top talent like writers, composers, and actors – Stars like Christopher Judge and Danielle Bisutti.
  • Cutting edge motion capture technology to animate faces and bodies.
  • Incredibly detailed 3D models, textures, and environments.
  • Seamless gameplay with no loading screens requires complex programming.
  • Orchestral soundtracks are expensive to compose and record.
  • Major marketing budget for TV ads, billboards, promotional events.

So in short, a AAA title like Ragnarök requires a massive upfront investment measured in the hundreds of millions. A $70 price point helps recoup costs and turn a profit.

Franchise Reputation Adds Value

This isn‘t some new upstart franchise – God of War has been a PlayStation flagship series since 2005, selling over 51 million copies to date per Sony data.

Fans have literally grown up with Kratos across multiple console generations. That level of brand equity and trust is hard to build.

So in addition to development costs, you‘re paying for the expertise and learnings accumulated by Santa Monica Studio over nearly 20 years of making God of War games.

Main God of War Games Sales Figures

God of War (2005) 4.62 million units
God of War II 4.24 million units
God of War III 5.2 million units
God of War (2018) 19.5 million units
God of War: Ragnarok (2022) 5.1 million units (1st week)

As you can see, the last two games have really expanded the fanbase thanks to strong reviews and word-of-mouth.

The Reviews are Glowing

Speaking of reviews, Ragnarök is getting universal acclaim:

  • 94% critic score on OpenCritic
  • 94% critic score on Metacritic
  • 9.3 user score on Metacritic

Gaming experts are calling it an instant classic and one of the best games on PS5 right now.

Fans seem to strongly agree based on the 9.3 user score, which is nearly as high as the critic consensus.

This gives Ragnarök the highest review scores in the entire God of War franchise according to Metacritic.

So critics and gamers alike consider Ragnarök pretty much flawless in terms of gameplay, storytelling, graphics, combat, and more. That‘s hard to achieve in any medium, let alone a 40+ hour blockbuster game.

It‘s Breaking Sales Records

The glowing reviews are translating into massive commercial success. God of War Ragnarök has shattered franchise sales records:

  • Sold 5.1 million units globally in its first week.
  • Became the fastest selling first party PlayStation Studios title ever.
  • Currently #2 on the list of all-time best-selling PlayStation games, trailing only 2018‘s God of War.

For context, that beats out previous PlayStation megahits like Spider-Man, Uncharted 4, and The Last of Us Part 2 in terms of launch week sales.

Sony is forecasting a total of 12 million lifetime sales. If it maintains momentum, Ragnarök could potentially catch up to the 2018 God of War and its 19.5 million units sold.

Either way, the early returns make Ragnarök look like an absolute blockbuster and key pillar of the PlayStation business going forward.

You‘re Getting a Lot of Game for $70

Alright, let‘s talk content – what exactly are you getting for your $70?

Well, Ragnarök offers an absolutely packed adventure whether you focus on the critical path or fully explore the Nine Realms.

Just looking at the main story, most gamers report a playtime of 25-30 hours to complete. The 2018 God of War clocked in around 20 hours for comparison.

But Ragnarök has vastly more side content and optional areas to discover.

If you take the completionist approach and clear all the side quests, the playtime soars to 40 hours and beyond.

Some gamers have logged over 50 hours without finishing everything.

So you‘re looking at one of the longest and most content-rich narrative experiences on the PlayStation platform.

Very few story games offer this much gameplay for a single playthrough. It‘s practically two full-length games in one.

And it‘s not just about length either – the variety of locations, enemies, abilities, gear and set pieces keeps the action feeling fresh throughout.

No matter your playstyle, Ragnarök really lets you get your money‘s worth.

It Has Great Replay Value

Don‘t think Ragnarök is a one-and-done experience either. There are great reasons to revisit and replay:

  • New Game+ mode with all your gear carries over.
  • Higher difficulty levels offer new challenges.
  • Finding collectibles and secrets you missed.
  • Mini-games like Kratos‘s treasure hunts.
  • Completing favors for dwarven brothers.
  • Unlocking new armor, weapons, and abilities.

A single playthrough simply can‘t reveal all there is to see and do. Ragnarök is designed to reward ongoing engagement.

Between its length, depth, and incentives to replay, you‘ll be entertained for dozens upon dozens of hours. That‘s a ton of value per dollar spent.

It Keeps on Giving with Updates

And the developer Santa Monica Studio has already demonstrated a commitment to support Ragnarök post-launch with free updates like:

  • New Game+ fixes and features
  • Photo Mode to capture stunning images
  • Accessibility options to customize play
  • Balancing tweaks and bug fixes

This ongoing support extends the life of the game even further. Previous God of War titles didn‘t receive substantial updates, so this added value sets Ragnarök apart.

It‘s a Key System Seller

As a PlayStation console exclusive and major franchise, God of War Ragnarök also plays a key role as a system seller for Sony.

Fans invest in new PlayStation hardware specifically to experience God of War technology leaps like the PS5‘s fast loading and brilliant haptics.

So not only are you getting an amazing game, but one designed to showcase the capabilities of your PS5 or PS4.

First party system sellers are important for pushing the game industry forward. Your purchase signals that top-tier exclusives that push boundaries are worth investing in.

Hope this analysis helps explain why God of War Ragnarök commands premium pricing, and why it represents good value to devoted gamers based on critical reception, depth of content, and overall craftsmanship. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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