Is Glaceon V Rare? A Comprehensive Look at This Sought-After Pokémon Card

In one word – yes. Glaceon V is classified as an Ultra Rare card and is highly coveted by Pokémon TCG collectors and competitive players alike. But what exactly makes this icy Eeveelution so rare and valuable? Let‘s dive into the many factors that contribute to the scarcity and demand for Glaceon V.

Rarity Breakdown: Pull Rates for Glaceon V

All Pokémon cards have a rarity symbol – Glaceon V‘s rainbow ‘V‘ marks it as an Ultra Rare. With average pull rates of 1 in 8 booster packs for any V or VMAX, and over 100 other V cards in Evolving Skies to compete with, the odds of pulling a specific Glaceon V are about 1 in 152 packs.

According to market data aggregators like TCGPlayer, the estimated pull rate for this individual card is around 0.5% – meaning you‘d have to open approximately 200 Evolving Skies packs to expect to find just 1 copy of Glaceon V. Certainly qualifying it as a rare find!

Comparing Glaceon V Rarity to Other Eeveelutions

How does Glaceon V stack up against other Eeveelution Ultra Rares? The wider 1 in 8 V pull rate means your chances of specifically getting a Glaceon V are lower than older Eeveelutions released when V cards were rarer.

For example, Espeon & Deoxys GX (from Unified Minds) has roughly 1 in 72 odds. Umbreon VMAX (from Evolving Skies) is around 1 in 128. So Glaceon V is certainly on the rarer side, even among its exclusive Eevee company.

Glaceon V‘s Market Value and Price Trends

The market value of Glaceon V reflects its scarcity. Here‘s a look at the card‘s current value range:

Condition Market Value
Non-Graded (NM) $15 – $25
PSA 9 Mint $60 – $100+
PSA 10 Gem Mint $150 – $250+

Since its release in Evolving Skies, Glaceon V‘s value has steadily increased over time, outpacing many other Ultra Rares from the set. For example, the PSA 10 value has risen from around $125 to north of $200 in recent months based on sales data – a climb of 60%.

This indicates strong and growing demand as the card becomes more scarce over time. Compared to release, Glaceon V‘s market price has already nearly doubled for graded copies.

Why Glaceon V is So Popular

So what‘s driving this burgeoning interest and value for Glaceon V?

Appealing Pokémon

As an Eeveelution, Glaceon has an inherant collector appeal. The artwork by PLANETA Igarashi is also vibrant and eye-catching.


Glaceon V‘s ‘Heavy Snow‘ attack makes it a viable tech in Ice decks. Its Resistance helps in key metagame matchups.

Short Supply

As a newer card, existing supply is limited – especially for graded copies. But demand keeps increasing.


Modern Ultra Rares like this have potential to appreciate as they become rarer over time. Collectors view Glaceon V as a smart investment.

Experts Expect Continued Growth for Glaceon V

Professional graders and analysts routinely highlight Glaceon V as a moden chase card poised for future growth, as PokeInvesting explains:

"Glaceon V is certainly one of the top contenders for most investible Eeveelution in Evolving Skies. Expect steady, healthy gains in value over time as supply dwindles."

Its scarcity, playability, appeal, and the overall bullish TCG market all point to Glaceon V being an Ultra Rare primed for the long term. As both a collector and player myself, I‘m thrilled when I open a set and uncover this shining Glaceon!

TL;DR – Yes, Glaceon V is Very Rare!

  • Has Ultra Rare ‘V‘ rarity symbol
  • Roughly 1 in 152 Evolving Skies pack pull rate
  • Lower odds than many older Eeveelution cards
  • Strong demand drives increasing market values
  • Appealing Eeveelution with competitive utility
  • Modern rarity makes existing supply very limited
  • Considered a smart investment with growth expected

So in summary – the many factors covered here illustrate why Glaceon V is indeed among the rarest, most valuable, and most sought-after hits in the Pokémon TCG‘s current landscape!

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