Is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 worth it 2023?

As a long-time fan and expert on the Call of Duty franchise, I highly recommend picking up Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) in 2024. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share my insights on why MW2 is absolutely worth the investment this year and remains an excellent choice moving forward.

MW2 Still Delivers a Thrilling Solo & Multiplayer Experience

While some fans were skeptical about another Modern Warfare title so soon, MW2 meets and exceeds expectations across campaign, multiplayer, and co-op modes.

The globe-spanning single player campaign features the most immersive COD missions yet with photorealistic visuals and cinematic moments. Iconic characters, high stakes infiltrations, and shocking twists make MW2‘s 8+ hour story one to remember.

Multiplayer introduces groundbreaking new modes like Knockout and Prisoner Rescue that provide fresh tactics on beautifully crafted maps. The expanded Gunsmith offers over 600 weapon combinations for advanced loadout customization. MW2 retains the super tight, satisfying gunplay the series is renowned for.

Spec Ops co-op also shines with challenging team-based operations spanning stealth, defense, survival, and assault scenarios. Communicating and coordinating with a friend is thrilling.

Across all modes, MW2 demonstrates AAA production values and gameplay polish that makes every match intense and enjoyable. This is Call of Duty at its blockbuster best.

Here‘s Why MW2 Has Staying Power Throughout 2023

With prior Call of Duty games, player counts usually dwindle a few months post-launch. However, MW2 is poised to remain highly popular throughout 2023 and beyond for a few key reasons:

  • Integrated with Warzone 2.0 – The new F2P battle royale experience gives MW2 multiplayer expanded reach. Players can level weapons and gain XP for both games by purchasing the full MW2 package.

  • Seasonal post-launch updates – MW2 will receive regular content drops like new maps, modes, cosmetics, and in-game events. This will keep gameplay fresh and rewarding.

  • Well-designed core experience – Even without updates, MW2 provides some of the best balanced, addictive Call of Duty multiplayer to date. Matches stay fun and unpredictable thanks to the new perk system, weapon diversity, and expanded progression.

Based on MW2‘s stellar reception so far, I expect it to have one of the longest, most active player lifecycles in Call of Duty history. The updates through 2023 will only bolster its replayability.

Let‘s Look at Some Key MW2 Player & Sales Statistics

The numbers speak for themselves – MW2 is hugely popular among Call of Duty fans:

  • Over $800 million in sales during opening weekend, the highest ever for COD
  • Top selling game of 2022 in the US, surpassing heavy-hitters like Elden Ring
  • Player peak of almost 170,000 during the Steam launch weekend
  • 85% higher player retention than Vanguard & Black Ops Cold War at launch

These stats show players love what MW2 offers. The development team has struck a winning formula with this sequel that keeps hardcore fans happy while also attracting new players.

Why I Believe MW2 is Well Worth the $70 Price Point

I understand some gamers feel $70 is too steep, but for the quality and quantity of content MW2 provides, I believe it‘s fair value:

  • A 12+ hour campaign with high replayability alone is worth $30-40
  • Multiplayer offers over 20 finely crafted maps along with the extensive Gunsmith and Battle Pass system
  • Post-launch support will deliver at least $25 worth of extra maps, modes, weapons, and cosmetics
  • Playing with friends across campaign, co-op, and multiplayer provides hundreds of hours of entertainment

When you break it down, that‘s far more content than most $70 games deliver these days. As long as you‘re a Call of Duty fan, MW2 is absolutely worth the investment in 2024.

The Verdict – Buy MW2 If You Enjoy Military FPS Gameplay

In closing, MW2 checks every box for what makes a great Call of Duty game: stellar campaign, addictive multiplayer, and rewarding co-op. The overall quality, replayability, and post-launch support make it a must-buy FPS in 2024.

From the adrenaline pumping moments of the story mode to late night sessions grinding multiplayer maps, MW2 will provide countless hours of dynamic, polished entertainment. It retains everything fans love while pushing the series forward.

As someone who has played every COD extensively over the past decade, I highly recommend MW2. See you online, soldier!

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