How to Share your ChatGPT Conversations

ChatGPT has captured the imagination of internet users everywhere with its impressive conversational abilities. Naturally, many users want to save and share their chats with friends or the wider world.

While ChatGPT itself does not have a built-in sharing feature, it is possible to manually copy and paste conversations to share them across the internet. This guide will walk through the main methods for sharing ChatGPT dialogues and some best practices around ethical usage.

Copying and Pasting from the ChatGPT Website

The simplest way to share a ChatGPT conversation is to copy and paste it directly from the chat interface. Here‘s how:

  1. Go to and log into your account.

  2. Open the chat you want to share either by searching for past conversations or starting a new one.

  3. Highlight the portions of the chat you want to share by clicking and dragging your mouse over the text. The selected text will turn blue.

  4. Click the Copy button to copy the highlighted text.

  5. Paste the copied text (using CTRL/Command + V) into any text field to share it – for example, social media posts, blog article drafts, messaging apps, etc.

This manual process allows you to choose exactly which parts of the conversation to share. You can copy the full back-and-forth dialogue or just select the AI‘s responses or key highlights.

Generating Shareable Links with ShareGPT

ShareGPT is a free Chrome extension that makes sharing ChatGPT conversations even easier. After installing it, ShareGPT adds a "Share" button to your ChatGPT interface.

Clicking this generates a unique URL that will display the chat when opened. You can then paste this shareable link anywhere you want to showcase the conversation.

The benefit of ShareGPT is that anyone can immediately view the ChatGPT chat by clicking the link, without you needing to copy-paste large sections of text.

Where to Share ChatGPT Conversations

There are many online platforms where sharing your ChatGPT dialogues could provide value:

  • Social media – Give followers a preview of ChatGPT‘s capabilities with excerpts from funny or thought-provoking chats.

  • Blogs/websites – Embed shareable links to display educational ChatGPT examples inline with your content.

  • Messaging apps – Share real chats to give friends a personalized demo of the AI assistant.

  • Online forums – Contribute examples of ChatGPT conversations to discussions about AI language models.

  • Email newsletters – Send subscribers curated ChatGPT dialogues as engaging newsletter content.

The key is adding context around why you are sharing the chat and what you want readers to take away from the AI interaction.

Ethical Usage of Shared Conversations

When sharing ChatGPT conversations publicly, keep these ethical usage tips in mind:

  • Avoid simply copying long excerpts of text, which could constitute plagiarism. Summarize key points or insights in your own words instead.

  • Clearly attribute any shared content as being generated by ChatGPT. Do not claim the AI‘s words as your own original content.

  • Remove any sensitive personal information from conversations before sharing publicly.

  • Comply with ChatGPT‘s Terms of Service, which do not allow sharing content that is abusive, harmful or illegal.

  • Consider the educational value of the conversation. Sharing benign examples can showcase AI capabilities and limitations.

By being transparent and thoughtful about what ChatGPT conversations you share, you can help advance public understanding of this promising but sometimes concerning technology.

Formatting Tips for Readability

Use markdown formatting, headers, lists and paragraph breaks to make long ChatGPT dialogues easy to digest when shared:

  • Bold key statements or highlights
  • Separate speaker prompts and AI responses into separate paragraphs
  • Use bullet points to break up dense paragraphs
  • Add headers to introduce different conversation topics
  • Apply italics for emphasis or quotes

Proper formatting helps readers scan and comprehend shared ChatGPT chats at a glance.


While ChatGPT does not directly enable sharing conversations, with some simple copying and pasting (or using ShareGPT), users can easily showcase the best and most thought-provoking ChatGPT dialogues across the internet. This allows more people to interact with and learn from this groundbreaking AI system. Just be mindful of ethical usage as you share your chats!

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