How Rich is 21 Savage? A Deep Dive into the Wealth and Riches of the Chart-Topping Rap Superstar

According to the latest estimates from Celebrity Net Worth, rap superstar 21 Savage is currently worth a staggering $25 million. For a rapper who only burst onto the mainstream hip-hop scene in 2016, amassing a fortune in the tens of millions is no small feat. Let‘s take an in-depth look at how 21 Savage built his wealth and earned his place among the richest rappers in the game today.

Earning Over $9 Million Per Year from Music Sales and Streaming Royalties

The bulk of 21 Savage‘s wealth comes straight from his booming music career. Since releasing his debut EP in 2016, 21 Savage has emerged as one of the most successful and profitable rappers of the streaming era.

Consider the numbers:

– His 2018 album ‘I Am > I Was‘ sold 131,000 total album units in its first week, good for #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Across all platforms, RIAA reports it has moved over 2 million album-equivalent units.

– On Spotify alone, Savage has over 27 million monthly listeners. His Post Malone collab "Rockstar" has over 1 billion streams on the platform.

– As of July 2022, Savage had 9.1 billion total audio/video streams across all platforms.

According to Forbes, streaming brought Savage‘s annual income up to $9 million as of 2020. At his current listenership and release pace, he likely makes over $10 million per year just from music streaming and sales.

Cashing in on Lucrative Live Shows and Tours

On top of recordings and streaming, live shows and tours have added millions more to 21 Savage‘s wealth. His joint "Icy Tour" with YoungBoy Never Broke Again in 2019 raked in over $20 million in revenue.

Savage‘s current "Slaughter Gang Tour" is sure to be another big money-maker, with 22 dates across North America. With ticket prices averaging $150 and venues packing in 15,000 screaming fans per night, his tours will easily bring in upwards of $7 million in revenue.

Big Brand Endorsement Deals

Like other wealthy rappers, 21 Savage has boosted his fortune partnering with high-profile brands:

– In 2018, he signed a deal with Reebok to promote their new line of sneakers. Market experts estimated the deal was worth high six-figures.

– Vape pen company G Pen also brought the rapper on as a brand ambassador in 2019 in a deal rumored to be in the millions.

– He promotes products like Luc Belaire champagne and Caliva cannabis on his social media. While undisclosed, each paid post likely earns him a six-figure payday.

Combined, the rapper likely earns a healthy 7-figure annual income just from branding and endorsements alone.

A Multi-Million Dollar Car Collection

Being a rich and famous rap star, 21 Savage has spent lavishly on building up an insane luxury car collection. Some of his top whips include:

– **Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV** – Base models start at $335,000

– **Lamborghini Aventador** – A top-end supercar costing $500,000+

– **Ferrari 488 Spider** – Retails for around $300,000

– **McLaren 720S** – Priced around $299,000

– **Tesla Model X** – A top-line Model X costs up to $142,000

Experts estimate the total value of 21 Savage‘s luxury ride collection to be over $3 million. But expensive whips are far from his only extravagant purchase…

Real Estate and Jewelry

Beyond cars, 21 has dropped millions on luxury homes and lavish bling:

– In 2016, he purchased a gorgeous French-style mansion in Atlanta for $2.3 million.

– He owns expensive diamond chains and watches from brands like Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe that cost $200,000+ each.

– His custom diamond grillz cost upwards of $250,000 according to his jeweler Johnny Dang.

From his sprawling Atlanta estate to rocking diamond chains worth the cost of a house, 21 lives the lavish lifestyle of a multi-millionaire.

Investing in Promising Startups and Companies

While 21 spends big, he also smartly invests his money. As a seasoned artist and businessman, 21 Savage has made calculated investments in various startups:

– He invested $100k into Acorns, a micro-investment app now valued at nearly $2 billion. His stake could now easily be worth millions.

– He has also backed financial tech company Chime, social video app Triller, and commodity trading app Robinhood.

Though undisclosed, experts speculate his startup investments may total $10 to $20 million. With his savvy for picking winners early, 21 Savage has diversified his wealth through smart investing.

How He Built His Fortune

Looking at the numbers, it‘s evident how 21 Savage climbed the ranks to become a multi-millionaire rapper:

– Over 9 billion total streams earning him up to $10 million annually

– $20+ million touring and live performance income

– 7-figure deals with major brands like Reebok and G Pen

– A lucrative luxury car collection now worth over $3 million

– $2.3 million Atlanta mansion and millions in diamond jewelry

– Potentially $10 to $20 million earned from startup investments

At only 29 years old, 21 Savage is already worth $25 million and continuing to build his empire. While other rappers burn through their cash, Savage has handled his money wisely and diversified his portfolio. His wealth will likely keep growing for decades to come.

From Humble Beginnings to Mega-Millionaire

For hip-hop fans unfamiliar with 21 Savage‘s backstory, his rise to riches is all the more impressive given his modest origins. Born in Plano, Texas in 1992, Savage had a turbulent childhood and smoked his first blunt at age 8. After getting expelled from middle school in 7th grade, he moved to Atlanta‘s tough Eastside neighborhood.

With few opportunities, he turned to dealing drugs and gang life to survive. "I done lost so many friends, so many family members," Savage told GQ about the violent environment he grew up in. After losing his best friend and brother in a single night, he turned to music and rapping to escape violence.

Now just a decade later, against all odds, Savage sits atop a $25 million fortune few could have imagined when he was on the streets. His rags-to-riches story and money smarts are an inspiration for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs from similar backgrounds.

The Road Ahead

Having just turned 30 in October 2022, 21 Savage is still remarkably early in his potential career earnings cycle. With his touring, recording, and investments, his net worth could easily double to $50 million in the next 5 years alone.

As 21 himself rapped prophetically on "Bank Account": "I been gettin‘ to the chicken, countin‘ all the digits." With his money mindset, don‘t be surprised to see 21 Savage crack the list of wealthiest rappers worldwide with a fortune of $100 million or more in the not-so-distant future.

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