How rare is Hexalios?

Have you heard about the mysterious ultra rare Hexalios dragon in the popular game Dragon Adventures? As an investment analyst and dragon collecting hobbyist myself, I totally understand the appeal. Its glowing aquatic design is amazing. And being one of the rarest dragons in the game makes owning a Hexalios a badge of honor. But exactly how rare is this cosmic serpent? Is it worth the crazy amounts of coins sellers are asking for? After digging into the data and talking to experts, I‘m going to shine some light on the elusive Hexalios and other valuable dragons.

## Quick Rarity Facts About Hexalios

Before we dive in, here are the key stats on the Hexalios:

– Available only from Solar Star Egg Tier 1
– 2% hatch rate – 1 in 50 chance
– No boost from gamepasses
– Worth 1-1.5 million coins or 2+ Fayrahs
– Fewer than 500 exist in Dragon Adventures

So in a nutshell, the Hexalios is very rare thanks to some ultra low hatch rates! Now let‘s unpack why this colorful dragon is so hard to get and coveted.

## What Makes Hexalios Special?

So what is it about Hexalios that drives collectors crazy? For starters, just look at it! The serpentine body is covered in bioluminescent aqua scales that actually glow at night. It has a spiked collar, feathery wings, and a long whip-like tail. According to the Dragon Adventures wiki, the Hexalios can even shoot star projectiles from its mouth, which is fitting for a cosmic dragon.

But more than its looks, Hexalios is special because of how rare it is. As an analyst, I love crunching the numbers, so let‘s break down the rarity.

### It Hatches from One Specific Legendary Egg

The Hexalios can only be obtained from the Solar Star Egg Tier 1. This is a special legendary egg available for a limited time. Having just one egg source limits supply.

### Its Hatch Rate is Ridiculously Low

The Hexalios has just a 2% chance of hatching from the Solar Star T1 egg. That means 1 in 50 eggs on average will contain this aquatic beauty.

To give you an idea of how low that is, check out the hatch rates for other legendaries:

– Fayrah – 2%
– Volkumos – 0.5%
– Solarizon – 0.025%

So at 2%, Hexalios has much lower odds than common species like Taured at 95% or Howler at 60%. No wonder it‘s hard to get!

### Gamepasses Don‘t Boost Its Hatch Rate

Some dragons have their rarity offset by gamepasses that increase hatch rate. But Hexalios‘ 2% chance is fixed no matter what. That makes filling your quota of 3 Hexalios per account extra difficult!

### Only About 500 Exist in the Game

According to Dragon Adventures developers, fewer than 500 Hexalios dragons exist in the entire game. With over 800,000 active players, that‘s a crazy low supply!

### It Has an Awesome, Unique Design

Let‘s not underestimate how important looks are. The Hexalios has a one-of-a-kind aquatic design that really stands out. Collectors go nuts over dragons with cool, themed appearances.

So in summary, the Hexalios‘ insanely low hatch rate, limited egg source, lack of boosts, capped supply, and amazing appearance all contribute to its legendary rarity!

## What‘s the Hexalios Worth in Coins or Other Dragons?

Given how astonishingly rare it is, you‘d expect the Hexalios to sell for a high price. Looking at current trends, owners are asking for:

– **1-1.5 million coins** – This seems to be the typical asking price in trading channels.

– **2+ Fayrahs** – Fayrah is another super rare dragon worth ~700k coins. Players will swap a Hexalios for multiple Fayrahs.

– **High-tier legendary or exclusive dragons** – Hexalios owners will sometimes accept trades for brand new top-tier dragons that are in high demand but low supply.

So realistically, you need coins in the millions or other ultra rare dragons to have a shot at getting a Hexalios. And for sellers, that high value makes it very tempting to put your Hexalios up for coins rather than keep it!

## Tips and Strategies for Hatching Your Own Hexalios

Hopefully now you see why so many Dragon Adventures players covet the Hexalios! But trust me, I know how frustrating it can be trying to get one through random chance. After analyzing the data and talking to other collectors, here are my top tips for boosting your odds of hatching your own Hexalios:

### Use Hatch Rate Boosting Gamepasses

While they don‘t impact Hexalios, gamepasses like Lucky Egg DO boost the hatch rates for the Solar Star Egg itself. This will increase your chances of seeing the egg pop up. Once you get the egg, cross your fingers!

### Buy Eggs in Bulk During Sales or Promos

Sales on coins or eggs occur frequently. They let you stock up on tons of Solar Star eggs at a discount, mass hatch, and hope for that Hexalios miracle.

### Trade Valuable New Release Dragons

When new legendary dragons get released, their value skyrockets in the first days and weeks. Trade them fast while their value is peak! Owners are sometimes willing to swap for older rare dragons like Hexalios.

### Participate in Giveaways and Contests

Popular DA YouTubers and developers sometimes give out rare dragons as prizes for liking videos, joining groups, or entering contests. It‘s a small chance at a free Hexalios so worth trying!

### Offer Art Commissions or Dragon Leveling Services

If you have an in-demand talent like art or level grinding, some collectors may trade a Hexalios in exchange for your services!

### Buy Coins From Other Players to Fund Your Egg Addiction!

This one‘s a bit controversial, but many players buy DA coins from third-party sellers to avoid Robux costs. Use at your own risk though! An easier idea is to trade dragons directly for coins.

Ok, so hatching a Hexalios through random chance alone is tough. But using strategies like these can give you a significant edge over the odds. Don‘t get too bummed out over repeated fails. Take breaks to enjoy other aspects of the game, and eventually you‘ll have that ultra rare Hexalios of your very own!

## How Does Hexalios Rarity Compare to Other Games?

To better gauge the significance of Hexalios‘ 2% rarity, let‘s compare it to some mythical creatures and rare pets from other popular games:

– **Black Unicorns** in Mabinogi have a near-impossible chance of being encountered. Players can go years without seeing one!

– According to polls, over 60% of Adopt Me players have NEVER hatched a **Legendary** pet, and less than 3% have hatched a **Mega Legendary**.

– The rarest Fortnite skin, **Renegade Raider**, hasn‘t been seen in over 1,000 days. Owners number in the hundreds.

– **Shiny Pokémon** have a 1 in 4096 baseline chance of appearing in the core games. That‘s roughly 0.02% odds!

So with its 1-2% rarity, the Hexalios is certainly up there with other coveted rare creatures and items. Spotting a Hexalios roaming in DA is like seeing a real life unicorn – astonishing!

Now let‘s flip this and look at some easy to obtain pets:

– **Common** rarity Adopt Me pets have close to 80% hatch rate.

– **Rat** and **Cat** pets were available for free during events. Millions exist.

– **Wolpertingers** have a 15% hatch rate in Adopt Me and 43% with boosts.

– The **Taured** dragon has a 95% hatch rate in DA, making it incredibly common.

What a contrast! It really puts the Hexalios‘ miniscule 2% hatch rate into perspective.

## Other Rare Dragons and Their Odds

Hexalios isn‘t the only coveted dragon species in DA. Here are a few other rare beauties and their hatch rates:

Dragon Hatch Rate Egg Source
Solarizon 0.025% Starfall Celebration
Volkumos 0.5% Lost Magic
Venux 1% Mythical World
Fayrah 2% Sweet Shop
Alvernus 2% Scorchscar Wastes

As you can see, hatch rates below 5% tend to be very rare. Volkumos for example is 100 times rarer than a common dragon! So if your goal is an ultra rare collection, focus on legendary eggs with low percentage dragons.

Or for a better chance at *any* rare dragon, aim for limited eggs like Starfall that have multiple rare species. The pools are smaller so your odds improve.

## Final Thoughts on Hexalios Rarity

Phew, that was a lot of data and analysis! If you made it this far, hopefully you now have a solid understanding of what makes the Hexalios one of the rarest and most sought after dragons in Dragon Adventures.

To summarize:

– The 2% hatch rate is miniscule compared to most dragons.

– Low supply, high demand, and its beautiful design further drive up value.

– Getting a Hexalios requires tremendous luck or expensive trades.

– But boosts and strategies can improve the odds over random chance.

Rather than obsess over any one dragon, my best advice is to set fun goals, take breaks, and enjoy all the aspects that make DA such an amazing game. After all, the joy of playing is more important than any single rare pet!

But if you do decide to hunt for a Hexalios, I hope the information I provided gives you an edge. Let me know if you have any other dragon data questions! This analyst loves crunching the numbers and uncovering rare species insights.

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