The Ultimate Herbies Seeds Review: Your Guide to the Leading Cannabis Seed Seller

About Herbies Seeds: Experienced Seller of Premium Cannabis Genetics

Herbies Seeds has quietly established itself as one of the world‘s leading online retailers of cannabis seeds. Founded in 2004 by a pair of cannabis enthusiasts in the UK, Herbies started as a local operation focused on providing premium marijuana genetics to home growers across Britain.

As demand grew, the company expanded into selling internationally and relocated its operations to Spain where more liberal cannabis policies enabled scaling up the business. Today Herbies ships hundreds of thousands of top-shelf seeds from over 40 world renowned breeders to happy customers across the globe.

Throughout its rapid expansion, Herbies has stayed true to its founding mission – promote and preserve high quality cannabis genetics for all. Their team of experts carefully curate only the best marijuana strains, while providing growers the education and support needed to achieve epic harvests.

From taste and potency, to yields and ease of growth, this in-depth Herbies review will analyze all aspects of the seeds available at to help you make the most informed decisions for your grow.

Herbies Seeds: At A Glance

Before getting into the nitty gritty details, here is a high-level overview of Herbies‘ core strengths and weaknesses:


  • Massive seed catalogue with over 1500 strains from 40+ world famous breeders
  • Specializes in ultra high quality genetics from premium breeders
  • Discreet global shipping to 100+ countries
  • Excellent customer service and support system for growers
  • Frequent sales and promotions, loyalty rewards program
  • Accepts various payment options like crypto


  • No free shipping unless meeting order minimums
  • Limited selection of high-CBD, 1:1 THC:CBD ratio strains
  • Smaller auto-flowering strain selection compared to regular photo-period seeds
  • Rare instances of orders being confiscated or lost in the mail

As you can see, there is a lot more to love than not about Herbies. They are the leaders for good reason – amazing genetics, service, support and sensible policies.

Next up, we dive deeper on reviewing key aspects of the Herbies experience…

Reviewing Top Herbies Cannabis Strains

One of the best parts of ordering from Herbies Seeds is the incredible diversity of marijuana varieties available. Let‘s analyze some of their most legendary strains to showcase the quality you can expect:

Zkittlez by Barney‘s Farm – Sweet, Fruity Perfection

This multiple Cannabis Cup winning hybrid has become legendary in cannabis circles for its out-of-this-world tropical flavors and balanced high. Herbies offers two superb genetic lines of Zkittlez – the original award winner from Barney‘s Farm and a more recent cross with flavor-bomb Gorilla Glue dubbed Gorilla Zkittlez.

Both capture the essence of Zkittlez – intense fruity candy aromas, flavors like a mixed fruitbasket, and a relaxing yet creative body and head high blend. These strains exhibit excellent resistance to pests and mold, produce abundant sticky buds, and have an easy-going growth structure perfect for novice growers.

If you love exotic, dessert-like strains, this sweet treat needs to be in your garden!

Ice Cream Cake by Seed Junky Genetics – Potent Frost Factory

This next feature strain reveals the ultra premium caliber of genetics Herbies offers access too. Ice Cream Cake comes from legendary breeder Seed Junky, creator of world-renowned strains like Wedding Cake and Kush Mints.

Only a select few seedbanks have permission to carry Seed Junky‘s prized creations and Herbies is one of the exclusive partners.

What can you expect from Ice Cream Cake? For starters – absolutely incredible bud density, frost levels and bag appeal. We‘re talking thick, rock hard nugs glistening with trichomes and vibrant pink-purple hues. The flavor is a perfect blend of sweet vanilla cake and rich funky gas. The high provides relaxing body effects while keeping your mind stimulated and creative.

From growth traits to finished product quality, Ice Cream Cake exceeds expectations across the board. The one downside is smaller than average yields, but the potency and sheer frost factor makes up for it big time!

Gorilla Glue #4 by GG Strains – The Sticky Icky

No list of legendary strains is complete without the almighty Gorilla Glue #4. This multi-award winning hybrid has achieved an almost mythical status in cannabis culture thanks to its insanely sticky buds and couch-locking potency.

Herbies offers not only the original cut of GG4, but also many variations crossed with other flavors like Zkittlez, Strawberry, Diesel and more.

The common theme – these are some of the stickiest, stinkiest plants you‘ll ever grow! Buds dense as rocks, covered with fuzzy trichomes that stick to everything they touch. Expect huge yields too thanks to the Gorilla Glue genetic‘s rapid growth.

Just be sure to properly support the heavy flowering branches late in bloom. The high delivers a heavy-handed euphoria, great for nighttime use helping with pain relief and sleep issues. Any lover of Chems will feel right at home with the GG4 family tree.

Unbeatable Value & Reliability

Beyond access to elite strains, what really sets Herbies apart from other seed banks is the total value and reliability they provide customers.

Let‘s start with costs – Herbies seeds are extremely fairly priced, especially when factoring in frequent sales and special offers. Their loyalty program provides buy 10 seeds, get 1 free rewards, plus freebies added to hauls over certain order values.

Subscription to their e-mail newsletter also nets buyers periodic promo codes for 10-25% off orders.

When it comes to safely getting your seeds from their Spain facility to your door, Herbies has that dialed in through years of worldwide shipping experience. All orders ship in protective packaging with stealth and tracking options available to give customers further peace of mind. Even still, they guarantee delivery, re-sending packs seized by customs for free.

Should any issues come up with germination or plant health, Herbies also has generous return, replacement and refund policies in place.

Simply put – this is an established seedbank you can trust fully with your business. Compared to fly-by-night operations, that trust and assurance is invaluable.

Herbies vs Competitors – Best Seedbank for You?

Herbies has clearly separated themselves from most online seed retailers in quality and reliability. But how do they stack up against top competitors? Let‘s compare to two other leading international seedbanks:

Herbies vs CropKing Seeds

Canada-based CropKing provides an easier purchasing option for customers in North America. However their strain selection is smaller with less exotic/unique genetics available. Prices also run slightly higher on average vs Herbies.

CropKing‘s major advantage is faster shipping times to the USA and Canada. But Herbies stealth worldwide shipping still reliably gets most packs to any country safely.

Both have great reputations for customer service and stand behind their products fully. Ultimately Herbies takes the crown thanks to its expansive strain catalogue filled with so many exclusive, award winning varieties.

Herbies vs Seedsman

Seedsman is another industry staple, competing closely with Herbies in years of reliable service and range of inventory offered.

Pricing is quite similar across popular strains. Seedsman boasts a massive selection of 1800+ strains vs Herbies 1500+, but Herbies counters with more options from top exclusive breeders.

When it comes to freebies, promos and rewards programs, Seedsman and Herbies again are evenly matched providing great long term value.

At the end of the day customers flock loyally to both banks because they simply deliver as promised, shipment after shipment. Your choice ultimately comes down to individual strain preferences, but you honestly can‘t go wrong partnering with either for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully this review has captured why Herbies Seeds has come out on top of the cannabis world. Now let‘s wrap up by answering some common questions customers have:

What payment options are available?

Herbies accepts Visa & Mastercard credit cards, Bitcoin, bank transfers, cash and postal money orders. Using cryptocurrency provides customers enhanced privacy and security.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping times vary based on destination but average 2-4 weeks delivery to North America and Western Europe. Express shipping accelerates that to 5-8 business days.

What are the average germination rates?

Customers report 80-90% average seed germination success across popular Herbies strains. Follow best practices like pre-soaking in water to maximize viability rates.

Does Herbies offer a delivery guarantee?

Herbies guarantees you will receive your order intact, re-sending free replacements for any packs lost or confiscated in transit.

Are there any restrictions ordering seeds in the USA?

Cannabis seeds are fully legal to purchase and posses under US federal law. There may be limitations imposed by some individual state laws however.

Start Your Herbies Grow Today

After reflecting on the key elements that set Herbies Seeds apart, hopefully you agree with so many growers worldwide – this is the ultimate source for your cannabis genetics needs.

Their devotion to maintaining high quality standards across the board makes your path from seed to harvest smoother and more fulfilling.

Browse their massive, expertly curated strain selection today at Herbies Head Shop to start upgrading your garden with exclusive designer genetics!

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