The Top Destination for Serious Air Gun Enthusiasts – An In-Depth Airgun Depot Review

As an air rifle reviewer and hobbyist with over a decade of hands-on experience, few things bring me more joy than discovering a specialty retailer catering specifically to our community‘s passion. The team of fellow air gun devotees at Airgun Depot do just that by providing access to an unmatched selection of nearly 1,500 models from over 75 top brands – many unavailable anywhere else.

But are they worth your business? Does Airgun Depot live up to their reputation with today‘s shoppers? I put them under the microscope in this complete 2023 review.

Overview of Airgun Depot

Founded in 2002 by Scott Thomas and Todd Holmberg, Airgun Depot set out to bridge the gap between mainstream retailers with basic entry-level air rifles versus the needs of seasoned enthusiasts. Realizing the vast majority of local stores primarily focused on beginner models, they spotted a need for specialty equipment the true air gun obsessed clamored for but couldn‘t easily purchase.

From their initial Utah warehouse, Airgun Depot has grown over the past 20 years into one of America‘s largest distributors of specialty air guns. They now operate an additional 10,000 sq ft facility in Ohio to improve shipping times nationwide, plus keep over 60 avid staff members on hand to expertly cater to customer needs.

Why Choose Airgun Depot?

Unlike big box stores that view air rifles as an afterthought, Airgun Depot lives and breathes delivering the best selection and service to fellow air gun lovers. Here‘s what sets them apart:

Massive Selection – Name a niche European manufacturer or limited edition run – chances are Airgun Depot carries it alongside all the best from mainstream brands. Over 1,500 models and counting from 75+ top producers.

Rare Finds – As primary distributor for several boutique workshops, they frequently score exclusive production runs you won‘t find anywhere else. Limited editions sell out fast.

Prices & Promotions – Sales, coupons and stacking discounts reward loyal customers with significant savings on already fair prices.

Customer Service – Real experts on staff, not just order takers. Patiently answer every question and recommend perfect products to match needs/budget.

Simply put, you‘ll waste less time and money guessing with the specialists at Airgun Depot who live for this hobby.

Now let‘s dig into the main offerings and top brand options…

Airgun Depot‘s Core Offerings

While primarily spotlights their enormous variety of specialty air rifles and pistols, several other categories deserve attention:

Ammunition – A spectrum of pellets, BBs, slugs and rounds for any model air gun or caliber requirement. I recommend testing multiple types to find your gun‘s preference.

Targets & Traps – Hone your aim with paper bullseyes, rotating decoys, metal spinners and electric resetting traps.

Safety Gear – Protect ears and eyes while shooting. Vital for young and new shooters. Essential for anyone.

Beyond models and ammo, Airgun Depot stocks cleaning kits, storage cases, bipods, scopes and rings, slings and pretty much every accessory you need. Now let‘s spotlight key brands…

Notable Air Gun Brands Available from Airgun Depot

While stocks evolve week to week, especially for boutique labels, popular flagship brands you can expect to shop for include:

Benjamin – Known for big bore, high powered PCP rifles made right in the USA. The Marauder and Bulldog lines win awards year after year for their combination of strength, value and tack-driving accuracy.

Diana – Respected German airgun crafters since 1890. Their break barrel Stormrider Gen 2 stands atop recommendation lists for entry level hunters thanks to its smooth cocking and recoil dampening technology. Also builds legendary limited run commemoratives.

Gamo – Producing air guns in Spain since the 1960s, Gamo engineers powerful yet practical rifles utilizing proprietary advances like their Whisper Fusion and Smooth Action Trigger. Budget minded but still deadly accurate. Love their Swarm line.

Hatsan – This Turkish manufacturer churns out high quality PCP, break barrel springers and CO2 rifles at reasonable prices. Their economy priced BT65SB .22 cal trainer outperforms many models double the cost.

Seneca – Known for large caliber dragon‘s breath PCP models like the Aspen and Dragon Claw purpose built for hunting strength yet silky smooth side levers.

Umarex – Focusing primarily on replica rifles modeled after legendary powder burners using shell ejecting CO2. Extremely realistic and fun for plinking and training. Their legendary Steel Storm full auto BB pistol made waves.

Beyond the big brands, that limited production run from a custom Italian workshop may catch your eye…and no surprise supply won‘t last!

Let‘s spotlight some of my favorite Airgun Depot products next.

Hands On: Review of Top Airgun Depot Air Rifles

With access to over 1,500 models I can‘t easily decide, but here are 7 must-see air rifles along with my personal impressions having tested them myself the past few years:

1. FX Impact MKII

Arriving in a gorgeous locking hard case, this competition ready Swedish stunner wowed my shooting buddies from the first shot. Adjustable in a million ways thanks to the smooth Side-Shot magazine, twin power plenums and Match Trigger. Expect surgically precise accuracy shrinking groups even at long distance thanks to the 500mm barrel. Tuned for JSB pellets but will shoot most high end rounds.

Easily the most accurate and modular PCP platform I‘ve personally shot. Worth the hefty pricetag for serious match shooters able to exploit its full potential. Expect to invest further in upgrades too.

2. Air Arms S510 XS Ultimate Sporter

A perennial must-have recommendation for intermediate marksmen ready to step up, this English charmer has graced the cover of many an air gun publication. The military spec trigger shoe provides crisp, clean pulls while the adjustable butt pad and cheek piece allow comfortably repeatable head placement.

The bundled Hawke 4-16×50 Sidewinder scope proved a perfect match mounting easily to the Picatinny rail. Shooting JSB Exact Heavy domes, 3-shot groups routinely fell within a dime‘s width at 50 yards. For a pure hunting rifle rather than competition, look to Airgun Depot‘s exclusive S510 Xtra FAC model with upgraded Walnut stock. Regarding quality at its price point – outstanding!

3. Umarex Origin

While clearly an entry level spring piston rifle, the Origin impresses with its refinement and accuracy belying its economical price tag. The 2-stage trigger provides positive feedback, the vented recoil pad softens successive shots while the 4x32mm scope lined up crossthairs with little fuss.

Pellet after pellet, this fused metal receiver rifle drove round after round through the same hole in targets from 10 to 30 yards. Is it a dazzling work of art? No, but for under $150 few trainers perform this reliably either. Kudos to Umarex on a real budget winner.

4. Hatsan 135 QE Vortex

Turkish air gun giant Hatsan has built a reputation for power, value and hardiness. Their QE Vortex line epitomizes that formula by mating a gas piston power plant to option of 4 different full size calibers. The sinister tactical profile certainly intimidates, as does the skull cracking 35+ FPE (foot pounds energy) across the range.

That hits hunting/pest control levels yet the Quattro 2-stage match grade trigger allows fine index finger control on demand. Add the adjustable plate butt pad to soak up recoil and picatinny optics rail to equip your desired scope. For those desiring big bore backyard power backed by quality craftsmanship and a 5-year warranty – shortlist it.

5. Sig Sauer ASP20

Renowned for their exceptional line of powder burner pistols and rifles, Sig Sauer only recently brought that experience to the air gun realm. But as the ASP20 demonstrates, they aim for top marks across metrics that matter most to enthusiasts. Illuminated reticle glass, match grade trigger adjustable for pull weight and travel, ambidextrous stock and smooth side lever action.

Powered by a regulated 2000psi removable tank, each shot as consistent as the next. Putting .22 cal JSB pellets on target was child‘s play from ready position. Is it the prettiest? Perhaps not, but the ASP20 brings advanced professional performance worthy of the battle proven Sig moniker without breaking your budget.

6. Gamo Swarm Maxxim

While the Spanish air gun masters at Gamo perform magic infusing value priced rifles with performance penetrating well above their cost, the Swarm Maxxim deserves applause for also silencing shot sounds. Many under $200 trainers bark loudly enough to necessitate ear protection. Enter Maxxim multi-stageWhisper fusion to drastically mute muzzle rumble.

Combined with the custom tuned trigger and included 3-9x40mm scope, young or recreational shooters can actually hold conversations while enjoying hours of target tagging entertainment. Does it compete for accuracy honors with Olympic class PCP models? Of course not, but also costs 5x less. Hard to beat fun for dollars!

7. Benjamin Marauder Synthetic

No list of legendary American made air rifles omits the Benjamin Marauder. This Hunting PCP rifle resets the standard in its price and power class every generation since launch over a decade ago. And the latest Marauder enhances the blueprint even further with capacities up to 18 rounds and a user adjustable trigger traveling mere millimeters.

The sleeve shrouded barrel significantly reduces pellet fragility from the 1100+ fps velocity, preserving precious energy on target downrange rather than atmosphere. All while sounding less disruptive to neighbors thanks to integrated sound suppression technology.

Combiningcustom shop quality with retail affordability, the Marauder Synthetic demonstrates why this versatile PCP platform serves as basis for competition rifles costing exponentially more.

Whether tackling tin cans, paper bullseyes or bushy tails, the Marauder rarely disappoints – an emphatic recommend!

Must Have Airgun Depot Accessories

A quality air rifle represents only the beginning. Be sure to also pick up:

Ammo – Unless bundled, rifles ship without pellets or BBs. Test a variety of styles to determine preferences. JSB Exact domes rarely disappoint.

Eye Protection – Vital! Ricochets and deflected pellets risk vision. Invest in durable glasses and insist especially young shooters wear them.

Targets – Hone skills with paper bullseyes, spinners, resetting mechanical traps and more. Measure accuracy with sight-ins.

Gun Case – Protect investment with padded soft case at minimum, hard shell preferable. Avoid dings in transit. Keep dust free.

Cleaning Kit – Swab the bore regularly to maintain precision and velocity. The right bore snake with solvent makes quick work.

Invest in the essentials early to maximize enjoyment while preventing damage. Now let‘s wrap the review with some insider tips…

Pro Tips for Airgun Depot Shoppers

After a decade testing and reviewing equipment for leading air gun publications, here are my top insider tips:

Subscribe & Save – Join their email newsletter for 5-20% off initial order plus learn about limited inventory heads up and members only sales.

Buy Ammo In Bulk – Big variet packs allow testing to determine ideal pellets per rifle without breaking bank when you settle on a favorite.

Try Before You Buy – Many local clubs have temporary memberships where you can test models first hand before purchasing.

Inquire On Arrival Times – Limited production run rifles sell FAST. Email ahead to confirm still in stock and estimated delivery date for hot items.

Review Return Policy – Know the process and terms should rifle not meet expectations or arrive defective so no surprises.

Hopefully these tips combined with the hands on product reviews and recommendations give confidence to shop Airgun Depot‘s incredible selection. Let‘s wrap with my final verdict.

The Verdict: Is Shopping at Airgun Depot Worth It?

If you desire hard to find specialty air rifles from exclusive niche manufacturers unavailable elsewhere, absolutely shop!

Their unmatched inventory spanning over 1,500 models from 75 top workshop combined with discounts and legendary customer service makes Airgun Depot a must-visit site for veteran air gun owners.

Consider them your specialist personal shopper who cuts through marketing hype to expertly match you with your ideal air gun at the best price. I‘m delighted to name Airgun Depot a top recommended online retailer after years of positive experiences.

To grab 10% off your first order, remember coupon code NEW10 at checkout!

Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy Shooting and enjoy whichever new air rifle you add to your collection!

Paul Anderson
Air Rifles Reviewed

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