5 Consequences You Need to Know About Going to Bed Hungry

Are you wondering how going to bed hungry could affect your sleep and health in general? Then, this article should be your learning direction. Read more!

According to an article by the explained that the food we eat translates to our state of health and wellbeing, and this supports the common proverb which says “Health Is Wealth”. The greatest wealth for mankind is their health because having wealth without health is insignificant.

Therefore, it is necessary we supply our body with the required food nutrients in order to ensure normal growth and development. Nevertheless, taking too much food is harmful to our body either in the day or at the night, as it has more harm than good to the body. This enlightens us in putting a scale of measures while consuming our food.

Hunger in the night may only need you to take some protein-rich snacks or tea, rather than you taking a heavy meal before going to bed as it can affect your sleep and put the body to risk in coming up with an infection or disease. It is advisable you consume a heavy meal during the day to compensate for the small energy you will be getting from food in the night.

Going to Bed Hungry

This article will enlighten you more on the consequences attached to going to bed hungry at night as it translates to your general state of health and wellness. Below is what you need to know!

What Consequences Going to Bed Hungry Offers?

Help In Weight Gain

You would be surprised when you hear going to bed hungry could promote your weight gain. I know you would try to reason it out and say “How?”

Don't forget when you skip the night meal without a previous dinner in the evening; you may end up eating any junk food you see when you wake up in the morning.

Weight Gain with Bed Hungry

During the night, your body is making use of the little energy from your body and also those derived from fat and protein deposits, therefore, you will not resist the urge to eat anything you see when you wake up.

We can conclude that depriving yourself of food may lead to your wrong choices of food, which can facilitate your unnecessary weight gain and do you more harm.

You might be interested in burning calories while you sleep,  pick here now, and we'll tell you.

Reduce Insulin Level and Function

Eating a healthy and balanced diet at regular meal intervals keep body Insulin at a normal level. When you go to bed hungry, your body insulin level drops since your body does not have excess glucose for it to take up.

Reduce Insulin Level and Function

Insulin is a hormone that helps control blood glucose levels by signaling the liver, muscle, and fat cells to take in glucose from the blood when the level is high which are released when the body needs the energy to function.

Though, the process of insulin reduction does not work for patients with diabetes as their body can't produce the required insulin to remove the excess glucose. That's the reason behind the frequent rise in their blood sugar level. Therefore, those patients with the underlying condition should consult their respective doctors to know the best measures they have to adopt.

Low level of insulin is also dangerous to healthy individuals because it can cause complications such as high blood sugar level, dizziness, headache, weakness, decreased body mass, etc.

Mood Swinging

You will agree with me an angry episode takes over whenever hungry sets in and no food are available to eat or a circumstance is preventing you from eating. Then you see your mood swings, feeling angry and irritated. Exactly the same scenario when you starve yourself before bed.

Mood Swinging

The science behind mood swings as a result of not eating is attached to fluctuating serotonin levels. Therefore, when the starving period keeps longer, so the serotonin drops and mood swings continue to worsen.

Reduces Energy Production

Our body is designed by nature to work on energy in executing various processes that take place. The energy is not only needed during the daytime but also at night. That doesn't equate the urge to eat the whole 24 hours but it means we need to provide our body with the energy source to effectively perform its tasks.

Reduces Energy Production

While we’re asleep, the body continues to perform many bodily functions, all needing energy. Without some store of food-based energy to initiate these processes, we take the risk of waking up feeling tired.

An effective alternative way to support the needed energy is by eating a light snack with high levels of protein or fiber in some hours before bed, you’ll wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed and energized than if you had gone on without the snack. Research by Florida State University's Department Of Nutrition emphasized how eating snacks help in boosting energy and metabolism.

Interferes With Your Sleep Life

Could you imagine sleeping in an apartment close to a quarry? It is a fact that the noise emanating from the quarry would interfere with your sleep. The same is when you go to bed hungry, the noise emanating from your tummy would make you feel uncomfortable thereby preventing you from sleeping.

Interferes With Your Sleep Life

Another worst scenario is when you are an ulcer patient and you don't try regulating your food consumption. Starving for these categories of patients would not only affect their sleep life but also worsen their case. Therefore, it's necessary for these patients to seek the required diet intervention from a doctor or a nutritionist.

Ways To Prevent Hunger Consequences At Night

Everything that surfaced as a problem will always come with a solution upon significant researches on the problem. Therefore, hunger consequences during the night can be prevented using the following tips:

  • Eat your meal at regular intervals during the day as it stabilizes your insulin level and prevents the nocturnal urge to eat.
  • Prioritize eating food rich in protein and avoid junks that would risk your health to infections and diseases. Examples of protein-rich food are lean animal protein, avocado, protein-dense vegetables, etc.
  • You can also stay hydrated before bed by taking a coffee, tea, or water as it does your health better.


 Many are not taking their food as a priority due to their busy schedule during the day. That shouldn't blindfold you in taking a full night meal as it is not beneficial. Rather consider a light meal before bed such as snacks that promise you a good night's rest and health.

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