How to Get Rid of Tired Eyes?

Often have tired eyes? We know what to do. Sleep well, use your phone less, and read this article for more useful tips.

In the modern age, tired eyes are a frequent problem. They look swollen, puffy, bloodshot, or irritated. Many reasons cause modern people to have tired eyes. We often spend working days at the computer monitor and afterward scroll our smartphone. We do not sleep well, don’t have a good diet, and many more. Still, there are many ways to get rid of tired eyes and have healthier looks.

Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Have a Good Night’s Sleep

This is probably the most important if you want to have a good look and be refreshed in the morning. Sleeping well will reduce tired eyes and will make you feel better.

Sleep Enough

Usually, 8 hours is the recommended number of hours one should sleep during the day. However, this might not be true for all. Some people might need 6 hours of sleep while others will need 9. A good way to determine how much sleep you need is to observe how much coffee you drink during the day to wake up. Also, sleepiness in the daytime, lack of concentration, and tired eyes are some indicators that you don’t sleep enough.

Reduce Blue Light in the Evening

Reduce Blue Light while reduction

Your devices may emit lots of “blue light” that is harmful to your sleep. Our brain starts to produce melatonin, a hormone of sleep when it's dark. If you use devices before sleep, the brain thinks it’s still daytime, so it’s harder to fall asleep. Avoid using smartphones. Read a book instead. Also, please turn off all electronic devices at night because they emit blue light while you sleep, decreasing your sleep quality.

Stimulate Blood Circulation

Make sure that when you sleep, you pillow props you head up. The head shouldn’t lie completely flat because it would prevent good blood circulation. This situation will lead to unpleasant under-eye bags or tired eyes, so your pillow should fit your sleep position. When you sleep, your head should align with your neck and spine to have good blood circulation.

Establish a Good Sleep Routine

Consistent Sleep Routine

Get up and go to bed every day at the same time. If you follow this advice, your body will get a better night's sleep, and you will wake up refreshed. Scheduling is vital for your body because it has circadian rhythms that will react to a certain hour and emit certain hormones vital to your sleep.

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Do not Drink Alcohol, Coffee, or Tea Before Sleep

Try not to drink coffee, tea, and alcohol six hours before sleep. These substances make your sleep worse. As coffee and tea are stimulators, they will make your brain work, and you will be less prone to falling asleep. On the other side, alcohol is a depressant, suppressing the nervous system and making you fall asleep. Still, it reduces the quality and quantity of REM sleep. This situation causes tired eyes.

Care About Your Eyes at Work

Care About Your Eyes at Work

Digital screens such as TV, tablets, computers, and smartphones can be a cause of your tired eyes. Today, most of us work or rest looking at the screen. This situation may cause a phenomenon called digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome. Your eyes eventually get tired, and you experience eye fatigue or discomfort, dry eye, red eyes, or eye twitching. However, you can fight this condition in the following ways:

Use Proper Lighting

When you use a computer, your light shouldn’t be bright. Office light or bright sunlight will harm your eyes when you look at the monitor. The ambient lighting should be just half as bright as the light you can see in the office. You might turn your computer screen so that your windows are on the side.

Avoid placing the monitor in front of or behind them. Avoid working under fluorescent lights. Use floor lamps with “soft white” LED lighting instead of overhead lights. Also, changing fluorescent lighting into “full-spectrum” lighting will imitate sunlight, so it will be more comforting when you work at the computer.

Take Small Breaks

Take a break

To avoid puffy eyes when you work, study, or scroll your phone, take regular breaks. You may set the alarm as a reminder to distract, do eye exercise, or do something that doesn’t require looking at the screen. Every 20 minutes, look away from the screen. Focus on any object that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This is the rule of 20-20-20, which will help you to give your eyes a rest. If you often use your smartphone, you may use certain apps limiting your time in certain apps to give yourself a break.

Minimize Glare

If your computer screen isn’t matte, it reflects the glare from the walls and surfaces, as well as the sunlight, hurting your eyes. Install an anti-glare screen on your display, paint wall a darker color, and give them a matte look.

Upgrade your Display

Display upgradation

Make sure that you use a flat-panel LED screen that has an anti-reflective surface. CRT screens have a “flicker” of images that can cause computer eye strain and cause tired eyes. When you choose a new display, pay attention to screens with the highest resolution because they have sharper images. The screen should have a dot pitch of .28 or more. A larger display will also benefit you, so choose a diagonal screen at least 19 inches.

Care about your eyes

Care about your eyes

Avoid Allergy Triggers

If you have allergies, your eyes might be prone to tiredness. Allergens trigger a release of substance histamine, which causes blood vessels to dilate. Later, your eyes get itchy and irritated, so they might get tired and puffy. So, to avoid tired eyes, take an antihistamine, and avoid allergens.

Hydrate your Eyes

Hydrate your Eyes

To get rid of puffy eyes in the morning, hydrate your eyes. Your eyes might be dry. This dryness happens for many reasons, including certain medications, too much screen time, and other factors such as age. Use eye drops to hydrate your eyes. Consult a doctor and get some recommendations on which aid to use. Also, drink plenty of water because dehydration might cause dull-looking eyes and skin.

Apply Compresses

Warm and cool compresses can often help tired eyes. The compresses feel great and improve the appearance of your eyes. For a warm compress, prepare some warm water and add herbs for a better effect. After this, soak a clean cloth in the water when the temperature feels right. Do not make the water too hot, because the skin around the eyes is sensitive.

Apply the compress to the eye while keeping the eye closed. Hold it as long as you need it. You can make the cold compress the same way, but with colder water. They will quickly fix eye tiredness, but remember that this measure doesn’t cure the cause.

Check your Prescription

Check your Prescription

Your eye prescription might be outdated, which might cause tired eyes. If you haven’t checked for a while, find an eye doctor, and book an appointment. The prescription might change because your vision changes over time, so you need to get a different prescription for contact lenses or glasses. To avoid tired eyes, make a comprehensive eye exam every two years to ensure everything is right.

Use Natural Masks

There are plenty of natural masks and aids that will help you to enhance your eye look.

  • For puffy eyes

tea bags on eyes Soak two tea bags in warm distilled water, after which chill the bags in a fridge for a few minutes and place a tea bag on each eye. Wait 5 minutes, remove the bag, and see that the eyes will be less tired after this procedure.

  • For dark circles

ripe avocado for eyes Take a ripe avocado. Slice it and place each slice under each eye and wait for five minutes. The delicate skin will lighten, and you will have a fresher look.

For redness: take a couple of slices of cold cucumber. Lie down and put the slices over each eye. Wait 30 minutes, and enjoy refreshed, restful eyes!


There are a lot of reasons you might have tired eyes. They might be puffy, red, have dark panda-like circles, or have a baggy appearance. Luckily, you may reduce the tired eye look. First of all, see if you sleep enough. If you don’t sleep as much as you need, be sure to go to bed earlier. Have a good sleep schedule, go to bed, and wake up at the same time. Also, do not drink tea, coffee, or alcohol before you go to sleep.

If you work the whole day at the computer and your eyes get tired from this, you might do a simple exercise every 20 minutes, by looking at something far away for 20 seconds. Also, upgrade your monitor and be sure to use an anti-reflective display surface. Ensure that you don’t have too bright lights when you work and, if possible, have a LED table lamp instead of fluorescent ones.

If you need to reduce a puffy or dark eye, look immediately, use hot or cold compresses. You may also use different natural masks that proved their efficacy and go to the doctor – your eye prescription might be outdated. Hydrate your eyes with drops and remember to drink plenty of water, and you will have a toned, restful eye look again.


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