Picking The Right Sinker Weights

The most forgotten and ignored part of your fishing tackle is also the most important. Here are the best and popular fishingsinkers you can find for fishing.

Regardless of where you are and what you fish, the right equipment means everything. Why? A sinker is what makes the fishing succeed and functionable.

Basically, the sinker is a piece of metal that is needed to take baits and attract fish. Where? Within the deep waters of any lake or sea you need to find the fish. A weight, or sinker, is the best way to lure the fish and marine life.

First, by definition, a sinker is the following: A weight constructed of materials like lead or brass or even steel and the sinkers form to become different shapes depending on what you fish.

Fishing Sinker Guide

A fishing sinker is usually made of lead. The design of the sinker is for the purpose of attracting fish with this sinker using bait. Bait is defined as “food used to entice fish or other animals as prey.” When you look at this general fishing method, the main point is to get the bait to a deep point in a body of water. For example, when fishing in a lake or stream you will certainly need to have one to two or more sinkers or weights. Why? Depending on the currents and tide in the water, a small or heavy sinker, with more lead for instance, will be best for the situation.

Fishing Regulations and Laws

As an angler, staying up to date with current fishing regulations in your state is very important. Why? Because some states have concerns about the  Environmental concerns in regards to the use of lead and other materials in fishing sinkers. For example, specific states like Maine, California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York specify the need for using weights without lead. Therefore, you need to be prepared with weights of various sizes because smaller weights, below an ounce, can be easily eaten by fish and marine life.

Fishing Regulations and Laws

When fishing on lands that are federal, caution and preparation because substitutes for lead  are needed. In essence, you are required to have substitutes for lead sinkers and weights overall. Some viable lead weight replacements include steel, tungsten, tin, and various alloys. The downside is that lead is the cheapest so every other replacement will be more expensive.

Tips on Picking Fishing Weights

Most of the time, when you are planning to purchase a sinker it is for the basic purpose of necessity. Buying sinkers is not a big decision because of the price and various factors involved in fishing. However, the fishing sinker is a crucial part of your fishing process.

Fishing Sinker

First, a fishing sinker is important because if you buy the wrong size then you are greatly affecting your fishing experience. The size, weight, and type of sinker has to be suitable to the type of fishing and water you are doing.

The variation of fishing sinkers is more than many realize. Therefore, you need to know how to utilize the different sizes and weights of these sinkers. With more variation of sinkers, be prepared to know what you kind you need to adjust for your fishing needs. Using the best or most ideal weight for fishing is as important as buying the best angler to catch fish.

In summary, having the correct weight can bring instant angling success and plentiful fish. Therefore, don’t buy the wrong sized weight or type of sinker because this will scare the fish away.

Types of Fishing Sinkers and Weights

Let’s look at some popular and well established fishing designs and types. You will learn how each of these is used as well:

This small split shot is by far the most used fishing weight. Why? It is a basic weight that you are able to utilize by and compress to adjust to any angler line. Why is this fishing sinker so popular?

The versatility of the split shot weight is what makes it so appealing. There is no other fishing sinker with this type of flexibility. The split shot weight comes equipped with ears and wings for accessing easily.

The convenience of use and versatility are main selling points for this fishing sinker weight. You can start fishing and get on the water quickly with a split shot weight. As well, you can attach and fasten this split shot weight to any number of things like a spinner, hook-like shank, and more.

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Round Split Shot Fishing Weights Sinker

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Moreover, the split shot weight can be attached to a variety of lines like the “dropper line.” This versatility and flexibility is key with a fishing sinker. When you put the weight on, it is able to be done with snap, swivel, or various sinkers to attract fish or bait to get in deeper waters.

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The rubber core sinker is widely used because of convenience especially in regards to getting baits and more deep in the water. These types of sinkers are mostly used for bigger weights than for example a split shot.

One of the problematic issues with this sinker is that it can tangle and catch with line twists when you are pulling a line back in. Because of the heavy weight, this type of fishing sinker can be tricky because of the bulkier weight and design. The rubber core sinker often sinks and gets entangled in rocky sea and lake floors.

If you are curious check out this top selling rubber core sinker below:

Rubber Core Sinkers

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This is a good choice for a sinker because the extra weightage can get to lower depths. There are varieties that include the rubber core or dog ear type sinker. All in all, this sinker works for anyone seeking to get down to lower depths where fish may be hiding.

This type of singer has a hole in the center. This is a wonderful type of weight to use for fishing. Furthermore, the sinker is versatile like the Split shot weight. In comparison, there are other types of weights like the egg or barrel sinker that are more popularly used. The sliding sinker is one of the most popular sinkers in the market.

When you put together a sliding sinker, this weight works like a locator for fish to catch fish in any water. This type of sinker has the ability to be used in any depth of water for ultimate searching for fish.

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Typically, this sinker is used by bass anglers because this type of weight is good for using live baits overall. For example, when a fish is near this sinker it attaches thus giving some slack on the fishing line. Overall, the sliding sinker works best because it can remain immobile in one spot more effectively than all of the weights.

These types of weights and sinkers are usually shaped like a cone, which also include a hole in the middle. This type of sinker is used commonly for bass fishing. These types of weights are good with soft plastic lures.

The worm weights come in an extensive array of sizes, weights, and material types. This type of weight is great for using worms and more organic bait for fishing. The cone shape of the weight is adjustable and slides easily.

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Essentially, the worm weights are produced with a wire that attaches to a part or component. The anchor atcs to attract fish in bodies of water with more vegetation and natural impediments.

Truly a wonderful type of weight/sinker that is able to bring bait to deep and rich areas of the water. Basically, you are able to catch bigger fish with this weight because of the design and purpose of this sinker.

This is an easy sinker to use that basically attaches to your line on an end and to a leader vice versa. Basically, your bait will be placed in an area for the maximum catch of big and assorted fish. Ideally, the trolling sinker is used for deeper depths in search of bigger fishes.

For example, the trolling sinker has swivels on each end that have the function to be tied with your bait. All in all, the shape of this sinker makes it simple to use in the water for true and successful fishing.

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You want to buy this type of sinker because trolling weights are able to get your baits quite deep when other options fail while fishing. All in all, the shape of the ball bearing sinkers will minimize and remove the chance of having your line twist while fishing.

This is a sinker commonly used for catching salmon and other related fish. Expect to use this sinker with steelhead anglers. Basically, this type of straight and simple weight has a main objective to be less tangled when being used in rivers and smaller bodies of water like streams.

The Pencil or sometimes called pencil Sinkers is outfitted with a brass or stainless eye for catching your target while fishing.You can use these sinkers anywhere from rivers to lakes.

There are pencil sinkers that are equipped with a component part that permits more modifications. So, you can increase or decrease weight as you wish to use baits in deeper waters. Making a weight lighter means a pencil lead can be removed.

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In summary, the pencil sinker is best for Steelhead, Catfish, Walleye, and Salmon fishing. This is a wonderful sinker for any depth in any river or lake.

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