Fishing Lures 101: Important Tips for Buying a Fishing Lure

Check out our guide to Fishing lures and see our list of best fishing lures for bass and other fish. The lures will help you catch more fish!

The Complete Guide to Using Fishing Lures

When you are fishing, the component or part that separates you from getting more fish is called the fishing lure. When you need to buy a fishing lure, the options come in various kinds so be prepared. Also, if you are unprepared, picking the incorrect lure will make your fishing experience a lot less productive and enjoyable overall.

Fishing Lure

First, by definition, a Fishing Lure is the following: This is a type of artificial fishing bait that has the explicit purpose to get the attention and hold of fish. In general, the fishing lures come with one or more hooks, which are then used to attract and therefore get fish when they hit or come in contact with the lure.

The fishing lure is of utmost importance because the lure itself will be the determining factor or your fishing success. Why? Because picking the right lure depends on the color, size, shape and even brand at time. So, before you decide on the next fishing lure make sure to realize as well that fish are not easy to predict so things constantly, but at least we can try to control these ever changing factors.

Best Fishing Lure

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Why is it the top rated? The ultimate way to know what to buy is to know the most popular kinds of fishing lures and how they are different. Also, you need to know how to use the best lure when you are fishing. First, let’s learn more about what to look for when buying a fishing lure below.

Types of Fishing Lures

Types of Fishing Lures

If you are interested in fishing lures, you need to know the basics of the whole process of fishing from yourself to the water. Overall, everyone who wants to fish needs to be ready for the challenges in making it a success. A fishing lure is essential to attracting and making the connection between the water and the fish.

The fishing lure that is effective demands movement, vibration, design and color to attract fish. You will learn how each of these is used as well:

A popular lure to attract bass. Overall, this basically means a lure that is hard boiled with a shape that is circular or rounded. Overall, the crankbait fishing lure is intended to copy the swimming action of a baitfish in design. Sometimes, the crankbait has a lip on the top of the lure that gives it weight for depth while fishing.

This fishing lure is good for covering an extensive range of water to find bass. In summary, a fish that can be regularly eaten by smaller fish or marine life would then need a crankbait. Why? A lure of this kind can feature a lap bait that is able to go underwater to get specific fish.

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Crankbaits are more commonly used for attracting bass lures in theory. Moreover, the crankbait is quite easy to use to start fishing so this type of lure is intended for getting depth in the water.The depth ranges for this type of fishing lure can vary from around the surface level down to 20 feet or even perhaps deeper.

This type of fishing lures has at least one spinning blade and is commonly constructed of thin metal. Spinnerbaits are often utilized to catch predatory fish like pike bass, and other fish to attract. What you need to know about this type of lure is that the blade starts to spin almost like it is propelling. So, hence the name spinnerbait.

The Spinnerbait lure usually is designed with a coating that reflects. Why? The point is for the lure to catch light that will attract fish while in action on the water.

The appearance of the lure is designed to make them appear as small fish swimming in the water. For example, some of these fish may appear like shiners or even minnows.

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In summary, there are a variety of kinds of spinnerbait in the market to be able to catch fish effectively. Because you are able to pick from various types of colors, sizes, and design styles.

This type of lure is used in sport fishing. It is often shaped like an oblong. All in all, the shape and design of the lure is what makes this distinct. As well, the lure is made of metal or a type of shell that resembles a spoon. This type of fishing lure is utilized to get fish by reflecting light and movement.

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Overall, this kind of lure is similar to a casting spoon, however constructed with materials that are thinner. A spoon fishing lure is primarily made for attracting game fish that usually feeds on types of bait fish. For example, this would be muskies and salmon that a spoon fishing lure would be ideal for overall.

The jig lure is common and sells well because there are various and numerous brands and styles available. What is it? The jig lure is a three part lure that includes a hook, a lead singer, and finally what we call the body. This jig type of fishing lure is best for getting bass, pike, and other types of fish. In general, the jig is ideal for bass anglers and sports fishermen.

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The jig fishing lure is different from other lures because it is intended to be made to “move randomly” in the water while going up or down. Why? This type of lure is designed for this type of movement because it needs a faster movement and action to be made for catching fish. This type of lure is quite versatile and agile because you can use it to fish in freshwater and even salt water environments, so expect more power and options with this lure.

This type of fishing lure is usually seen or described as “rubbery” bait. Basically, the fishing lure is known by various names depending on the country and region. However, all in all, the soft plastic lure would copy a number of different kinds of marine life and fish species. If you want a copy of a minnow or lizard or frog then a soft plastic lure is key.

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This type of fishing lure is popular, but remember as noted above to get the correct size and color for your soft plastic. A soft plastic lure will permit you while fishing to copy the movement of the fish to then attract and ultimately get the fish you want.

This is the most high tech fishing lure because it is LED powered. Basically, the LED is water activated, therefore when you are fish the LED powers on. Moreover,  when you are not using the LED it automatically turns off. All in all, this type of lure will attract more fish because of the light and brightness factor and strength underwater.

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The LED lights are designed within the lure to attract fish in a more dynamic way. Overall, the light is a strong and vivid attractor for fish thus causing the appeal and effectiveness of this lure. Often an LED light will automatically power on underwater and can last up to 200 hours, depending on the model, so these are well designed and high tech fishing lures.

Important Tips for Buying a Fishing Lure

In general, there are various ways to make fishing more productive and enjoyable. The fishing lure is not as easy to figure out as first meets the eye.

Important Tips for Buying a Fishing Lure

What could be more confusing, however, knowing the various kinds  of fishing lures on the market, is deciding specifically  what type to use and buy. Moreover,  it is very important to realize why it might be best or not suitable to use one fishing lure over another in specific situations

The factors you need to look for when buying a fishing lure are quite varied but should be studied and researched. Let’s learn more about the different types of fishing lures and what characteristics matter most when making a decision.

Fishing Lure Features

In essence, there is not one easy way to lure fish because of enough variable changeable elements that can happen any day. But, there are factors that contribute to your fishing lure being more successful and fruitful. Get to know these features and how they affect how you will buy a fishing lure.


All in all, the importance of color when it comes to the fishing lure is more important than you realize. Why? Simply because the color and “appearance” of the lure is what is designed to get the fish’s attention.

fishing lure colors

For example, a lure that is bright will stand out in murky seas or bodies of water. This is important because you need to remember when to buy the best color depending on where you fish exactly. You may need a yellow, orange, or red lure depending on the water and weather.

On the other hand, when you have water that is clear you would need a more mild color like off white or gray. Therefore, it is important to consider color to know what will work and be successful with your fishing lure on the waters.


In summary, the size of the lure you use will depend mostly on the type and size fish you're trying to catch. Also, it is helpful to research about where you will fish to get an idea of what size fishing lure you need. Why? Because the size of the lure would be dependent on the size of the mouth of the lure itself.

fishing lure Size

For instance, some examples of lure types would depend if you are looking for Bass or other Catfish then you need a bigger fishing lure. On the other hand, smaller fish like Trout, with smaller mouths, would need a smaller sized fishing lure that fish can attach to overall.

A lure that is not as big or even considered small is ideal for light and ultralight spincasting tackle. The range of weight may be from 4 to 10 pounds. On the other hand, a bigger lure will be best with a rod that is heavy and with baitcasting reels ranging from 12 to 20 pounds.

Lastly, weather can affect the size of the fishing lure. For example, during windy days, a bigger lure is more successful in the water while a smaller fishing lure is more fruitful in calm and cool water. Be prepared to know what you want and need size-wise for your fishing lure before buying.


The fishing lure shape is quite an important characteristic that you have to consider. Overall, the shape of the lure should be similar to the insect kinds that are native to the water or sea you are fishing.

fishing lure Shape

A lure shape can be designed to look like a spider, worm, even a frog, or any type of insect or animal. Why? Because the lifelike shape of the lure is meant to be customized or intended for any specific type of fishing.

If you go fishing and bring a mouse shaped lure to a body of water more native to other types of seas then you will have less success fishing. Being aware.

Overall, what needs to be remembered is that lures are sold in various shapes that are designed to attract a particular range of fish types and marine life.

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