EyeBuyDirect Glasses Review: Are They Worth It?

Overview of EyeBuyDirect

EyeBuyDirect is an online retailer selling affordable prescription glasses, sunglasses and more. Founded in 2005 by CEO Roy Hessel, the company is headquartered in Austin, Texas where their state-of-the-art facility handles the design, production and distribution of their eyewear.

With the motto “reframing the eyewear game,” EyeBuyDirect aims to shake up the optical industry by offering designer-quality glasses and sunglasses at prices far below what you‘d typically find at your optometrist or glasses chain. They are able to provide such savings by eliminating the overhead costs of physical stores and middlemen distributors.

But how do the glasses themselves stack up? I decided to put EyeBuyDirect to the test firsthand to find out if their products deliver on style, quality and value. Keep reading for a detailed review including an overview of their ordering process, frame options, lens types, customer reviews and more to help you determine if EyeBuyDirect is worth a try.

Ordering Glasses and Sunglasses Online

Purchasing prescription eyewear online used to seem risky, but the process has vastly improved thanks to technology like virtual try-ons and better sizing guidance. Here’s a look at what you can expect when ordering from EyeBuyDirect:

Getting Your Pupillary Distance

Your pupillary distance (PD) measurement is essential for getting the optical center of your lenses aligned properly. If your current glasses feel off, it could be due to incorrect PD.

You‘ll need to enter your PD when ordering glasses online. If your prescription doesn’t include it already, you can easily measure it yourself at home with a ruler:

![Person measuring their pupillary distance in a mirror using a ruler]

To do this:

  • Print out EyeBuyDirect’s PD ruler.
  • Hold ruler horizontally across one eye, centered on the pupil.
  • Press ruler on forehead to keep steady, staring straight ahead into mirror.
  • Measure from center of one pupil to other in millimeters.
  • Repeat a few times for accuracy.

This DIY approach won‘t be as precise as having an optometrist take the measurement professionally, but it should suffice for online ordering purposes.

Choosing Frame Size

EyeBuyDirect makes it easy to select frames based on size. Each product page lists dimensions like lens width, bridge width and temple arm length. Compare these against measurements from a pair that currently fits well to find your best size match.

General tips:

  • Lens width impacts field of vision
  • Bridge width aligns with width of nose
  • Temple arm length affects comfort around ears

Be sure to also consider factors like face shape. For example, rounded frames tend to be most flattering for square face shapes. EyeBuyDirect has an extensive fit guide covering these tips in more detail.

Virtual Try-On

One of EyeBuyDirect’s biggest perks is getting to preview frames on your face using virtual try-on. Available on both desktop and mobile app, this uses an uploaded photo or webcam feed to digitally model glasses for you.

![Woman trying on glasses virtually]

The virtual try-on tool gives a helpful visualization of each product. I found it incredibly useful for narrowing down my favorites before ordering. However, the fit simulation isn’t always fully accurate. Once my glasses arrived, some of my try-on choices looked slightly different on my actual face.

Still, being able to easily compare a large selection of styles virtually is invaluable when you can‘t see products in real life before buying. This is especially handy for anyone needing many backup pairs – virtual try-ons let you mix and match designs that work for you without guesswork.

Top EyeBuyDirect Frames

From trendy acetate frames to titanium designs durable enough for active use, EyeBuyDirect has over 3,000 styles to pick from. Glasses start around $6 with an average range of $30-60.

I tested out several bestselling EyeBuyDirect frames firsthand to gauge quality and style up close. Here are some of my top picks:

Daisy Pink Glasses

![Model wearing Daisy Pink EyeBuyDirect glasses]

The Daisy glasses caught my eye with their angular cat-eye shape and blush hue. I have a rectangular face, so the rounded edges suit my features nicely. The acetate frame feels lightweight with quality construction.

Coming in eight on-trend colors, the thick arms and transparent frame front keep the Daisy style contemporary. At $39, they’re also quite budget-friendly.

Orion Blue Light Blocking Glasses

![Man wearing Orion blue light glasses from EyeBuyDirect]

As a writer who stares at screens all day, I was intrigued by EyeBuyDirect’s blue light blocking options. The Orion glasses use a special filtering lens to reduce eye strain from electronics without distorting colors.

I found the sleek rectangular Orion frames extremely comfortable for long-term wear. They have flexible spring hinges and rubber nose pads that prevent slippage. While pricier than basic lenses at $69, the blue light protection makes a noticeable difference in reducing headaches and fatigue.

Venus Cat Eye Sunglasses

![Woman wearing Venus Pink Sunglasses]

Wanting an affordable yet chic pair of sunglasses for everyday wear, the Venus immediately appealed to me with its transparent pink cat eye design. The curved shape complements my round face.

Made from a flexible TR90 nylon composite frame material, the Venus glasses feel extremely durable and lightweight. The spring hinges open wide when putting them on and snap back snugly behind my ears. For $50 including UV protection, anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings, these are a stylish bargain.

Lens Options

EyeBuyDirect offers a variety of lens choices including prescription and non-prescription varieties.

Prescription Lenses

For those needing vision correction, EyeBuyDirect can fill single vision, bifocal and progressive lens prescriptions. Their in-house lab handles cutting, mounting and fitting lenses precisely for each frame.

When ordering, you‘ll need to enter your sphere, cylinder, axis and addition (if any) measurements as listed on your prescription from an optometrist. Their customer service team will reach out about any prescription verification needed before fulfilling your order.

Lens Upgrades

Beyond basic prescription needs, EyeBuyDirect provides these common lens upgrades for added cost:

  • Blue light filtering – Reduces eye fatigue from screens as mentioned above
  • Transitions – Darken when exposed to UV light
  • Polarized – Cuts reflective glare, especially useful for driving/sports sunglasses
  • High index 1.67/1.74 – Thinner/lighter lens material good for stronger prescriptions
  • Anti-reflective coating – Minimizes distracting glare reflecting off lenses

I got the blue light filter upgrade on my Orion glasses and definitely recommend it for computer users. However, not all upgrades may be worth the upcharge for every prescription.


If you don‘t require vision correction, EyeBuyDirect offers non-prescription (plano) lenses as an affordable option starting at $9. going this route means skipping the lens customization process for quicker fulfillment.

Quality and Durability

While prices are low, EyeBuyDirect glasses don’t feel cheaply made. The acetate and composite frames I tested seemed just as sturdy and durable as designer brands.

In particular, the spring hinges on styles like my Venus sunglasses and Orion blue light blocking glasses add flexibility without compromising structure. This helps them hold up well to frequent use.

I also appreciated small quality-of-life details like adjustable rubber nose pads. These help get a custom comfortable fit compared to models lacking this feature. The ability to tweak each area of contact prevents any part of the frames from feeling too loose or tight on my face.

The lenses themselves also meet my expectations so far. My blue light computer glasses lens clarity and tint quality appears on par with more expensive brand options. Of course, assessing long term lens integrity will require more time.

Overall though, I‘m impressed so far with both the frames and lenses standing up to daily use without issue. The durable designs live up to their promises of scratch resistance as well.

What Do Customer Reviews Say?

Examining online customer sentiment provides useful insight into others‘ experiences beyond my own. Here‘s an overview of what people are saying about EyeBuyDirect:

Positive Feedback

  • Wide style selection for men, women and kids
  • Virtual try-on tool is very convenient
  • Glasses are comfortable and better quality than expected given low prices
  • Straightforward website ordering and speedy delivery
  • Good value prices compared to typical optometrist and chain options
  • Helpful customer service

Potential Drawbacks

No retailer is perfect. Some areas cited for improvement include:

  • Virtual try-on doesn‘t always fully represent real life fit
  • A few reviews mention lenses not being cut/mounted 100% accurately to frames upon arrival
  • Limited physical store locations for trying on or adjustments
  • Extra costs adding up with upgrades like blue light filtering

However, the majority of customers seem highly satisfied, especially given the budget pricing. EyeBuyDirect also allows no-risk returns and exchanges if needed.

The Verdict?

Scouring various review platforms, common EyeBuyDirect complaints seem minimal overall. Their average rating generally falls between 4-5 stars, reflecting most customers receive glasses they’re happy with.

Based on my experience so far combined with customer feedback observations, EyeBuyDirect tends to overdeliver for the cost. While ordering glasses online comes with some inherent uncertainty versus an in-person shop, their quality, convenience and prices make the tradeoff worthwhile for many.

Promotions and Discounts

EyeBuyDirect routinely offers sitewide promotions, sales on select frames and partnerships with coupon sites:

  • Use code LOYAL15 for new customers to save 15% off
  • Extra 20% off clearance frames
  • Select 2 for $69 eyeglasses with free prescription lenses (progressives excluded)
  • Tints and light-reactive lenses like Transitions start at $50 add-on
  • Blue light lenses start at $20 add-on
  • Check RetailMeNot EyeBuyDirect listings for any coupons

These can help make their already affordable pricing even more budget-friendly. However in some cases, you may have to decide whether cheaper basic frames are worth sacrificing features you want.

Where to Buy

EyeBuyDirect.com itself offers the main shopping hub with their full range of prescription glasses and sunglasses for purchase.

You can also find select EyeBuyDirect styles sold on Amazon. However, options here tend to be more limited. Pricing marked up closer to retail compared to ordering directly from EyeBuyDirect. So I suggest sticking with their main site for the best value.

EyeBuyDirect Return Policy

One of the biggest perks I found from ordering through EyeBuyDirect is the flexibility if you get a pair that misses the mark for you:

  • 14-day fit and style guarantee for exchanges or refunds
  • 1 year manufacturing warranty for replacements from defects

Returns are free within the U.S when using their prepaid shipping label. You simply print the label after initiating the online return process through your account and drop off the package. Reimbursements are issued once the faulty merchandise makes it back to the warehouse — I found customer service happily processes exchanges for any fit issues too.

For international orders, you will have to cover return shipping costs yourself unfortunately. But the one year manufacturing warranty still applies if received with defects.

EyeBuyDirect Shipping Times and Costs

EyeBuyDirect offers free shipping within the United States. For prescription eyeglasses, estimated production and delivery falls between 7-14 business days. My order arrived on the quicker end within 8 days after placing my order.

Sunglasses and plano non-prescription glasses ship out faster, usually within 72 hours! So if you have a last-minute event or vacation coming up, those make great fast options.

International shipping delivery estimates vary by country, starting around 7-25+ days for production. Costs run between $9.95-$29.95 USD depending on your location.

Overall I found the processing and handling speed for my domestic order timely, especially factoring in custom lenses. The free shipping and swift fulfillment makes online ordering feel just as convenient as walking into a store.

EyeBuyDirect Contact

Questions about EyeBuyDirect products, orders, returns or more that I haven‘t covered? Here’s how to get in touch:

📞 Call 1-855-393-2891

✉️ Email [email protected]

You can also start a live chat through their website during support hours or check their comprehensive FAQs page for self-help.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Glasses From EyeBuyDirect?

After comparing several top sellers firsthand and researching buyer experiences, I‘m quite happy with the style, quality and value EyeBuyDirect provides. Their huge selection makes it easy to find frames expressing your personal flair at reasonable prices.

Of course, determining fit and style preferences without a physical store has limitations. This makes their flexible return policy and manufacturing warranty crucially important – you can shop confidently knowing you have a safety net if glasses don‘t work out as hoped once received.

While buying online comes with some inherent uncertainty and buying lower-cost goods risks getting what you pay for, EyeBuyDirect seems to defy those expectations. The savings here make quality glasses and sunglasses accessible for price points that competitors can’t match. For anyone wanting to elevate their eyewear collection without draining their wallet, this reputable company delivers.

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