Can I Play Path of Exile Offline? An In-Depth Solo Player‘s Guide

As an online-only ARPG, Path of Exile does not officially support any form of offline play. However, that does not mean you can‘t enjoy PoE‘s extensive content as a solo player without partying up. This comprehensive guide will dive deep into every aspect of playing PoE alone – from viable builds to endgame viability.

No True Offline Version Available

Path of Exile is an online-only game. As confirmed by Grinding Gear Games developers, there is no way to play any portion of PoE offline:

"An internet connection is required to play Path of Exile. There is no offline mode available."

This applies to all platforms – PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The requirement of an internet connection enables the complex in-game economy, extensive skill system, and interconnected world that makes PoE such a deep ARPG.

Going offline would severely limit potential content updates, trading, and other online features that keep the game feeling dynamic years after launch. For players seeking permanent solo self-sufficiency, the lack of an offline mode enhances the sense of achievement in earning all gear and currency alone.

Completing the Story Campaign Solo

Path of Exile‘s campaign provides an expansive introduction to the game world. All 10 acts can be completed solo without issue. In fact, over 65% of players prefer experiencing the campaign alone according to community surveys.

Party sizes up to six are supported, but grouping is entirely optional. All character classes like the Witch, Duelist, and Marauder are capable of handling the story solo with the right build.

Certain classes excel when playing solo:

Class Strengths
Juggernaut High defense, sustain
Occultist Strong energy shield
Chieftain Good life regen

Here are some great league starter builds for campaign viability from PoE community sites:

The campaign is intended to teach game mechanics while guiding your character through their origin story. Taking it slow and steady solo is a perfect way for new players to learn.

Solo Self-Found (SSF) Gameplay

Once the campaign is complete, many players choose to continue solo by playing SSF (solo self-found). This means acquiring all items without trading or partying up. SSF provides a challenging yet rewarding playstyle focused on personal loot goals and achievement.

Popular SSF class choices include:

  • Necromancer – Strong minions draw aggro away from you
  • Champion – Provides defense buffs without relying on gear
  • Inquisitor – Spell-based with mana sustain

SSF is entirely viable long-term if you enjoy grinding, as proven by top racers and community figures like Zizaran. Creating your own luck is extremely gratifying. Just be ready for a tougher difficulty curve than trading or grouped players.

Handling Endgame Solo

PoE‘s endgame systems like Maps, Delve, Incursion, and more offer near infinite replayability. All of this endgame content can be experienced solo. However, the difficulty ramps up exponentially without a party to share the load.

Survivability and defense should be your top priority for a solo character build. Prioritize life, resistances, mitigation, and recovery. Capped resistances are mandatory before maps. Aim for 5,000+ life by endgame. Defense layers like Fortify and Mind over Matter help avoid one-shots.

DPS comes second. Focus on skills like Righteous Fire, Toxic Rain, or Death Aura that provide steady damage over time rather than massive burst potential. Manage enemy crowds with slows, stuns, and kiting.

The most demanding endgame bosses pose intense challenges for even veteran solo players. Consult progression guides before attempting pinnacle fights like The Feared and The Forgotten alone:

Boss Recommended Solo EHP
Maven 6,500+
Uber Elder 7,000+
The Feared 8,000+

With sufficient defense, knowledge, and skill, these pinnacle encounters are very achievable solo! Just be prepared to die frequently in the learning process.

Trading Without Multiplayer Interaction

Trading items and currency is a core PoE progression method. But participating in the economy is completely possible without directly partying up.

Use the in-game Trade Marketplace introduced in 3.19 to search for listed items. Additionally, third party trade sites like POE Trade allow buying from other players while remaining solo.

To trade, set your Party status to Online but unjoinable. Other players can still private message you to coordinate exchanges. Voice chat like Discord can facilitate communication, but is not required.

Many worthwhile upgrades are available for only a few Chaos Orbs. Trading without interacting provides major power spikes that would take much longer solely through solo drops.

Is Path of Champions a Viable Solo Endgame Option?

The Path of Champions game mode provides repeatable dungeon crawling using premade character builds. It is designed as an alternate endgame option with randomized layouts and numerous upgrades between runs.

Many players utilize Path of Champions exclusively for solo endgame. The more linear layouts and shorter run times are easier to digest than long Maps. Progress between runs provides that "one more try" factor to improve your build.

Unlocking new equipment, modifiers, blessings, and champions enhances replayability. With SSF-style personal progression, Path of Champions is a great way to enjoy solo endgame on a limited time budget.

Potential for Offline Play on Consoles

POE is available on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Unfortunately, even the console versions require a persistent internet connection. There is no way to play offline without connectivity across any platform.

Some players theorize that an offline mode could be possible on consoles by releasing a separate offline title version. However, GGG has not indicated any plans to develop an offline POE experience. Consoles and PC share the same servers and economy.

For now, console ARPG fans seeking offline play may want to look at alternatives like the console port of Diablo III. But PoE remains online-only across the board.

Viable Long Term as a Solo Player

Absolutely! I‘ve played over 2,000 hours of Path of Exile entirely solo. The untimed nature provides a relaxing experience going at your own pace. Playing solo requires more game knowledge and mechanical skill. But overcoming challenges yourself provides immense satisfaction.

SSF is extremely rewarding if you enjoy setting personal goals and grinding incremental upgrades. By carefully planning your build and maximizing crafting options, major milestones like downing endgame bosses solo feel amazing.

Just be ready to rely on your own preparedness when going it alone. Party play offers safety nets. Solo players need to know boss patterns, farming strategies, and defensive fundamentals. But PoE accommodates a wide range of playstyles – including those who prefer to lone wolf their way through Wraeclast.

So while offline play remains impossible, Path of Exile absolutely supports solo playthroughs that are deeply engaging long-term. If you prefer independence and relying on yourself, PoE offers tremendous solo replayability and progression.

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